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  1. Oh yeah, lovely bird; a bit tricky to land, when you come in at 180 knots
  2. Superb screenies, Wayne, well done!
  3. Fantastic set of shots. It convinced me to buy it too
  4. Lovely shots of the good old Auntie Ju Can hardly wait !
  5. Thank you, T. The Cutty Sark model has the option to use either sails or not Thank you very much, John Thanks a lot, John. If you can cook, I'll let you on board. We need one. And a barrel of rum would be a fine surprise, we've had enough tea the last couple of weeks Wow, thank you so much, John. I'm happy that you enjoyed my little story and pics. Thanks a lot for your kind words!!
  6. Looks interesting, John. But how on earth did you come up with this place? Throwing darts at a map?
  7. Excellent set of pictures, Pete ! I wonder, which one will come earlier, MSFS 2030 or OLC Asia
  8. Ok, that might be a slight exaggeration, because it’s not Antarctica that is out of tea. But at Rothera, the British Antarctic Research Station, researchers had to switch to coffee, as their tea supply was lost after a small fire in one of their storage containers. Help was needed, fast. As luck had it, the Rothera team got notified that the famous tea-clipper Cutty Sark, with her belly full of the finest Ceylon first flush Darjeeling, was just approaching Cape of Good Hope. Immediately a radio was sent to her captain to change course south. Luckily this was accepted. After a couple of days, the Rothera station got her old Short Sunderland underway to look out for the ship. First, it’s careful maneuvering through the small icefield near the station. Hard to believe, but some of them are really drifting After some thirty minutes in the air, we finally spot her And here she is… In all her glory, under full sail The captain has to be careful, the first small iceberg passes lready close by Don’t hit anything, your hull was not built for this It gets darker and the ship gets closer to the Rothera station Close to the station, Cutty Sark drops its anchor and sails. She has to wait for the Polarstern to guide her through the icefield (This Cutty Sark is equipped with an engine) Finally, Cutty Sark is safely moored at her unloading station (Scenery and icebergs are by Aerosoft, available here on the Orbx site, Short Sunderland and Cutty Sark are a port over by yours truly)
  9. I have done this flight, like you, a million times. Never get tired of it!
  10. Thanks a lot, Wayne. I fully agree with you, a nice, big PC screen reveals a lot more than than our Iphone screens
  11. How come that sounds so familiar to me, nice screenies, T
  12. What a nice collection, Carlos. For some reason I like the old Moscow better than the modern part of it.
  13. Appreciate your kind comment, Landon! Many thanks, John! Thanks a lot, Gerold! And yes, I can understand your frustration Many thanks, John! Thanks a lot, Iain!
  14. Still breathing normally, luckily. Sorry for not having posted for some time here. I was busy with another project that had kept me from flying very often
  15. I have been to Gilgit twice courtesy of the Pakistani Airforce. But flying from Gilgit to Srinagar is a deadly exercise, as the Indian Airforce will hunt you down, as soon as you venture into Indian airspace. Luckily there is no such thing in MSFS. Freedom rules the skies!
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