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  1. New repaint for the ND EC135...heading out for the mornings patrol plus a shot from yesterday evening...
  2. Todays flight takes us from one tax avoiders paradise, Panama, to another one, Cayman Islands. Out of MPDA... ... climbing out with a view to Panama´s highest mountain in the background, the Volcan Baru. Leaving the land and getting over the caribbean sea. The weather is not revealing much of the scenery ahead, ... ... and the radar of the approach does not look inviting either. At least one can see a bit of a Cayman island´s coast... ... and around 500 ft AGL we finally see the runway of MWCB. Done. With just one question open: Are these realistic trees for a caribbean island?
  3. After recovering from some drinks with @carlosqr we head out to explore Costa Rica. We step out of his house and directly into the appropriate plane, ... ... climb out over San José... ... and turn left towards the Reserva Forestal Grecia. A great wide landscape. The Volcan Arenal is quite a prominent landmark in the country´s north. If one would call someplace 10° off from the equator as "north". Back down to the Pacific we cross a village called Miramar. A name with good reason. And soon after we meet the famous & safe port of Puntarenas. Following the coast we cross Parque Nacional Carara, ... ... and come close to the Estero Damas swamp near Quepos. Passing the mountains of the Reserva Forestal Los Santos... ... before we meet some fellow travellers invited by Henrik Nielsen. This ship traffic really fits to our exploration! Next we pass el Golfo Dulce ... ... in slight tropical rain, ... ... which does not make El Golfito less interesting, looks like an airport location worth an upgrade. We leave the clouds of Costa Rica behind... ... and approach Panama´s highest mountain (hidden behind clouds) in the NP Volcan Baru. Time to land in Ciudad David... ... surrounded by palms, but just another classical default airstrip. For interested travellers: Here we have todays routing.
  4. For this relocation from one region to another I took the trusty 777. Out of San Diego... ... and southwards across the Baja California ... ... peninsula. You can see the Pacific in the background. Hermosillo. For comparison I enclose a photo from a book documenting a tour around the world with an ultralight, a fascinating adventure to read. I can make the same comparison above the Western Sierra Madre. Fantastic clouds on the way further south... ... towards Acapulco... ... and the Nicaragua west coast. Finally we approach Costa Rica, ... ... follow the A27 to San Jose... ... and land at MROC Juan Santamaria International. Maybe I have the chance to have a drink with @carlosqr?
  5. As promised at the end of my last flight report, here is an aerial picture of Palm Springs airport. If you have sharp eyes, you can spot the San Jacinto tramway here. It is a pleasure to land on its platforms with a helicopter, Orbx details at the very finest! Here we look back at the sandy Palm Springs valley. Not many palms to see, does someone know where the name comes from? And just as we come over the San Jacinto mountains, sharp eyes can already spot the Pacific. For those who need assist spotting things in the distance, they have built the San Palomar observatories under the right wing of the King Air. Shortly after we are already descending over the waterfront at Torrey Pines ... ... and into San Diego. Quite busy the place, let´s see if we get a parking lot. PS: Wooooah, now Imgur shows ads before each upload ! Time to move to another platform - which one do you use?
  6. Time to escape the city of LA over the weekend. The coastal El Segundo dunes are probably not a quiet place to rest, ... ... just under the 4 runways of KLAX. And the Chevron refinery doesn´t make the nearby beaches much more attractive. Redondo Beach, a place not less crowded, ... ... and Long Beach also just wears this name, but not too useful as a hideway as well. But these details & sharpness make me enjoy p3d with only little doubts (click on the picture to enlarge). Huntington Beach, where Jurgen Klinsmann lives since decades. Some traffic ahead, as I begin to turn inland... ... and climb over the San Mateo mountains. Descending along the motorway to Banning, ... ... and the Morongo Casino. I remember there have been some advertising signs posted next to the road, but I can´t spot them from this altitude. What can be seen are the San Jacinto mountains and the desert behind. I forgot to take the obligatory landing picture at Palm Springs, but I promise to get you one from the start!
  7. Here we are getting ready in the more private area of KSFO San Francisco airport. A beautiful takeoff over the bay, ... ... but a little desorientation during climbout - that does not look like safe flying from my side... However, I made it south to Palo Alto... ... with Dumbarton Bridge below. After crossing the hills towards the Pacific I passed Watsonville... ... and soon I came to Fort Ord beach, where I already turned downwind... ... into Monterey. A safe evening touchdown... ... and an adequate place to park. What´s missing now?
  8. Only coffee here in Half Moon Bay, so I asked the airport manager where I might get a cold beer. He gave me a hint, but told me not to mention it to the Sheriff. So I left the west coast... ... initially in northerly direction, ... ... and into the Pacific sunset. The californian coast looked great, here at San Pedro Point... ... and soon I reached Golden Gate Park. The famous bridge glowed in red. Traffic, traffic... A little climb made sure we stayed safe and were able to escape from Alcatraz. Oakland Bay bridge and the CBD, empty, probably because the workers had left for home and foreign tourists are still excluded in the pandemic. Oakland city itself... ... with a nice little detail practicing. A foiling catamaran, as they were used for the 2010-2017 America´s Cups. Time to close in for the intended drink... ... and to land at the SFO city airport.
  9. Passing the Cambria Icefield after departing from Stewart.
  10. Yes, a couple of views of the interior of Split Airport and something is not quite right. Can anyone see what it is? 1. 2.
  11. A few views from around the terminal. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5.
  12. Never much time to fly but only buy these days. A few hurried images of the new Split before going to make some zeds!
  13. Two highlights in one shot: Calatrava´s Bilbao terminal, and the RealAir Lancair. I could not fly her in P3D for more than a year, as the sim always crashed when I started the autopilot. I don´t know what has changed in the meantime, but like a miracle this fantastic plane works again! And this city scenery makes me smile even more. What more does a sim need? Leaving Bilbao... ... over some small coastal hills... ... to San Sebastian. From here we turn towards the mountains, across Oloron... ... Bagneres de Luchon, where we also leave the Biscayan clouds... ... and over Andorra. Finally we head towards the capital of Catalunya. Squeezed between hills and the Mediterranean Sea. Time to enjoy the panorama, ... ... before landing at El Prat.
  14. Today we start from Gibraltar, ... ... leave Algeciras behind ... ... and climb out looking at the Costa del Sol. Our destination is in Euskadi (Basque), ... ... and the motorway AP-8 is our navigation aid ... ... into misty scenery. Looks like these are IFR conditions, ... ... but at least we can find Bilbao. Another Calatrava terminal, what a beauty.
  15. Under the nose of the Cessna is the Society Aardolie gas complex an a small village of Langelo in Noordenveld region of the Netherlands. The village can be traced back to 1255 when it was called Langel and over the years has changed it's name to Langeloe then Langeloo finally to it's present name.
  16. ... and this is not a long distance flight! We go from Madeira, Portugal, ... ... climbing out over the Ilheu da Cevada ... ... with a little encounter over the Atlantic ... ... towards Tanger, Morocco, Africa. Looks really great in the sim... ... as it did in one of my books. This aerial was taken 1931 from a Zeppelin. Spain, Europe, awaits on the other side of Gibraltar strait. Tricky is the visual final into Gibraltar (British territory) airport, ... ... but manageable, this time.
  17. Taking off on the international airport of Gran Canaria is no problem at all, with beautiful views of Las Palmas for those passengers sitting on the left. But when you descend just half an hour later over the Islas Desertas... ... and get into Madeira, then you face one of the most challenging approaches in Europe. Curved finals onto a platform significantly higher than the ground (sea) level around. Made it. I am sure the paxes are glad to leave the steel tube safely. This flight is at the borderlines of OLC Africa and Europe, so I am not sure which scenery is working where.
  18. I bought the Stearman in the recent sale at GAS and I love it. For me one of the stand outs is the excellent sound set of the Continental R670 radial. Music to the ears and no distortion at all. Getting ready to fly with the speakers volume cranked up! Here it is leaving Goodwood at the circuit's St Mary's corner. Infamous for where the great Stirling Moss ended his motor racing carrier back in 1962 when his Lotus left the track and hit an embankment critically injuring him.
  19. After a short stopover at Abidjan I got the next airliner ready. Here we went. The lagoon makes it a really interesting location, ... ... and the city looks realistic as well. Great lakes in the West African countries, like the Lac de Kossou, Ivory Coast. We turned westwards, ... ... over bamako, Mali, where the desert already greets, ... ... then up to Mauritania. Not much to see here. Except the Guelb er Richat, the "Eye of Africa". I think it could be seen better from space, but my flight level was lower. We crossed the Sahara´s western coast... ... on the way to Gran Canaria. Along Playa del Ingles, ... ... Pozo Izquierdo, ... ... and across the tomato greenhouses... ... into GCLP. Now have a good vacation!
  20. ANother recent buy is the Aeroplane Heaven MS.893 Rallye. I have had my eye on it for a while and was very happy to see it available as one of the Orbx partners. On my first flight from Popham to Goodwood. Crossing the A3 Portsmouth Road just south of Petersfield which is by the port wingtip.
  21. I felt it was time to return to the northern side of our disk, so I took a 777 out of FVFA Victoria Falls. No doubt why the airport got this name. Climbing out with the Sambesi river in the background. Hours later, at Luanda/Angola, we reach the Atlantic coast. And some more hours further we make landfall again near Ghana. Preparing for a little stopover and heading downwind over the Abidjan lagoon... ... and into DIAP airport. Beautiful location! Plus a comfortable landing, luckily.
  22. Luckily the Beech 1900 waiting for my flight is in far better condition than the rusty old tank.
  23. A view of one of the ships from Henrik Nielsen's Classic collection sailing toward Hamburg on the Elbe. Just one of the many reasons I am keeping my P3D sim going!
  24. A pair of views at Tweed Heads in NSW right on the border with Queensland.
  25. I think (or hope) South African Airways still serve regional flights, for example out of Jo´burg... ... and over Botsuana. It could be a good option to visit the Okavango Delta from here... ... but as the new scenery is not available in P3D, I went on to the Victoria Falls. Can you spot them in the background? I´ll park at FVFA for some hours, so that you can visit the falls!
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