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  1. What's your name over at avsim, John, if I may ask
  2. Absolutely superb, Adam, the place, the lighting, the clouds...really nice!
  3. Nice shots and a great repaint, Jean Marc. Now bring her back to Burma, or at least to Singapore
  4. Hahaha, so true Jean Marc Thank you, Carlos. I think that old FSX Goose never looked better Thank you, John. The trip was indeed a pleasure to undertake. Many thanks, Adam.
  5. Many thanks, John Thanks a lot, John Many thanks, John, eeeeh sorry, I mean T (there are too many Johns here anyhow)
  6. Now that city is more to my liking, Carlos (the food and accomodation there is much better than in Pyongyang) And your excellent shots prove me right at least regarding the location
  7. Wow, Carlos, what a destination!! Superb shots! Oh, btw, did you enjoy the kimchi?
  8. Excellent, Chris! Is that repaint of yours available at flightsim.to?
  9. Wow, nice scenery, John. Did you try to land on that lighthouse platform with your ultralight
  10. Amazing shots, also the interior. I like that RV parked outside. It says it's an Embassy, but it looks also similar to a Southwind. Just saying.
  11. I was so busy the last couple of days to explore the northern part of the Indian subcontinent, that I almost forgot about this other Orbx gem. So, here we go: default MSFS, Orbx Alaska mesh and the good old Oz HD Goose. Weather is a bit rough, but this is a just short hop. Finally, the weather has improved Ooops, did I say that the weather has improved?
  12. Great screenies, John and unusually fine weather for Kenai
  13. Very nice shots, Darryl. You don't see pics from this part of the world here that often.
  14. Fantastic, Richard....but wait, how did you manage to get those under-wing tanks installed in mid-air
  15. Great shots and an interesting part of the Australian history, Gerold. Thank you! Reminds me of Bavaria...
  16. Wonderful caps, John. I always love flying low and slow in this beautiful country
  17. Thanks a lot John Thank you very much, John. I think I need to watch that movie again. Has been years... Many thanks for commenting, John Thank you very much
  18. Wow, these look really, really superb John. Can't believe this is P3D. Ok, with a little bit of help from Orbx, most of our sims shine. I remember, what TE did to my XP11 world
  19. I promise you to never talk about it again
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