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  1. Many thanks, Lars Thanks a lot, Gerold. It helps a bit that my wife and I have lived there for 7.5 years. Also both our kids were born in Taipei Thank you very much, François You are so right, John. But thanks anyway Thanks a lot, Adam I'm glad, you like them, John
  2. Many thanks, Wayne! Thanks a lot! I'm happy that you like them Landon. Many thanks for your comment! Thank you John. It must be a déjà-vu for you again, I'm afraid
  3. Great shots and a much appreciated narration, Pete!! Merry Christmas to you and your family too. Btw, how was your take-off? I have heard stories that it is also there a steep learning curve, as she constantly wants to veer off the runway, if you don't pay attention
  4. The Sim Skunk Works Fiat G 91 can be bought from Orbx. Taipei city scape is a free Orbx add-on. Hengchun is a small airport at the southern tip of Taiwan. Sungshan in the north is an airport in downtown Taipei and is only open for domestic traffic. The big building is the Grand Hotel. Owned by the government it is one of the prominent buildings in Taipei. It has an exact copy in Kaoshiung, in the south of Taiwan. The white, flat building in front of the hotel is the Taipei-American Club, a favorite hang-out among the local and expat business community. You can even see its tennis courts. The Gina is almost as difficult to land as the Starfighter. Nice challenge
  5. No, I think I'll pass this one and stick to the more traditional form
  6. Excellent shots!! Remember T, our simming is a hobby and hobbies don't cost money, they just give plenty of enjoyment
  7. Splendid looking screenies John. A merry Christmas also to you and your loved ones.
  8. Thanks to that pizza Pete, you did not starve to death, you only got killed in a plane crash
  9. Thanks for your comments, Johnny and Jean Marc
  10. Hahaha, crossgolf sounds funny! I have to tell that my golf buddies
  11. Thank you all for your kind comments, my friends I had no idea, so I didn't use them. I just used the flaps
  12. Karl. you made my day Funny thing, I just landed in McCarthy myself. Any beer left?
  13. Great shots, Adam. The black second one is my favorite
  14. So true, Landon, so true! The same holds true now for soldiers, who have fought in Irak or more recently, in Afghanistan. When the last German soldiers returned from Afghanistan, there was nobody there at the airport to greet them, not even our minister of defence. How shameful is that!
  15. In case you are into flying the old heavies, here is a very nice (longer) video featuring a recent flight (autumn 2021) from Tblisi, Georgia to Frankfurt in a 742 freighter. Enjoy!https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fmijxHg ... -Clips.com
  16. I have never been in the sim to McCarthy, but I picked it because the flight route passes along lots of glaciers. So it should be interesting. My plane of choice is the new freeware Fouga Magister by Restauravia (see also TTM’s earlier post). If you want her, go get her from this link, boys: http://restauravia.fr/index.html Live weather, and for some reason all water bodies are frozen. Very strange Hard to believe that this is freeware And THIS is my destination??? Oh well, I am low on fuel anyhow What do you mean, you only have diesel fuel available…
  17. Perfect. I got her yesterday too. Now I can delete the FSX version that I had ported over to MSFS. This one looks so much better, especially the panel.
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