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  1. Excellent stuff, that mesh really changed the Himalayas to the better
  2. Great shots, Gerold. I envy you going to Singapore. I had planned to do this again in January, but for the time being, I have cancelled all my trips to Asia and beyond. Maybe in 2023 after the 7th Corona wave...
  3. Magnificient shots, buddy, and glad to see you here again !!
  4. John, is it just me or does the texture of the door in your second shot looks different to the rest of the fuselage. I had this plane in P3D and I don't recall it looked like this in that sim.
  5. Nice captures of a great old bird, T. Somehow I got the feeling that those FSX planes and their VCs look much better in MSFS than in FSX, even without any further fine-tuning.
  6. Great shots, Don. I got that mod too. Boy oh boy and there's even a faster one: the Vertigo Turbo Extreme. 540 nmh? No problemo
  7. Great shots of a rather short adventure
  8. Hahaha, thanks, Gerold. I did that, looks really great, especially in winter in rough weather. But I can't show those pictures here, there is no Orbx Norway mesh (yet)
  9. Many thanks Landon. That movie, you are referring to is "The final countdown", starring Kirk Douglas and Martin Sheen and using the USS Nimitz. It's fantastic!
  10. Orbx Alaska mesh and the Orbx Juneau airport that came with it. If this is not enough, please remove my post.
  11. Nice flight, Gerold. Pity for the weather though. That area can be so beautiful to fly over.
  12. Two great screenies. The first one is my favorite
  13. I was doing with a friend a leisure flight around Shelter Island, northwest of Juneau… …when we spotted this. Wow, she is huge That must be the Tirpitz I’ll ask the captain to bring me back to Juneau airport. Let’s see how close we can get to it If nothing works out, I can hopefully use their on-board Arado plane It's going to be tight. But I can see already the red roofs of some of the airport hangars I just love, what we can do now in MSFS Ok, that’s as far as we can get without running the ship aground Let’s back up and turn her around slowly and head south instead for the port of Juneau
  14. Great shot, Landon, very atmospheric. Btw, that ship is the USCGC barque Eagle.
  15. Now that looks ccccccooooolddd. I prefer your first set of screenies
  16. That's easy. Go to the model folder of the subject aircraft and see, whether it has an interior or VC file in it. If not, it is a reworked/converted FS9 plane and thus not usable. You also cannot use planes that have been developed for P3D v4 or 5.
  17. Great captures, Gerold. I use imgur too and so far I have never experienced ads when I upload my screenshots. Have you registered with them or do you use it as an unregistered user?
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