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  1. After I arrived from Cape Town in Frankfurt, I had the choice: The regular tubeliner, or a more enjoyable and detailed route along the river Rhine. The second option became true: From Egelsbach... ... passing EDDF... ... towards Mainz. Once again you can see the iconic catherdral in the southern part of the city. The famous Schiersteiner Brücke connects Mainz (the capital of Rheinland-Pfalz) with Wiesbaden (the capital of Hessen). Famous the bridge is, because it was half-closed for many years due to constructions, and you can see it is one of the few bridges around. Ingelheim to the left, ... ... and now Bingen, ... ... and after turning north we come to the Pfalz at Kaub. One of the places where the Rhine has the lowest water level in dry summers - and there were so many in the last years. We pass the Loreley. Can you spot the railway tunnels at both sides of the Rhine? These railway lines are probably the most beautiful in German, not fast but a must-use. Castle Rheinfels below us, Castle Katz behind. And the impressive river turns at Boppard ahead. Over Castle Stolzenfels we come to... ... Koblenz, with the "German Corner", where Rhine and Mosel meet. Hard to understand why somebody put a nuclear power plant in the middle of such a inhabited area. Any Super-GAU like in Harrisburg, Tschernobyl or Fukushima would have touched half of Germanys population. Bonn, the former German capital. The smaller tower hosted the offices for the parlament, the bigger tower for the Post. A good explanation why they set up an infrastructure that is mediorcre, compared to other countries where competiton was more elaborated. Our flight ends in Cologne-Hengelar for today. As you can see.
  2. ... and just a tiny one. Out of Frankfurt... ... over the Edertalsperre, ... ... descending over the Weser river at Hameln... ... and just minutes later downwind into Hanover. Here I am again, virtually back after months! That feels good...
  3. Coming from Tahiti the ongoing connection out of Houson is not an extraordinary long flight, but still lets us cross many countries and places. But first let´s get ready: Boarding, ... ... pushback, ... ... takeoff, ... ... and climbout. Here we cross a green north Texas... ... to the Sam Rayburn reservoir. We go on (into the night and) over the southeastern states, New England, Newfoundland. Which is, in total, nearly the same distance as the hop over the Atlantic towards the Irish coast with the morning sun. Soon the southeast of Ireland is reached, with Wales already in sight. London, mostly hiding itself. Calais and Dunkerque at the French coast. Brussels, you can spot the airport below. And no, Belgium is not a city. Here we reach the Rhine near Andernach. There must be the famous Loreley rock watching over the river - but I can´t recognize it from this altitude. What I can recognize is runway 07R ... ... of Frankfurt airport. When I left the real plane of the first picture of this post (some years ago), this was our neighbor.
  4. Starting this flight in Munich I was fascinated by the 787´s cockpit functionality, for example the airport map on the ND... ... or the HUD. And the look of the GES region pack is not bad either. We can spot the Isar river below the plane, and the Alps hiding in the (southern) background. Vienna (my version is not perfectly blended) and the Donau river. The Carpathian mountains - a rare touristic destination. Here we have already crossed the Black Sea, with Turkey´s north coast in the background. Hard to see in the sim (but always fascinating when you fly this route in real): The lights of the Iranian coast of the Caspian Sea. Dis is India. Just another million people settlement between Nagpur, Vizak and Bubaneshwar. I can give you real life comparison shots of these cities once OLC Asia is released. Finally we can see the sun rise over Malaysia, ... ... at the Malacca Strait. Well prepared. Autobrake 2 will be more than sufficient. A first look of the plane´s home country... ... with Changi airport showing up on downwind. The turn was close to the airport, so we came in a bit high (too high for the ILS), ... ... so a longer manual approach was required. No panic, as we knew the runway is long enough. Now we´ll have some quality time in Singapore. Would it be great to finally use OpenLC Asia and explore the region!
  5. Welcome back again to travelling - with a little "earworm" from Whitesnake. Leaving Hannover for the next months... ... and climbing south over the Weser river (Göttingen to the left). After that nice sunny start, real weather hides the scenery over central Germany. Turning into final over Augsburg is no problem, ... ... but the lack of a working ILS gives an uneasy feeling shortly after. Ah, there is a runway. And it is long enough to catch it, even now. That is the proof: The plane can be used after this flight. And now it is time to guess: Where am I heading next?
  6. Now for a little experiment: The maximum plane size to realisticly take off from Innsbruck: An A320. OK, skilled pilots can do this with a 747 as well, preferrably in yellow livery. At least it was cleaned from all the heavy dirt upon arrival. Nice terrain reminder on the ND... ... before we hop off ... ... into the Inn valley. The Zirler Berg, I have been driving some times up and down that pass. But today we just climb over it, local knowledge helps! Easily we cross Munich, ... Würzburg, ... ... and the cloud-covered center of Germany ... ... towards Hanover. Perfect summer weather (realistic, unfortunately) and an easy ILS landing. Home! After 14 months of virtual flying around the world. Now I have to look for inspiration to find potential destinations...
  7. Found a needle in a haystack: Flying over the city of Meißen in Germany (near EDDC Dresden) with Germany North and Germany South active I found a small patch of morphing night textures. First, I followed the usual steps by Nick and Holger (i.e., a new lclookup.bgl, a new terrain.cfg) but I could not get rid off the bug. So, I reinstalled GES and GEN but the night textures remained. After fighting with this issue in P3Dv4 I tried to replicate it in v5 and could find the exact same error. Having still a fairly vanilla v5 with only Global, OLC and GEN/GES running (with OLC border blending unchecked) I would now conclude that this is indeed a scenery error. I would appreciate if somebody from Orbx could please check this. Interestingly enough could I not find any similar error. But as this happens in Meißen it can probably happen at other locations too. Thanks, Christoph (The screenshot is from v5 but it does look similar in v4).
  8. I noticed an elevation error in both v5 and v4. When positioning yourself a the 03 RWY, or when taxiing on to it, one suddenly does end up on a ghost runway that is floating below the scenery. I first noticed this behaviour in V5 and thought it had to do with an incompatible groundpolygon, but then I tested it in v4 and it happens there as well.
  9. After arriving from Jo´burg / South Africa some passengers needed a connection from Munich. TrueGlass makes the rain more enjoyable. Through the clouds... ... and up to the Netherland coast. Obviously Amsterdam. Not easy to spot the assigned runway in this quite detailed landscape, ... ... flying by the instruments helps. Been there, done that.
  10. When I did this flight in the sim, we were booked on it: SA264 from Johannesburg to Munich. Departing - unfortunately - in darkness... ... and it remained dark over the entire continent. This would not be a too interesting flight. At least, we got something to recognize over northern Italy: Bolzano, which we have often passed by car. This is the Brenner Autobahn, ... ... ending at Innsbruck. After crossing the northern alps ... ... we could spot the Starnberger See, ... ... and the STAR is set over Munich city. The disadvantage of dropping an airport into a meadow area like the Erdinger Moos: You often have limited visibility. But it got better, finally. Parked in Munich, ready for deboarding. And just after completing this virtual preparation for a real flight, South African Airways announced they will stop their services to Munich and rebook all passengers to Frankfurt, using brand-new A350-900s. I should have instantly repeated this flight, but - forgive me - I´ll do this only after release of openLC Africa...
  11. Nearly I was flying to the same airport as Martyn, ... ... to a place called Pearson. Wait and see... . I have set the weather to end of April, as I will be doing the same flight in real at that time. From Frankfurt... ... across Cologne, ... ... to England. Not much to see here, I assume this is due to its separation from OpenLC_Europe. As a consequence, there would be no much sunshine in the country as well. Better visibility awaits us at Sept-Iles, Canada. Landing instructions... ... before the downwind leg. Here we see the Toronto Islands with Billy Bishop airport. Quite limited visibility on approach. At least the localizer has been captured and G/S is armed... But it got better on final. A slight view on Toronto cityscape... ... before landing at Pearson. Toronto-Pearson this is, Martyn!
  12. We went from Brisbane to Sydney to Canberra to Singapore... ... and had 7 hours of layover at that location. Luckily WSSS is well equipped for this type of travelling - while our plane was being prepared... ...we spent some time at the (nearly private!) pool in T1. Finally we got off, over the ever-impressing strait of Malacca. Some movies and the Bay of Bengal later we reached India, ... ... Delhi to our right: Chasing the sun over Afghanistan. It really looks this way, not too much work to invest in any OpenLC product here. Over Germany South the Orbx lights showed their magic. Frankfurt airport has set up some sausage-like STARs. Well, Frankfurter Würstchen are famous and tasty! They had even placed a good runway indicator just over the horizon. Touchdown with a dark triple-seven. Wake up, paxes, time for another plane change!
  13. In my last post I arrived in Munich and asked where my next flight might be going. Martyn guessed "Andorra", and today we will see if he was right. Here we get ready with the plane & airline of choice. Flight number is SQ327 for those who want to spoil. Let´s go! Munich city... ... and the airport, seen from a southern fly-by. The Chiemsee with the alps in the background. Today we even use the center tanks. Slightly later, passing the Crimea. Mt. Elbrus in the left back of the picture. Nowadays it is considered to be Europe´s highest mountain. The rest of the flight was basically pitch black night. With the usual thunderstorms over northern India, of course. Here we already approach our destination for today, 40 minutes ahead of schedule. Runway 20R Deboarding in the home city of the airline, to get some rest before we travel on...
  14. This afternoon´s trip started with a short hop from Horovice... ... over Tocnik Castle ... ... and the magnificent impressions of OpenLC_EU. The VIP way to commute. I seem to have some trouble with GSXv2 and the jetway setup. Some say it is easy to cure, but I forgot how to do. Instead, I just jumped into a little airliner, ... ... went off over Prague downtown (again), ... ... into a thunderstorm! Cabin service was shortened to a glass of water, but luckily enough the trouble was very limited. Arriving in GermanySouth... ... with the alps coming into view. To the left in front of us is Munich airport (default version). Not too realistic, so I could not take a picture. Now we will be heading for the non-Schengen terminal area, to grab a long-distance flight... you may all guess in which direction this will be going?
  15. As the route from Paris to Prague is not flown with my passenger airline liveries, I had the pleasure to hire as a cargo pilot: Unfortunately there was a queue at the runway, ... ... but finally we were able to leave. OpenLC in its glory in northern France, ... ... and, just a few minutes later, north of Frankfurt (both shots with the weather of last Saturday). The eastern end of Bavaria. Approaching Prague-Ruzyne, ... ... and on downwind into runway 31. Time to unload - in hot weather (more than 33°C over the weekend). But where does this freight go? You might guess from another forum post some minutes ago.
  16. Hello, Something weird is happening in the Alps portion of my flight... Whenever I get close to the German portion of the Alps, the snow tops are literally illuminated, whereas the remaining Alps seem fine. I have Germany South, Global LC Europe, Global LC Base installed. Any ideas? Cheers
  17. After a late arrival in Frankfurt with ... ... we have to take the last connection of the day out of Frankfurt to Hannover: LH58, the so-called "Lumpensammler" (is "ragman" the right translation?) for us. I hope all our luggage makes the connection as well... Taking off the 07C - with a camouflage plane. Frankfurt CBD to our left. Not much to see on the ground, but a nice navaid to our right side. On short base you can see Hannover airport left ahead... ... and we are way too high! But I had no interest in going around, so I extended the speed brakes, released flaps and gear as soon as possible and skipped the autoland in order to speed up. Successfully. This was the last post of my "Vacation in Australia" series. I hope you enjoyed it?
  18. Do you remember the first three legs we will have to fly on our way back home from our planned Australia trip? https://orbxsystems.com/forum/topic/165774-an-uncommon-fire-patrol/ https://orbxsystems.com/forum/topic/165894-5th-freedom-flight/ https://orbxsystems.com/forum/topic/166011-from-oz-to-singers-as-well/ Here we go with the 4th one, milewise the longest. SQ326 from Singapore to Frankfurt, departure time is 13:55 h. We can see all the good food & lovely drinks being loaded... Takeoff with approx. 90 tons (200 tlbs) of fuel takes significantly longer then on these short hops. A last view towards Singapore... ... and Changi airport, currently being expanded on another artificial landmass. Climbing out over Malaysia, ... ... next to Malacca city. 4 hours later we make landfall in India, near Bubaneshwar. The economy class passenger can only hope for a good inflight entertainment. And for the free drinks on board of this airline. Chenab river in Pakistan, ready to merge with the Indus. The Panjab plains are behind uns, now we face the Balochistan ridges. The borders of the balouchistan province were made by the british colonial gouvernment in the 19th century under ignorance of the ethnical groups present. Which is still the reason for military conflicts. Afghanistan. Facing the same trouble: Historical home to the Pashtuns, Tajiks, Hazaras and Uzbeks it was turned in the 19th century into a buffer state in the "Great Game" between British India and the Russian Empire. As we all know the artificial borderlines between have not led to peace since then. We are peacefully heading into the night over Azerbaijan... ... and Georgia. Darkness around for 4 more hours... until Vienna. Nuremberg to our right, where we start to descent. On downwind to EDDF, ... ... this is STAR PSA07S into the 07R. On base, ... ... final, ... ... and here we are. On time. Parked at the B gates, as usual for Singapore Airlines. Hope you had a nice flight.
  19. Going on from Munich we had the chance to choose the best airline of all. Well, it is a long flight, why should we go with some other? Climbing out of the 08L... ... to reach the initial FL350 just before Vienna. FTs scenery does not blend perfectly into FTXG. Later that day... the Caucasus. Already powdered. The russian Republic of Dagestan with Chirkey Lake below and the Caspian Sea ahead. Over Afghanistan / Pakistan we came into darkness. And India even presented thunderstorms - we had to divert. "Shortly" after the next day came out, somewhere over the Indian Ocean. Here we descend over Malaysia... ... and turn towards our destination. This is it, still flying downwind... ... the Localizer came alive, ... ... and here we were established towards the 20C. I think the 20L is still mudland? Left the runway after a successful landing... Singers just looks great now. Slowly moving into the parking lot... ... and finally we were ready for deboarding. Where to go now? Ah, here´s the luggage belt! Singapore is a great hub, with direct connections to nearly all major airports on this planet. We have booked exactly this flight for next years holiday with our children, so I was totally forced to prepare it in the sim. For me this enhances the pleasure of travelling a lot!
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