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  1. do they all have these elevation(perimeter bump) problems? as well as default buildings at the nearest airports for eg: KNZY p/s I do not have FTX_NA_SC and central insert point done
  2. For this relocation from one region to another I took the trusty 777. Out of San Diego... ... and southwards across the Baja California ... ... peninsula. You can see the Pacific in the background. Hermosillo. For comparison I enclose a photo from a book documenting a tour around the world with an ultralight, a fascinating adventure to read. I can make the same comparison above the Western Sierra Madre. Fantastic clouds on the way further south... ... towards Acapulco... ... and the Nicaragua west coast. Finally we approach Costa Rica, ... ... follow the A27 to San Jose... ... and land at MROC Juan Santamaria International. Maybe I have the chance to have a drink with @carlosqr?
  3. As promised at the end of my last flight report, here is an aerial picture of Palm Springs airport. If you have sharp eyes, you can spot the San Jacinto tramway here. It is a pleasure to land on its platforms with a helicopter, Orbx details at the very finest! Here we look back at the sandy Palm Springs valley. Not many palms to see, does someone know where the name comes from? And just as we come over the San Jacinto mountains, sharp eyes can already spot the Pacific. For those who need assist spotting things in the distance, they have built the San Palomar observatories under the right wing of the King Air. Shortly after we are already descending over the waterfront at Torrey Pines ... ... and into San Diego. Quite busy the place, let´s see if we get a parking lot. PS: Wooooah, now Imgur shows ads before each upload ! Time to move to another platform - which one do you use?
  4. Hey Guys, I need some help with this.. I bought a 1TB SSD to replace my failing HDD hard drive and I am doing a fresh install (no migration with any addons). I created a library and installed all my Orbx products with no issue but when I try to install San Diego International Airport i get a error that says " You do not have enough free disk space to complete the installation". I have no idea why I am getting this message since I have 859GB left on my SSD. Thank you for the help
  5. There are two buildings in the extension of Rwy 27 in KSAN, with one half of the roof standing vertically upwards.
  6. I recently purchased a new computer. It has an Intel I9 processor, 32 GB RAM, Nvidia RTX2070 graphics card running WIN 10. A dedicated SSD containing the FSX Steam installation and ORBX sceneries was taken out of the old computer and installed in the new computer. The Global ORBX products installed are Global Base, Global openLC Europe, Global openLC Mesh South America, Global openLC North merica, Global Trees HD, Global Vector, Global Iceland Demo, Global Airport Pack, Global Lights Configurator and ORBX Libraries. In addition I have for Europe EU Norway, ENNK, ESSA and LOWI installed. For North America I have NA Northern California, NA Pacific North West and NA Southern California with KPSP and KSAN installed. I have several ORBX sceneries for Oceania and in the FTX Global Vector Configuration Tool the Add-on for FTX Australia is checked. Although I have some additional sceneries from other vendors, these are currently not activated in FSX. Once the SSD with FSX Steam and ORBX was installed in the new computer I veriefied the FSX installtion using my Steam account. I also used FTX Central to verify all installed ORBX products and updated those that required an update. By physically checking (flying) each installed ORBX airport in FSX I noticed that several ORBX sceneries showed issues that I did not experience on my old computer. These problem sceneries are YMML Melbourne International Airport, ESSA Stockholm Arlanda Airport, ENNK Narvik Airport and KSAN San Diego International Airport. As the issues are not the same for each scenery, I will submit requests for support for each one individually. This request for assistance is for the San Diego International Airport Scenery. The problem is depicted in the image. It looks as if some remnant scenery is overlaying the KSAN scenery. Things I have tried so far: 1. Ran the Airport Elevation Corrections utility. 2. Verified KSAN installation using FTX Central. 3. Uninstalled KSAN. 4. Re-installed KSAN. 5. Tried to set FTX mode to "FTX Southern California Mode" in the Control Panel for KSAN. I can select the Southern California mode but the selection is not saved when the control panel is closed. I can only select and save "FTX Global or OpenLC NA Mode". 6. Based on the fact that the selection mentioned in 5 above is not saved, the NA Southern Califiornia installation was verified in FTX Central and the update installed. None of the above resolved the issue. I have not changed the order of sceneries in the scenery library. All other 3rd party sceneries are disabled. Any suggestions will be appreciated
  7. I’ve tried to uninstall and reinstall twice and I’m still having issues. The reinstall fixed the issue I was having in the FTX control panel where it wouldn’t let me choose “without static aircraft.” But the issue I’m still having is it won’t let me click the box to use “FTX Southern California Mode.” I check the box, but every time I open the control panel, the box remains unchecked. And I’m guessing as a result, I’m getting duplicate runway/taxiway signs on the ground. Sorry if this is a repeat post, but I can find a fix other than a reinstall.
  8. Hello, I need two days to get KSAN working with SODE, and still have some Problems. 3 Gates are missing and are static!, no idea why ORBX has done it this way. Some other Gates are really difficult, I never get the AI Air Canada CRJ705 working and some others to. That's the first time I use KSAN v2 and I'm still not happy with it. I expect more from ORBX, all other Airports are looking much better. I appreciate the new SODE Gates in KSAN, but the quality is bad, compared to the other ORBX SODE Airports, they look really basic and outdated, like the old low quality static Jetways. When I remember to the other ORBX SODE Airports, these Gates look, ... sorry ... horrible for me. I'm still not happy with the scenery, but the surroundings are looking nice, togehter with ORBX SOCAL. An Approach to Rwy 35 is really funny and challenging. Southwest hast still some old static Jetways (can't believe that these are no SODE Gates, never seen this in an SODE Airport), the Passengers need to Jump to the Plane. If you want to know more about SODE and AI, you need to look to the ESSA Topic: https://orbxsystems.com/forum/topic/167316-the-updated-stockholm-arlanda-sode-ai/ the other ORBX SODE Airports (KMBS is not done yet by me): https://orbxsystems.com/forum/topic/167585-the-updated-idaho-falls-regional-airport-sode-ai/ https://orbxsystems.com/forum/topic/167464-the-updated-glacier-park-intl-airport-sode-ai/ https://orbxsystems.com/forum/topic/167388-the-updated-dubrovnik-sode-ai/ https://orbxsystems.com/forum/topic/167681-the-updated-santa-barbara-municipal-airport-sode-ai/ another nice one: https://orbxsystems.com/forum/topic/167599-climbing-out-from-kalispell/ and now finally for you: Night: Thanks for your Interest Urmel
  9. Meanwhile... testing the last version of San Diego Lindberg KSAN with the SODE gateways. AI Traffics are from Ultimate Traffic Live + models and textures from FLAi.
  10. I have many Orbx products including KSAN and SoCal and never had any issues until the recent update to KSAN and I believe the OpenGL. Now, I get crashes on the active runway with no landing gear down once the game loads - without doing anything. Never had issues with KSan before. I have a high end PC, 1080Ti graphics card and GSX Level 2. I also had a plane crash into my plane while awaiting to get on the active runway (I’m assuming this is a separate issue). Any help on the crash would be helpful! Thanks!
  11. Hi, Very impressed indeed with the KSAN update. I'm very much looking forward to seeing a lot more of it on my travels now. I was just wondering if there was a way to remove the static vehicles, specifically the pushback trucks? I use GSX and they're very much in the way of my GSX pushback trucks and marshallers. Thanks, Filbert
  12. Hi Matteo, just a request please. I attempted to find via the KSAN control panel a button that would help eliminate airside clutter such as the static baggage carts, etc. I am using GSX2 and need the space allocation for GSX2 vehicles. Are you able to add another option to remove these airside static vehicles please? Many thanks, Steve
  13. Updated to new KSAN version with SoCal installed. NAS North Island (KNZY) is covered with buildings but is notable for the wide open spaces Ran the Settings terrain update after installation but....
  14. Hello. While testing my newly acquired West Coast Regions, I came across this piece of land which looked extremely dark to me: Comparing with Google Earth strengthens my view that it looks indeed a bit dark. Scenery: San Diego with SoCal Thank you for your attention, Cheers Lars Wüst
  15. In terms of the latest KSAN update, the file size is only 228 Mb, which takes only a short duration to d/l. However, the installation duration at present, is taking well over an hour and I'm still waiting for it to finalize. Am I missing something here? Is this normal and to be expected? Thanks,
  16. First flight out of Big Bear, as well as my first flight into San Diego. Back in the familiar confines of the RealAir Piston Duke.
  17. I recently got home from a vacation during which, ksan v2 released. I updated the scenery today and selected the SoCal config option as I own that. after launching the sim and loading into ksan I see default scenery bleeding through and have lots of flickering. Also the configurator doesn’t seem to save my settings as when I close it and launch it, no options are selected.
  18. Have loaded KSAN , I believe it was the V2 version. When overflying the Terminal I see an aircraft buried in the building and another at a Jetway that doesn't connect to it. Backseatmo Trans 5b3cfa5c24ff1
  19. Left KSAN for L35 via Border Seven JLI SID, passing KPSP and KBNG along the way! Taxi to Rwy Niner for take off via taxiways F, C, C6, B6, B, B10 Passing US Customs and Interanational Gates Needed a bit of fresh sea air along the way! Passing over what I think to be Cowel Mt. a good place for hiking (Jack!) KPSP, a bit behind and right, of the plane, you can see the green triangle of wind turbines! KBNG, Banning, just up the road from KPSP. Coming into Big Bear over Baldwin Lake from the east! Red & White is good! Pretty decent landing (if I say so myself) My gal/pal, waiting for me, trying desperately to get hold of someone to unlock that gate, she's serious when that hand is on her hip!! My flight plan, on FltPlanGo iPad (not this fuzzy in real world) Thanks for looking!
  20. Ready to move further westwards, to discover some of the orbx airports I have purchased since my last virtual west coast stay. This is the plane we are going to use, seen from the coffee bar in the United lounge at Houston terminal E: Cockpit preparations. Hurray! Just compare the registration of the PMDG bird with the real one above. We are serious simmers, aren´t we? A view over Houston, from the international airport to CBD. Texas in green. The cockpit in nice. Arizona in brown. Imperial Dunes, while already descending. The Gulf of California to the left... ... and the Pacific ahead, at the same time. Here you can see the use of freshwater in California. And here you can see... the visibility during final approach. A pleasure to all pilots... There is no vertical guidance on this approach, and the clouds just opened seconds before landing. So I was waytoohigh and had to pull the brakes... Made it. Then overheated the brakes, which caused blocking... so there is no gate screenie today.
  21. This is from BA273 from EGLL to KSAN. At the Gate in Heathrow. No SODE here. One of the jetways is inop. First Class snobs have to share a jetway with the other folks. Taxiing to runway 27L. 777 in old Etihad livery taking off before us! Concorde on display. Takeoff... Northern England. Leaving for the Irish sea... ... and the Atlantic Ocean... Greenland. Labrador (no CTDs here, never had). Some midwestern town... Arizona, probably. Some mighty grand (?) canyon... Southern California... Crossing the last mountains before final. Touchdown. Evening in San Diego! That's it, I hope you liked it. Regards Lars
  22. Hi all! During the last sale, I bought KSAN. I previously owned the Southern California Region and had that installed already. Once installed, the area surrounding KSAN just didn't seem right. The color seemed off and the ground textures seemed "washed out," like there was a white-ish film over them. The rest of my scenery from all different companies looked just fine. It was only the KSAN scenery that was different. I tried uninstalling and reinstalling using FTX Central. I tried adjusting the settings in FTX Central for both KSAN and Southern California. I tried switching to a differing PTA Present and adjusting my current preset ... but all to no avail. Here are a couple of shots. Is this how the ground textures are "supposed" to look? Or does the coloring seem off? Again, all my other scenery, everywhere in the world looks darker and more natural.... What else can I try? These shots are taken in P3dv4.2 using Orbx Global, Vector, Openlc north america, Southern California region, KSAN scenery, PTA, REX 4 Texture Direct with Soft Clouds, Active Sky for P3dv4 I also have a couple more shots from different flights if those would help...
  23. Hello, I've just purchased and flawlessly installed KSAN over Orbx SCA and NA-LC, and I have, please, these two questions from my starting experience: 1 after five+ hours of airport traffic (@35%) spotting , the activity (day and evening) is barely at a minimum, although the terminals are almost full: the many planes from SW, Alaska Airlines and AA do not move at all, only the ones from Delta, Fedex, UPS; landings are very rare: the traffic file (checked through GSX customisation) is the one from Orbx KSAN folder (I have MT6 installed, yet its KSAN is off) I have also several payware airports (YMML YBCN YBBN YBRM YBCN AYPY EGLL EGPH EDDF PANC KSEA KLAX KMIA LIRF LIRP), where the activity is normally ...intense ; yet, at the same time, this shortage of activity happens for me, only on payware GCFV and GCTS as you may see from my signature, I have two p3dv4s, separately installed on win7-10 (on win 10 I have a reduced setup, just for Oculus Rift, because on win7 Rift software won't install): this situation is present on both installs 2 when I move over the airfield with Ezdok 2.6, at dusk or night, the runway lights become brighter when I get farther from them and a lot dim when getting closer, barely visible thanks for clarification by the way, the scenery is wonderful
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