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  1. That's something I will have to check out.
  2. Nice shots and one of my favorite airplanes. I have it in P3d but I think Carenado did a better job on the Skymaster in MSFS. My older brother, now in his 90s and retired Air Force, flew the Skymaster military version in Viet Nam as a forward observer. Before that he flew B-26s, B47s, and C119s. His main comment about the Skymaster was that all the buttons and switches were really tiny. In the P3D version some of the knobs are too big.
  3. Here we are at Digital Designs Teneife South after crossing the Atlantic from Princess Juliana, 2627 miles.
  4. Problem fixed. Thanks for your quick response! I subscribed to your forum.
  5. Here is a screen shot of the runway problem:
  6. I have Digital Design GCTS purchased through Orbx Direct. Its pretty nice except that at the far end of runway 25 a small bit of what is probably the P3D5.3 default runway is peaking through causing a bit of an elevation problem. I do not do facebook have been unable to find a website for them so maybe you guys can look into this.
  7. The sim date. In other words the month and day of the month your settings tell the sim to use to set up how the ground will be displayed, winter snow, summer greenery, fall colors of foliage and so forth.
  8. The fly Tampa forum has more on this problem including advice on which files need to be deleted. I went rounds on this so much I have actually forgotten what I did to fix the problem with floating buildings, but it can be fixed. I think there are three or four files that have to be deleted but sorry to say I have forgotten which ones they are.
  9. The average elevation of Florida is 6 feet above sea level.
  10. This is the third leg of my round the world flight in the Connie. We are heading down Florida from Tampa to Princess Juliana, then across the Atlantic.
  11. F373NG has some excellent suggestions. I am going to suggest that you consider a new video card. I went from an 8 gb card to a 16 gb card. I have no more vram problems. The new card was expensive but I sold the old card on EBay for twice what I paid for it two years ago. Perhaps a lot of simmers hold off on video card upgrades because new cards are so expensive now. Used cards are significantly up in price also. It might be worth looking into what you can get for your old card. In my case selling the old card took care of about 75% of the cost of the new card. The other thing is that P3D does a pretty good job of balancing the work load between the CPU to the GPU. So with an upgraded card you can eliminate the vram problem while running at higher better looking settings.
  12. Try it with a very simple aircraft like the b170 and see what your vram is. Maybe also there might be settings with the 737 that will help with vram.
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