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  1. To me the main difference is in the lighting which is changeable in sim anyway.
  2. Lots for excellent shots. I think the water looks a little better in 4.5 than it does in 5.
  3. N5248P was my brother's dearly loved Comanche. This is a flight from Medford, Or. to escape the heat (110 in our backyard) down to Lake Tahoe, Ca. The route passes by Mt Shasta in Northern California.
  4. Mostly I fly P3Dv5 in the True Earth regions, but I think as Xplane 12 develops I will give it a good look.
  5. In the summer I mostly fly RC airplanes and work on the garden railroad. I flight sim more in the winter or when afternoons are too hot for comfort in the summer. I have the GTN 750 in the Skymaster and I souped it up via the config file so I get 160kts at 9500 feet. I tried to turbocharge it but it just spins in a crashes and I get the red screen of death with PD3
  6. On fire patrol in Eastern Oregon. So hot in southern Oregon I have taken to afternoon flight simming instead of working on the garden railroad.
  7. Beautiful!
  8. Very realistic. Nice shots.
  9. Looks very realistic. Mice shots!
  10. Next, east across Australia and then out into the Pacific.
  11. Back in Orbx land. Approaching Australia after flying 15245.6 Nm going around the world in the A2A Connie. Here we are at Broome Australia.
  12. Nice shots. Some big buildings that aren't much above water.
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