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  1. Leaving Tahoe on a winter's day flight from KTVL to KLVK, Livermore, Ca. The South Lake Tahoe airport is just off to the lower left. Since A2A is getting close to releasing the Comanche for MSFS I decided to take it out again and renew my acquaintance. This in N4258P, a Comanche that my brother owned and in which he flew me and my wife on the same route 20 years ago. Marius did the repaint for me. Having the Comanche in MSFS is the one thing I have been waiting for. Will probably give MSFS a try when the Comanche comes out. This is the Camanche Reservoir about halfway between Tahoe and Livermore, Ca.
  2. Interesting airplane. How fast is it? What's the range?
  3. Sorry to report I cannot get the images to open. I get a message that says the image is not available.
  4. My experience so far is that the Ryzen 5800X3D we installed over the Thanksgiving holiday and Radeon 6900X seem to be a good combination. I can now fly into areas like San Jose with high settings and decent frame rates.
  5. This is near the end of a flight from Fresno to San Jose, Ca. Above the rudder is the San Luis reservoir. We are about 40 miles south of San Jose near Los Banos. Connected to the San Luis reservoir is its forebay. And off in the distance is the Los Banos reservoir, one of the premiere sites in Northern California for RC slope flying. When I was living in the SF Bay Area i went down there many times to fly. No matter which the wind was blowing there was good lift. And here we are on final to San Jose.
  6. Big Bear is a nice little airport with challenging approaches. the Community help forum has a thread for FSX and FSX steam as well as P3D Xplane MSFS and Aerofly.
  7. Taking off from Palm Springs on a flight to Fresno, Ca. Heading back north with the Shed.
  8. Excellent cloud coverage!
  9. I'm guessing a lot of developers are waiting for the full version of Xplane 12 before porting over their Xplane 11 stuff. I've been flying the beta version but have not bought any addons yet for Xplane 12. I never had Xplane 11.
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