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  1. One of my favorite airplanes. NIce shots!
  2. This is a flight from Portland, Oregon to Walla Walla, Washington if I remember correctly. I have enjoyed flying the Carenado S360. There is not much you have to do to set up a flight. Its not pressurized so you have to stay down where you can see the scenery. So far the only failure is from over taxing the engines wasn't doesn't end well.
  3. At some point there was talk of Boise, Id for P3D. What happened to that?
  4. Nice shot. Which developer is that P-51? Love that Orbx scenery in the bottom right corner!
  5. That's really quite nice. A lot of shots of Airplanes on the ground are taken from too high up. A shot at eye level is much more realistic.
  6. Very nice. Lots of greenery in those mountains
  7. This in Lake Almanor in north eastern California. The little town in Chester, Ca and that's Rogers field, on a flight from Medford, Oregon to Reno, Nevada in the SD360.
  8. Thematically really very nice.
  9. Great Shots. I need to get back east.
  10. With sceneries like True Earth I suppose it must be a team effort so maybe somebody has to be assigned to deal with updates.
  11. Great airplane and great to see it in the air. I flew it around the world a couple of times in FSX. Thanks!
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