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  1. Firstly - a belated "Many Thanks" - to those blokes who wished me a Happy Birthday on my 87th last week - and thankfully - not too many wished me "Happy Returns' because on that infamous day - ------ My mid range PC went belly up in a massive crash - that eventually wiped out 4 HDDs which has meant a complete rebuild with all new bits and pieces and I am at the moment downloading everything again - this time upgraded all the important bits and mS have designated it "Ultra " all through on my SSDs The bright side of this is that she who must be obeyed - readily agreed to the huge cost - as a Birthday present to myself
  2. Down here in the Southern Hemisphere - Spring has sprung - and a period normally associated with Tidying up after winter Plus it seems to be a quiet time here in the Orbx family - so this might just provide some food for thought - or discussion In my case - my hangar is so full of aircraft - that i need an airport - not a hangar to hold them all - and many of them unfortunately are in P3D - and quite honestly I haven't seen one of them for months - and the same for XP11 - but maybe I will keep an eye on the latter if I ever take an interest in the "Larger Tube" variety as I understand they may be better than MS2020 - but since the last 2 months with a few more aircraft on the Improved list - dare I say - "study aircraft" that may change as well Added to all this - the latest 2020 situation of 160 aircraft already released - and around a further 175 in development - probably includes the 12 that will be released on the 49th anniversary update - we are about - any day to face Update 10 and we all know what usually happens after these updates in the past. The choice is becoming staggering - and I for one have lost concentration by having too many "toys" I also took a look at my MS community folder - and it is close to 300GB - and screams for a cleanup - and out with aircraft and liveries etc built up over the last year - and a new way of using the folder --- I have read and installed addon collector but my old brain box will not take it in - too complicated and I need to find a more simple method after I clean it up before the update What all this means is that to establishing where I fly the most - in what aircraft and the airfields I fly from most - and dumping the rest - which can always be re installed again as long as .to - Orbx - JF - etc remain alive I made a start with the aircraft and just for interest sake this is the list - that instead of flying around like "a moth round a flame" - I need to concentrate and make myself more efficient and back to my Real Flying days of yore AIRCRAFT PRIORITIES 1ST CHOICE 2ND CHOICE S.E. - Stearman S.E. - Staggerwing S.E. - JF Arrow 111 S.E. - B35 (A2A PA 24) S.E. - TB 930 S.E. - C17s WIM 2 E.prop - C414 AW 2 E.prop - Kingair (mod) 2 E.prop - P Seneca 2 E.prop - P Skymaster Heli - H145 Heli - H153 2 E.BJet - Ha 4 2 E.BJet - Cj4 2 E.Jet - Longtitude 2 E.Jet - Bombadier 6000 Airliner - B737 - 600 Airliner - Salty 747 Warbird - Mk IX Spitfire Warbird - Hawker Hunter Warbird - F 16 Warbird - F 18 Hornet Vintage - DC 6 Vintage - B18 - (DC 3) bracket A/C due soon and will replace and maybe add 2 more vintage later The rest have been dumped into the bin for the time being
  3. that's probably why the 10% are nicknamed - "OlD CODGERS"
  4. I dread to think as to how the Irish will pronounce is title - "The THIRD !!!!
  5. Sheesh ---- to easy - especially when 2 of you co-operate - WW famous as the main aircraft transport drome during WW11 - and it looks as if the original Buildings are still there and was in use as a club house in 1977 - the time of the pic A little anecdote about that flight - being only a Aussie pilot and not at all familiar with the regional airways rules - I was just swanning around for a couple of hours ' around the area West of WW - knowing that to the East was Heathrow and Windsor and a one stage at around 2000' - I got a view - directly under the plane - a line of F111 aircraft - I was over the famous American base of Greenham Common - famous for the anti-nuclear demonstrations of the Cold War era I thought afterwards - that if I had had a net full of bricks- I could have done some damage - and the Americans hadn't learned much from the disaster at Wickham Field -Pearl Harbour DEC 6th 1941
  6. I usually use a measure of how old I am by comparing myself with the age of items that have come after my leap from the womb EG Sydney Harbour Bridge - the Spitfire - even the tiger moth and the Beeechcraft 18 - but I have just come across one older than me - the De Havilland Comet (a wooden forerunner of the DH Mosquito) - and which won one of the air races from England to Australia
  7. This died a death last month - maybe I'll try it again ?? Bought this Airport from Orbx - so it qualifies I hired this aircraft on a trip to the country from a clue in the pic
  8. I realise that I will probably not be the only one - because there are one or 2 on here - who were born 1935 or earlier but in my time - there have - now been 5 Monarchs on the British Throne - despite the penultimate - her Majesty Queen Elizabeth- remaining on the throne for 70 of those years - IE 4 Kings and 1 Queen George the 5th - Edward 8th - George 6th - Elizabeth 2nd - and now Charles 3rd Just another measure of just how old - one is
  9. This was my local territory in the 90s - and a drink at the end of what were usually longish flights and in this case - parking the Bird outside the famous Birdsville Pub -- although I used to do them in a PA32
  10. I use both the Honeycomb Alpha and Bravo units - the Alpha in it's default set up and the Bravo - with the airbus additional set of controls - set up the same as the normal 2 engine throttle as per the UTube by "Simhanger" but the set up below shows the standard GA 2 engine on the Honeycomb Bravo - I use the thrustmaster controller as a set of extra keys and axis for rudders and brakes THe Bravo is basically the default set up and I use all the autopilot keys in the sim for HA 420 and all other aircraft with autopilot Simhanger has a few utube videos setting up the Honeycomb ---- ie theset up at the end of this video -https://youtu.be/_0tJmDlTBug?list=PLSyT1Loyov5iTHuvRpVif4jZPiW0IAhLg
  11. That's a button on the Honda Jet that you press for constant speed - or "Cruise Control" and at 87 that is very useful Meanwhile - I still fly P3D 4 and 5 to use my huge hangar of old planes that have not yet surfaced in MSFS and the same with XP and today just looking at the trial version of 12 ----after flying the freeware Bombardier 6000 a 100 million $US private jet which is all I can afford on my OA pension in MSFS - and is the answer to the
  12. The brand new Train Sim World 3 and all the Sniper series - including the new version 5
  13. Sheesh - Ya stole my Bird in the Richmond colours Why you in the States - you should be practicing the ILS at the Goldie
  14. They are not secret - see Anna's reply to questions in the right place - ------ and trees are discussed as well
  15. Wayne - MMMM?? - I have thought about Navmap for some time - but it sounds expensive so - in relative terms to your coffee - that is some 120 pounds per year - ($A180) - which will buy me a number of sceneries or aircraft and/or - is more expensive than Microsoft's Game Pass where I get a choice of 100 games ($A15/m) - all the new ones as well - I just today downloaded the brand new Train Sim 3 - and Sniper 5 4 weeks ago as well as the MS flightsim. What advantage would I have over my use of Little map that has airfield diagrams - sids and stars - ILS routes and the sim's own World Map doesn't let me down -either ? I have to admit that I don't do tubes - only Biz jets but I still fly where I want - by all the airways - even at 51000 ft in the freeware Bombardier 600
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