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  1. That's where I first heard the saying - along with the song - "Bless them all - the long and the short and the tall - Bless all the sergeants and WO 1s - and Bless all the corporals - and their Ba@#$%d Sons"
  2. Hi Carlos - remember - the 747 is known as the "Queen of the Sky" In this simulator - we men are dominated by what we call aircraft - and give them feminine gender and suffer their idiosyncrasies - just like real life
  3. Love this shot - but wonder how many understand the Brylcreem Boy reference? My dad - who was one of those in WW11 - introduced me to the stuff and it was great for my Elvis hairstyle in the 59s
  4. She is the sort of a development of my old PA 32- 300 - which was the forerunner of the Saratoga in my flying days - and now I regard the FSR 500 as the latest MSFS version of the Piper 500 - as the bird that bring back memories of my past -although the old brain views the glass cockpits as a poor substitute for the old steam gauges. She even has the same colour scheme as my old lady 👌 . She has just had a major upgrade - and revels in her favourite home on my local Gold Coast airport - but I have yet to show her the smaller Southport one - just up the road.
  5. At 89 and arthritis ----- I just found a need for chopsticks
  6. Hi Sante - maybe I should have clarified a little You might just place the mods on Discord - but why not let the Orbx Discord members know by the email system - that you use to promote your new stuff? - I am pretty sure I have never had such a notice by email - but bombarded by the same process for new stuff this week for example including today's Multi shot As for the Hurricane - it is a far better aircraft now and AH should be congratulated - maybe they will upgrade the P51 with the same sound package???
  7. You got me digging - MS deluxe and one before - MS Combat simulator - Orbx FTX Australia - full set of Orbx Colours and a full set of just flight VFR discs - my very best favourite - US Navy Fighters👌
  8. Just an Idea ! - Orbx pound us with new products all the time on Discord Why Can't you do the same with any upgrades to your - or partners - products A recent example was the AW Hurricane - I had to go searching Central for the first one this week only after I saw that there had been one uploaded somewhere else - and to make it worse - I stumbled on another one the next day. There are other examples - and it's time you made use of Discord like many other developers
  9. Onya! - neighbor mate - 13 eh? - unlucky for some --- very lucky for us 👍
  10. would have made good photos for the - Orbx airports visited in real life - a rolling story
  11. 1966 in the DH 83 Fox Moth from on the beach at Southport Lancashire UK cost was $A2 equivalent for 15 mins circuit of the town. 1st commercial Flight - BEA Viscount - Manchester Ringway to Glasgow1969 and return
  12. It's arrived - I don't see much opportunity for WW11 scenarios involving Mosquito's or Lancasters
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