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  1. Just to add to what Nick has said Not that I have any intentions of updating to W11 - but I did check to see why my mid range PC - won't upgrade? I used the MS software to do a health check and this is what I got as to the reasons why I cant upgrade It seems that W11 has increased security and needs 2 slight alterations - which MS will do via the settings pages for you if you follow their paths in settings /security
  2. Most will know that the latest "Mandatory" update is available by the normal means and is around 5GB However !! - I quickly moved to profile after the update finished and was surprised to see Windows 11 "downloading" - but it was but a small download of 500+MBs. - and it sits in the download section of profile I wonder why MS did this - maybe something for the future - or in my case - it stopped when it realised that my PC will not upgrade to W11 In W10 - there is in "Updates" in settings - an Update available - 21H1 - which turns out to be W11 I did a shut down and restart - but everything was as is in my W 10 Curioser and curioser !!
  3. FYI - to ad to all that is said foregoing in this thread - I stumbled across an easy solution to the OP question and added it to the MS discussion forum -
  4. Thinks - a Flashing Light Bulb Maybe they have all worked out that Orbx have - "probably" - done a deal to represent all of them when Orbx solves the problem of supplying product for X Box series S and X - which one - ie me - can only access their addons via "The Marketplace" on the Booming console market My confidence - and patience - is that Orbx will solve all these problems - caused by an unforeseen size - of this market change - before much longer - and long before I can get my hands on a series X
  5. Great shots - of a great City - of a great Airport - looks like you enjoyed yourself
  6. Summarising what Ed has said is that at this moment - all the Orbx (and Just Flight etc) that we have bought for the PC is just that - only the PC - and for the same item on X Box - we will have to buy again - unless - we have bought items through the Market Place in the first instance. Which means in my case - I have ceased to buy any more items for the PC - other than from Microsoft for the sim - because I will definitely move to X box so that I can get a better resolution and use my 4K Monitors -- and one day - maybe Orbx and others can come to some arrangement with MS for 3rd Party direct - or the status quo of their sales thro MS
  7. Well done old chap - 2 up on moi I assume that you know what Bingo is in the USA - and a Bingo call is 'Two Fat Ladies' - 88
  8. Very enjoyable Frank - and a well put together - piece of Aussie aviation history One very tiny correction which as a Queenslander I couldn't resist Smithy landed at the end of his flight across the Pacific at what was to become Brisbane airport Smithy's Aircraft - the "Southern Cross" sits proudly in its own hangar at the side of the road entrance to the airport Screenshot - via Orbx Brisbane Airport and 2020 drone
  9. I once met an American Gentleman who sent a whole 2 days trying to leave the Hyde Park Corner roundabout
  10. Doing 160 sounds much better than 100 and 25mm of rain -- sounds more wetter than 1" and 20 degrees a lot cooler than 70
  11. This guy - Guys? - know how to make an Orbx Cityscape come to life - and the other Orbx scenes by them makes a wow with MSFS ----- Singapore is brilliant There is to be a second vid of Brisbane - The Olympic River City Good job the RAAF pilot didn't try the River Run
  12. Be as sarcastic as you like -- you obviously misunderstood that my pic had absolutely nothing to do with the story - except that I was referring to the aircraft per se - S.A.
  13. Qantas breaks Australia‘s longest commercial flight record | news.com.au — Australia’s leading news site I love flying this bird - even if it's only freeware
  14. I have them all except Ballina - but have no Knowledge of Anthony Lynch What Orbx Airports has he done? (I wish the bloke - people - who did Gold Coast airport and Cityscape would read this request and get rid of the old 8 year old Bing scenery )
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