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  1. Well done in one of the best Aircraft in the hangar - and I flew one in the 80s I await Carenado placing this in the MSFS2020
  2. Why bother? - if you have Central - you have the North of England - nothing else matters Blimey!! - Blackpool Tower and Pleasure Beach - Old Trafford - both Liverpool Cathedrals - Lake district - the whole of Lancashire and Yorkshire - what more could you want
  3. I already did 2 years ago - and used it for this old lady - now waiting for the weekend to update the Port BTW enjoy your week lockdown - more time for simming
  4. During Flight training at Moorabbin - we used Essendon for "Primary Control Zone" - training entrance and Exit - including a landing and ground control. The new Tullarmarine airport was a no no. I just looked into my logbook and coincidence - coincidence - I did my first landing at Essendon Sept 2nd 1972 - and 49 years later - I remember it well
  5. Thanks Paul Like many others - I started with the commodore 64 around 1981/2 - 40 years ago
  6. problem solved John I needed to do one more extract Just flown for a few minutes - looks good
  7. Problem - downloaded - unzipped - installed into Community folder OK - 2020 content manage shows - but won't install Steve - how did you do it - presumably after Update 6 and Patch to 19.9 - or help - anyone
  8. A very big WOW and thanks to all of you for these wishes on my 86th I had a great day and lots of little cash presents for me to buy a few more aircraft and Orbx scenery / airports
  9. wow - this was the very first aircraft I ever flew in Thanks for the lead John - downloaded and will try later and thanks to DaveWG - whoever he is - for giving us this piece of history And strangely enough - he placed it on the website - yesterday -19th -- my 86th Birthday
  10. I also have the DCS warbirds - (vintage) and all the maps - including Cyprus - and even the new Mosquito - Great for shooting battles - but I find it nice to leisurely fly them - also on P3D and now the MS scenery - without constant looking over the shoulder
  11. Oh My - decisions - decisions - decisions - I have the Flying Iron version and love it - and their Lightning is due in a week - and I have committed my Birthday money presents to it - also next week I have the A2A mk1 of course in P3D - so - although I have a raft of AH aircraft - maybe I will await to see what the experts say about it in u tube
  12. Sheeeeesh - I'll try anything once - start with the narrow span of the Gateway bridge - the beginning is just after this You will need a spare pair of underpants
  13. Bump Bump I'll try again - I now have 6 items in community file - recognised by content manager - but wont install 3 of these Items were /are via Central eg Tampa Libraries and FDS liveries
  14. Thankyou Orbx for the new freeware "Brisbane City Run" - because it will show the rest of the World the best of Queensland's Capital City and all though I live an hour away I visit often physically - and since we got the city pack - which is now also updated - all the keen flight simmers- and racers - can enjoy our beautiful city - via the new Brisbane airport YBBN - also from Orbx.
  15. Prior toV5 - I never had any probs with installs placed in Community - eg freeware after V5 - and I had cleared Community before upgrade - Southport - bought direct - would not install I completely uninstalled 2020 and reinstalled it - added a few bits to Community - including all my Orbx via Central. Some are working OK but getting stuck again on Southport - and now the chopper H135 Both are shown and recognised as NOT installed but the sim wont install them Any ideas - or is it a fault that V6 has produced and 3rd parties have not updated
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