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  1. it even becomes more complicated than that, I believe, purchased the official basic Reno pack on Xbox Marketplace - & it has not been made available on my PC Steam MFS version - even though my gamertag is exactly the same, go figure…
  2. thank you Anna @Anna Cicognani for your clear statement, I must emphasise - that it is encouraging to see the Orbx development for Xbox - it has a 20 year IRL heritage, the Series X is a great piece of kit - really designed for the very latest Smart TVs to extract maximum performance… & there are occasional sales on the Xbox Marketplace - plus 5 star rated Orbx addons will also be considered… & remain happy with all my MFS Orbx Central PC purchases - these HQ addons have a technical superiority & push the boundaries of MFS… Cheers
  3. Hi JH @John Heaton, the Xbox has been a great experience, with all its capabilities, it works well on good 4K HDR HDMI 2.1 Samsung TV with MFS, I mainly use Xbox MFS vanilla (which includes all official World Updates) & sure looking forward to this month's Australian WU... however, I have purchased again for Xbox, Orbx NZ & Alaskan Mesh, plus Orbx Dubai - which had already purchased PC versions - so $paid twice... this is because I use the Steam version of MFS for PC - so had to repurchase the Orbx Xbox products from MFS Marketplace, for this reason, I will be purchasing only a very few Orbx Xbox MFS products... only @Ed Correia would be able to explain if there was any workaround to the doubling of purchases, in this situation... (I know Anna mentioned that there would be an automatic licence granted - but without fully realising that this would only apply to MFS Marketplace purchases) JH, like yourself, it was good to get an Orbx marketing email about Xbox specific products... I will of course be purchasing (which means twice overall) all of the Orbx Meshes when they become available for Xbox... Cheers
  4. thank you for your kind comments, lots of exploring to do with this Himalayan Mesh product - almost 20GB download with large coverage area...
  5. near the top of the world, native MFS with mesh...
  6. thanks for your comments, guys I almost cannot believe these are basic screenshots from the Xbox… Happy Holidays!
  7. some simple shots to capture the Alaskan mood today... Anchorage Fairbanks Juneau Ketchikan Merry Christmas!
  8. Merry Christmas to you & yours Iain, & all the Orbx team & fellow simmers… Wishing that 2022 be peaceful & prosperous & with happy days… All the best!
  9. a few around Queenstown environs... with live weather, & such a scenic area to fly around...
  10. that’s good news, because that second version of the shot is a one-click capture with no image processing - & directly uploaded to Imgur… must get some more Orbx Xbox sceneries to check out!
  11. just an example shot of Orbx Xbox Dubai Landmarks... it is a trick of the Xbox process to juggle HDR & SDR shots - still lots to learn, but this shot shows the inherent detail of the Xbox with good scenery... Edit:- here is the original SDR shot exactly as captured via Xbox Companion app (different colour balance)
  12. captures the mood well, Pete another fine perspective of Sydney town…
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