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  1. this is all very good to hear, Don you can be confident that Steam is a worthwhile pathway to MFS enjoyment! Cheers, Craig
  2. all I can say is that deliberately purchased the Steam version from the beginning & it just works, I also note that experienced simmers switched from the MS version to the Steam version after encountering problems… there is a downside - for example, I also have Xbox Series X & Orbx (& other purveyors) purchases from their stores which I use in Steam PC version - I have to then purchase again for the Xbox via the Marketplace - effectively double $charged… Nick Cooper @Nick Cooper can explain this better than I can… so Don - Steam works super smoothly as far as install & updates go (I actually detest the Windows Store install methods for PC - only my opinion)… good luck with it mate!
  3. Hi Don, I certainly hope that you double checked her credentials, & best of luck setting up your new computer you'll find most answers on this Orbx forum site...
  4. Hi Jon, the absolute fact is I have proven for myself that 11GB VRAM is just not enough in all MFS circumstances - sad but true, so I just had to take advantage of the current 3090 with 24GB VRAM opportunity, heck, far less $cash than all my Orbx add ons!
  5. & Jon, I just mortgaged my house to get cataract surgery, fresh new eyes, so I spent the change LOL
  6. Hi Jon, my 2080Ti is the best, until now, best GPU I ever had - brilliant performance! it is sitting in a box now, after upgrading to 3090... never disappointed with the 2080Ti 11GB - but I personally thought it should have been 16GB VRAM - that's IMO...
  7. well Jon, you definitely would not go lower than your current 11GB imo, but you will get DLSS with a newer GPU, GPU prices have been $crashing to affordable levels recently, was always disappointed that my previous 2080Ti only had 11GB VRAM, please check the available alternatives...
  8. Hi Jon, as you are currently using a 1080Ti with 11GB of VRAM it would be good to get a replacement GPU with at least similar VRAM capacity… as Pete mentions, Brisbane with Orbx YBBN & Cityscape uses a lot of VRAM with quality settings - I’m finding it fluctuates between 10-14GB VRAM whilst doing circuits around this area, I believe this issue is why many have reported stuttering in this area, as always, it becomes necessary to adjust settings to maintain performance , am very happy indeed with SU10 Beta DX12 with DLSS Quality & HAGS ON = smooth performance in all areas… we’ll also know soon about the anticipated new Nvidia driver…
  9. & waiting for Steam XP12 version to pull the trigger! maximum compatibility with previous addons will be the decider...
  10. what we are wondering is if our XP Orbx Central sceneries are actually compatible with XP12 now...
  11. Happy Birthday Landon! & hoping you’re having an enjoyable celebration… thanks for all your helpful advice… Cheers, Craig
  12. this is an excellent flight sim monitor & the 34” ultrawide curved view is very immersive, this latest QD-OLED tech provides excellent visuals, it has a pixel refresh function every 4 hours to negate the risk of image burn-in, & it comes with a 3 year warranty…
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