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  1. this is an excellent flight sim monitor & the 34” ultrawide curved view is very immersive, this latest QD-OLED tech provides excellent visuals, it has a pixel refresh function every 4 hours to negate the risk of image burn-in, & it comes with a 3 year warranty…
  2. Orbx actively developing for DCS, wonderful news!
  3. Wonderful shots, Pete you have captured great Skiathos ambience with lots of detail, & the Goose, the sounds of those big radials are a treat, very well done!
  4. a wide view of Rio, with the new SA mesh...
  5. that’s a very valid way to go - we all know from previous sims that it can be a very expensive hobby, though, when I get the chance, am very happy to support the developer community - & there are some top grade add ons, the occasional sales really help - Orbx recently has had some great bargains - thanks! (it does make a difference to the $bottom line)…
  6. cannot access Sales items for the latest Orbx Sale and it is 11am Aussie Eastern time just now… or am I mistaken?
  7. Hi Orbx Team, I'm absolutely amazed by the super professional release of the Fenix Airbus A320 - very easy purchase for me Day 1, & it performs very well, as a discount promo for suitable airports was offered by Orbx for the PMDG 737-700 release - maybe a similar offer could be made available for the very significant release of the Fenix A320, heck, I may even get a new Navigraph subscription to have up-to-date Charts & Navigation data... just a cheeky idea for you
  8. quite interesting, Pete it is the implementation in game - such as MFS - that will determine the effectiveness of these techniques, & in general, Nvidia GPUs seem to have the advantage to be able to run both DLSS & FSR, MFS is reported to implement both techniques - so then will be able to test it out…
  9. thanks for your question, Landon the situation now - viewing the flood plain... Kyogle is cattle country, & the flood plain is the reason for such lush pastures - just not so good for houses, our whole area is called the Northern Rivers NSW, & this rain/flood event is as a result of what is called an East Coast Low, this event is continuing across a very wide area - even down to Sydney environs, the Emergency Service workers are absolute legends!
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