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  1. that would be great, Ed & thanks for letting me know what Orbx Xbox products are available now - the actual list was surprising, but enables me to plan deployment… & lot of purchasing decisions are made using iPad searches, for instance…
  2. good idea that Orbx Xbox products can be found - when user not in the actual Xbox Marketplace…
  3. well not quite yet, Ed, it is arriving in a few weeks, so it seemed that I had no way of finding current Orbx Xbox products - as I am pre-planning my Xbox MFS setup, it would also seem that I have to purchase my Orbx products that I purchased for my Steam PC version for a second time to use with Xbox - in other words I basically pay for London twice if I want it also for the Xbox…
  4. well really, no one has a list - incredible! sure helps me making actual Xbox Orbx purchases in the future, Thanks a lot!
  5. it would be very useful to have a current list of Orbx Xbox products, that can be accessed on PC or tablet...
  6. just received the last few days an Orbx email that promoted Orbx Xbox products now available in the Xbox Marketplace… what is the status of crossbuy options when purchasing an Orbx Xbox product that have previously purchased for the PC… Xbox X arriving at my place soon…
  7. Lorby MFS Organizer is what I use to deactivate the Asobo version of LOWI… a double-click…
  8. have you tried the search bar or looked under Start Menu programs to see if Microsoft Flight Simulator is there?
  9. Happy Birthday, Landon & enjoy hearing about your great outdoors adventures… Craig
  10. another set of wonderful shots, Pete reminds me of Cinerama or Panavision - very immersive! but I know it is your very special magic!
  11. thank you all... you helped make my 65th a real good one!
  12. it really is wonderful to be part of this community! I am constantly in awe of the life experiences & talent shown by our fellow flight simmers, & then, there is the simply amazing craft of the developers who provide us with fantastic flight sim packages that enhance our enjoyment, also, the collaboration between us allows problems to be solved & provides overall encouragement in our hobby pursuits... Happy Flights everyone!
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