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  1. Carlos, what an amazing collection of screenies !!
  2. Thanks Carlos. Yeah, Scotland looks really great. We now have so many nice places to explore, sometimes you really don't know, where to start
  3. Thanks Andreas. I'm not a rw pilot and have never flown in the Twotter, so from my theoretical experience I can say she flies really fine. So far I have not experienced any issues From what I have read over at the Aerosoft forum, for the time being you cannot use your GTN 750. But I think they are looking into it, as many have asked for it.
  4. Wow, that sky is amazing. I just love what we can do with the weather engine
  5. Great to hear that you liked them, Paul Hahaha, I had the very same feelings, when I first saw a cockpit picture of a 320 series Airbus. And I think we both are not alone with this feeling Many thanks, Calum Thanks a lot, TTM I absolutely agree with you Carlos. This airport needs to be modeled ! Many thanks buddy Thanks a lot, Martyn. Titicaca and the mountains around La Paz really make this a special destination
  6. I took off from Mollendo, an airport off the Pacific coast. UPS doesn’t have (yet) any A330s, but together with Amazon they have approached Airbus to convert an extended version of the 330-900 into a freighter version. As far as I know, they still operate some 52 A300-600. Ok everyone, oxygen masks at the ready !!
  7. Great shots of the doctor killer, Adam
  8. Great shots buddy, nice livery on the 737 too !!
  9. Hahaha, I try to leave asap Many thanks, my friend Thanks a lot, buddy. Yeah, the Andes look amazing with the Orbx treatment Many thanks, Calum. I liked the waters around Barra too (from the air) Glad you liked them, Paul Thanks a lot, Martyn Many thanks, John
  10. Great shots and our Jack is again on an adventure trip
  11. Orbx North England and Twotter from Orbx partner Aerosoft Ok, I am crisscrossing the place a bit Aboyne airfield is actually a place for sailplanes, but I managed to get out of it (with not much room left) Beautiful countryside! We have just passed Kingussle Along Loch Linnhe Getting to Tiree-Tiriodh...oh those names And finally close to Barraigh
  12. Congrats to your new bird, Don. One day, I'm sure she will beg you to hop over to PNG
  13. Awesome stuff, Paul, well done !!
  14. Great shots, buddy with quite some drama up in the skies
  15. Excellent stuff, T !! I like the -600 too.
  16. Thank you very much, my friend Many thanks, Paul, and all of them came properly attired Thanks a lot, buddy I'm happy you like them, Lars. Some of the ice is static and some floats around, depending on the season. Also the Polarstern is part of the package and she cruises the area, but as she is also an icebreaker, I guess she does that all the time Many thanks, Gerold. Most certainly a very eco-friendly way to explore this beautiful part of the world. And as this sim evolves further, for many other places in the world too. Question: do you want to do your upcoming NZ tour the virtual way only? Just kidding
  17. Very nice tour, Gerold of a favorite area of mine.
  18. Great shots, Martyn. I guess that Jack would have been tempted to do this exercise inverted
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