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  1. Next week I am going to do my first intercontinental flight since nearly 3 years. Plus, it is even going to be holiday. What an adventure! Zurich Jo´burg At least I had the chance to practice such trips in the sim.
  2. No, this flight is not going into regions that Harry Belafonte was thinking of. I took off at Amsterdam... ... and could not resist flying over the amazing city center. Since 1876 the Ij channel connects Amsterdam (in the background) with the North Sea (left), the harbour below is named Ijmuiden. Top end of Netherland´s mainland is Den Helder, with the westernmost of the Frisian islands ahead, Texel. I followed the famous Afsluitdijk. The name means like "Closure Dyke", and it has cut off the former Zuiderzee (a bay of the North Sea) to form the controlled water levels of the Ijsselmeer. For ages, the Zuiderzee had been the safe access of cities like Hoorn (you know the cape of the same name?) and Amsterdam to the open seas. After building the Ijmuiden-connection, Amsterdam had a shorter access. Now we follow the islands the flat coast from the open North Sea. This is Ameland, ... ... ahead is Schiermonikoog. The last on the Dutch side. Here we come over to the German side at Borkum. Juist is the long one on the left. The Memmert dune below is, as far as I know, inhabited. Norden-Norddeich (seen left) is an important ferry port to the islands. All these islands have received exploding numbers of German tourists during the pandemic, when international travel was even more unpredictable. Langeoog, with Spiekeroog and Wangerooge on the horizon. You can see how difficult is is to drive a ship in these waters. And you can see that it is possible to walk to these islands on low tide (I did that). Two icons below that every captain should know: When you want to enter the Weser river, you got to pass around... ... the lighthouse Roter Sand (to me one of the most beautiful lighthouses worldwide, https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Roter_Sand_Lighthouse )... ... and lighthouse Weser, its successor. Leaving the Sea I headed south passing Bremerhaven. Bremerhaven´s "mother city" is Bremen. Well, also my mother city. Airport to the left, football stadium at the Weser river in the middle, University and marshlands (perfect for cycling) to the right. Not long with the Lancair to get to the Steinhuder Meer, ... ... where I turned left towards... ... the airport of the city you can read in the last screenie. If you want to repeat the tour:
  3. For the next "low & slow" leg I continued from Cologne (default)... ... towards the river Rhine, which I followed. In the background under the King you see the refinery at Wesseling. Cologne central, with some details like the cathedral next to the railway station. On the way north to Düsseldorf we crossed the chemical plants of Henkel ("Persil, da weiss man was man hat!") and Cognis, now BASF. Quite a good canteen they have, but no runway... Düsseldorf CBD. Here we have the Krupp steelworks north of Duisburg. Already disappearing in upcoming rain. So I changed the time and virtually continued one day earlier towards Gelderland / NL. The Rhine estuary is a confusing waterway to me, with Schelde, Maas and some more rivers meeting. Lots of flooding options here... ... while we turned northwards... ... and looked back to the westernmost end of the Netherlands, where the Rhine meets the sea. Hoek van Holland is quite a busy harbour. And the settlements near Den Haag are really dense. Tulip land near Aalsmeer has less houses, and still some remaining spring flowers. Landing at Amsterdam. The jet pilot above must be angry, but ATC wanted him to follow the small prop plane. That go around will cost him some fuel. Here you can follow the course along the Rhine and finally up to EHAM. Flight 78 is the went-around jet.
  4. Back into future travels this means. Hopefully this is going to be a soon-to-become real trip: With a late evening start out of Hanover... ... heading south over Germany... ... towards Zurich. The outside view shows Lake Zurich better. As this one shows Zurich airport, with its terminals B, A and E (from right to left). And here, the expected service:
  5. Good weather, some work and private life have kept me away from the sim for some weeks. Well, being stuck in Heraklion / Crete is not that bad - even if only in my virtual travels. Today we get on, with just a short hop from the Cretan capital... ... northbound over the Aegean Sea. Santorini to our right... ... and very soon the Greek mainland ahead. A view to Athens in the morning sun... ... not so sunny on this early May morning. But successfully landing in LGAV, ready to change planes.
  6. Continuing travels we were pushed back at Athens LGAV... ... to capture a view of the city shortly after. Levelled off over the Albanian coast... ... it was time to get my caffeine level also adjusted. That´s what I really, really like on a plane. The alps in the distance... ... or a bit closer. And here we begin the descend around Fulda... ... into Hanover, ... ... perfectly aligned. No troubles. And here is the obligatory service.
  7. This flight is a shortcut between two places I will visit this summer. From Barcelona... ... over the southern tip of Sardegna, ... ... to Calabria (with a slight view of Sicily to the right). Then passing south of the Pelopannes... ... and towards the western beaches of Crete. Descending along the islands southwestern coast with its famous gorges, ... and the long Komos beach, ... ... crossing northwards within reach of the Psiloritis mountain... ... to Heraklion city. LGIR has tricky RNAV approaches, and the runway is significantly above sea level. Don´t trust your eyes! So it needs experience to "hit" the runway (nearly) correct.
  8. Like many of us, I haven´t done a business flight since March 2020. And now it is scheduled... so I need to look ahead what is waiting outside. Off from Hanover... ... with a view back towards the city. The Rhine is crossed at the Deutsches Eck of Koblenz. Soon the Alps come into view, ... .... before passing Geneva. Impressive even from FL350. We pass Grenoble, ... ... and Marseille, ... ... before we reach the spanish coast at the Golfo de Rosas. Downwind past Barcelona... ... and into the 07L. Here we are, ready to explore the city!
  9. Coming from Tahiti the ongoing connection out of Houson is not an extraordinary long flight, but still lets us cross many countries and places. But first let´s get ready: Boarding, ... ... pushback, ... ... takeoff, ... ... and climbout. Here we cross a green north Texas... ... to the Sam Rayburn reservoir. We go on (into the night and) over the southeastern states, New England, Newfoundland. Which is, in total, nearly the same distance as the hop over the Atlantic towards the Irish coast with the morning sun. Soon the southeast of Ireland is reached, with Wales already in sight. London, mostly hiding itself. Calais and Dunkerque at the French coast. Brussels, you can spot the airport below. And no, Belgium is not a city. Here we reach the Rhine near Andernach. There must be the famous Loreley rock watching over the river - but I can´t recognize it from this altitude. What I can recognize is runway 07R ... ... of Frankfurt airport. When I left the real plane of the first picture of this post (some years ago), this was our neighbor.
  10. Starting this flight in Munich I was fascinated by the 787´s cockpit functionality, for example the airport map on the ND... ... or the HUD. And the look of the GES region pack is not bad either. We can spot the Isar river below the plane, and the Alps hiding in the (southern) background. Vienna (my version is not perfectly blended) and the Donau river. The Carpathian mountains - a rare touristic destination. Here we have already crossed the Black Sea, with Turkey´s north coast in the background. Hard to see in the sim (but always fascinating when you fly this route in real): The lights of the Iranian coast of the Caspian Sea. Dis is India. Just another million people settlement between Nagpur, Vizak and Bubaneshwar. I can give you real life comparison shots of these cities once OLC Asia is released. Finally we can see the sun rise over Malaysia, ... ... at the Malacca Strait. Well prepared. Autobrake 2 will be more than sufficient. A first look of the plane´s home country... ... with Changi airport showing up on downwind. The turn was close to the airport, so we came in a bit high (too high for the ILS), ... ... so a longer manual approach was required. No panic, as we knew the runway is long enough. Now we´ll have some quality time in Singapore. Would it be great to finally use OpenLC Asia and explore the region!
  11. I started in May and flew over Norway to Alaska, then down the American West coast to Panama, across Cuba to the Caribbean and back to Europe. Now is the day to return home. From Amsterdam... ... climbing out over the Amstelveen Bosbaan. I suspect this is used for rowing, but we can imagine another use, can´t we? Amsterdam Centraal. Nice details, even without a TE scenery. Muiden. When I was in school we lay there with a sailboat, to visit the city nearby. Flevoland. One of the big landfills in the Ijsselmeer. And here we nearly reach my home turf. Osnabrück, with its interesting railway crossing. Porta Westfalica International Airport... ... and the Porta itself, where the Weser river crosses the mountain ridge. Hanover city... ... and the area where I type these lines. Into final of the 27L (my favourite runway). Flying & screenshotting without pause is a risk. Causing a bad angle of attack here... ... but the sim is tolerant, so I get the Caravan parked. At home. Where to head next?
  12. ... especially for a country that one would consider a small one. Usually KL730 starts in the evening and therefore is a nightflight. With an A330. But we are allowed to dream, so we get a day flight in a dreamliner. Getting ready in St. Maarten, Dutch overseas territory. Welcome on board of our sunflower. These planespotters can expect thoroughly dried hair in the next few seconds. Hope the clothes are carefully fixed. Don´t say there hasn´t been a warning. Here we go, and do not look back in the mirror. Climbing out over Sentry Hill is a challenge for a fully loaded plane. Turning initially south over the island, before crossing the Atlantic. About 7 hours later. This is already land´s beginning. Some call it also Land´s End. London. Landing there would have made the flight international - and legally bring us out of Europe! But we start descend at the Thames windfarms... ... heading into the beautiful European weather at the Hoek van Holland... ... crossing Den Haag... ... and - over Aalsmeer - turn into Schiphol. You can already see the runway ahead. Or better here. Even better here. Now we are back in the Dutch mainland, ready for deboarding at Amsterdam.
  13. WIZZ Airbus A320 flight from Belgrade (LYBE) to Gothenborg (ESGG). This is an actual operational flight schedule. Fair weather conditions but unfortunately mostly cloudy along the way. Herman Our aircraft as seen from behind a fence at Nikola Tesla International Airport, Belgrade Strict flight levels and speed limits apply whilst flying in Serbian airspace Cruising at FL360 Winging our way in a north-westerly direction Cruising FL360 increased to FL380 to avoid turbulance (for passenger comfort) Flying over the Oresund Strait which separates Denmark from Sweden. Below us is the amazing Oresund bridge/tunnel with Copenhagen (L) and Malmo (R). The island is called Saltholm. Fast approaching the towns of Helsingor (Denmark) and Helsingborg (Sweden). Ferries operate between the two towns. Tight turns as to line up for the approach to Landvetter Airport, Gothenborg, Sweden Runway 03 in sight... We head towards Gate 19 Passengers and cargo are off-loaded from our aircraft. Thanks for looking!
  14. When I boarded for this supply flight in Arlanda the weather seemed so fine. But there were loads of load to load, and during this time a hazy shade of winter appeared! Flying over the clouds usually is no problem, ... ... giving even sights to interesting structures like the Kaitumälven river. But after the initial approach into Kiruna... ... the hazyness of winters shade became more tight! Good to see the runway, finally. Good to ignore the EICAS messenges, also finally. Blow the snow! And time to unload whatever the miners need.
  15. Just rain and storm here in northern Germany. I needed to see some winter colours, so I set up a little nordic tour. Starting in Hanover... ... and climbing out to the northeast, ... ... I reached the Baltic Sea near Rostock. The Swedish coast ahead, with the invisible Copenhagen in the background. Rushing up the country... ... until Stockholm awaits in the evening light. Perfect visibility... ... makes for a nice landing. Now lets go for a Smörgasbröd and some fine Öl!
  16. Finally, after a virtual absence of nearly 5 months it seems to be time to fly to my home airport again. So I´ll take a blue-white Lancair from Schiphol... ... turn west over Amsterdam CBD... ... and reach the German border relatively quick, near Rheine. Ibbenbüren power plant guides the way... ... towards Osnabrück with its remarkable railway cross. At Porta Westfalica the Orbx sceneries GEN and EDVY do not really use synchronized seasons, surprisingly. The monument for Wilhelm the Emperor has a brilliant location. And an impressive size. Plus a good view. One could see my company office on this shot. By plane it is really a short hop to Hanover. Here you see the southwest area with the Herrenhäuser (baroque) Gardens to the left. Just next to it you can see some famous hockey pitches, with occasional international action. The direct train from Amsterdam stops here at the main station (bottom of this shot). I live a bit more to the left (shown here as well). And the airport is not too far away. Home!
  17. After arriving from Jo´burg / South Africa some passengers needed a connection from Munich. TrueGlass makes the rain more enjoyable. Through the clouds... ... and up to the Netherland coast. Obviously Amsterdam. Not easy to spot the assigned runway in this quite detailed landscape, ... ... flying by the instruments helps. Been there, done that.
  18. Gentlemen (and Ladies?), Speedbird 11 from Heathrow to Singapore is pushing back! Taxiing to runway 27L. Hello Concorde. Such a cute little plane. Lineup... On cruise level, we see some beautiful clouds over south-eastern England. It's already evening... ...as we cross the North Sea... ...only to find some seriously bad weather over Amsterdam! The Dutch must have summoned the bad weather because their airline celebrates its 100th birthday and they want all the attention for themselves! Anyways, a nice scary extra for our paying customers. My theory over the cause of the bad weather is further supported as the weather shifts to a very cozy summer evening as soon as we cross the border into Germany. Han(n)over. Origin of many British Monarchs and said to be the most dull town in Germany. I have never been there, though, so I might just as well be wrong! Sure Master Gerold has good expertise on the matter... I believe this is Hildesheim. Nice to find out where it's actually located. The crazy capital city of Germany abeam and behind our 777. Thank goodness we are safe from ecologist terrorism at this altitude. The ICAO might as well issue a warning. Night is falling as we head further to the east. Sleeping time! Hopefully the passengers had a good sleep... ...as the sun rises over Turkmenistan. Another Stan. Paki. Stan. Some hours later we reach Phuket. The 'Singapore Effect' materializes in front of our aircraft. What's this, you might ask... THIS. The incredibly bad weather that is common around Singapore. Our descent path resembles a mace. We managed to avoid the worst and thankfully, the weather closer to the aerodrome is better. The landing was fairly good! *clapclap* The passengers rejoice over the amazingly professional work of the pilots, as a certain stinky stench enters their noses, the proof of a composure somewhat capable of improvement. Thank goodness again we quickly reach the gate, opening the doors. The crew and passengers rapidly flee the scene, the crew to the hotel, some passengers to the rest room, leaving the cleaning personnel with the thankless task... Bye bye, 777! See you soon, freshly cleaned!
  19. A successful SODE trial allows us to have a speedy boarding procedure at Bilbao... ... so that we could go quite quick. What a location. We headed northeast, to cross the Garonne (and the Dordogne) in Bordeaux. Stewart @European Mountain Man will probably know this place well. Here we are already descending into downwind, with a nice view across Paris and the Seine river. And the rainy final into Charles-de-Gaulles´ 27R. Some traffic around, which will result in a lenghty taxi tour on the way to the gate...
  20. Due to my troubles ocurred during the switch to Win10 I did not fly & post as much as usual during the last two months. But I am getting back, slowly. Today you see me leaving for a short Easter holiaday, picking a safe Boeing at Hanover... ... climbing over the Wesergebirge... ... and reaching FL350 over the Rhein. Northern France is mostly cloudy, ... ... but at least we can spot Biarritz over the south, to the right. Hours later. Leaving the west coast of Africa behind... ... for a short hop over the Atlantic. Sandy Fuerteventura. Approching Gran Canaria from the south (as usual). You can see the global landclass is nothing but a disaster.
  21. Never been to Sardinia in the sim (I don't think). Flew in from Rome. This is Alghero to Cagliari. Straight 'v's. Next leg is back to Rome. Fair to say I'm a bit of a fan of openLC. It opens up a whole lot of the world. Mike
  22. Due to another update of the Aerosoft Airbus I had to chose an uncommon livery for a flight out of Tromsö. And these northern impressions are great... ... though the SID is not as easy as one might think! Oh, quel surprise: Coffee service already while climbing through 14000 ft! You can be very sure I open the cockpit door... At least the route was going around the worst weather. In order to avoid coffee spills. Who would be cleaning the cockpit? Here we meet the Baltic sea. I don´t know why Vector has chosen the "frozen lakes" option, but the ground looks winterly still. We have to expect some limited visibility during descend... Limited, indeed... ... but ok. I did not manage to get the updated ESSA jetways to work. Is there a trick?
  23. It's a wintry morning in Stockholm... ...the land seems frozen... ... visibility is reduced... ...snowflakes are dancing in the air. So is the Swedish winter! The United Airlines plane that's being catered at Gate Foxtrot 36 finds itself in this winter story... ...and is being de-iced right at the gate. The passengers inside the plane observe the de-icing crew doing their job without protecting their heads and hands against the cold. Those hardy Swedes! A few minutes later, the Triple-Seven is being pushed back from the gate... ...and starts to taxi to the runway. The snow gets no less on its way... ...flaps and slats are kept retracted to prevent icy material to attach to the flaps mechanism and potentially freeze there. How different the sight, only a few minutes later! A bright morning above the clouds. The airplane cruises high above the snowy landscape of Scandinavia... ...and above the ships that traverse the Atlantic Ocean. The New World is no less covered with snow than the old one. Somewhere over New England... ...the sky looks even colder than at the other side of the pond! Who might populate those snowy hills in this time of year, when even the bears retreat to their den? New Jersey and Staten Island ahead! And a massive bank of clouds... A/P off at 270' and touchdown. After more than 8 hours, the plane has made it from the wintry cold morning in Stockholm to the wintry cold morning in Newark. Content and relieved, the passengers leave the plane through a comfortable jetway... ...and probably face the worst part of their voyage on the highway to home. That's it, I hope you liked it. Cheers.
  24. Although, given this weather, there might be too little lift to fly the FSX mission with the glider. So I´ll better take a KingAir and get ready in Arlanda. Man, this looks cold. BTW, this flight is done at noon. At least the Swedes are routined experts in cleaning the buildings and apron. Stockholm below. Only for those with radar eyes. OpenLC was not improving much of the scenery today. Hm, this does not only look cold. Luckily Gotland, my intended destination, shows up. ILS21, but VFR would also be possible in Visby today. Get out & fetch some warm drinks, mates!
  25. No fear, mates, this is neither a latin lesson nor a history one. This is "just" a flight between the two airports that come as a bonus in Magnus´ Kiruna scenery. An early morning start in Visby... ... where de-icing was requested by the ground crew. Taking off in southerly direction, ... ... yields a beautiful turn over the historical city of Visby. No too much to see from the swedish landscape... ... but the approach to Borlänge / Dala was even worse: Some might call this "whiteout"... Due to the wind direction we were guided into runway 14 - which does not have an ILS. And the visibility was not really good... Nevertheless, we found the runway, finally. The next challenge was finding a useable taxiway... Made it. A great flight, and two bonus airports that make Kiruna to a "must-have" scenery for me. And I did not even visit Kiruna itself yet...
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