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  1. My original intention was to fly around the breathtaking Melbourne scenery but flying above the Tullamarine Freeway I decided to find and show some of Melbourne's many sporting venues. 1. North of the CBD is Mooney Valley Racecourse in the suburb of Mooney Ponds. Home of the Cox Plate it is also a harness racing venue. The floodlights don't show up here but several night meetings are held every year. 2. Flemmington is the home of the race that stops a nation, The Melbourne Cup. The first Tuesday in November is the culmination of Victoria's Spring Racing Carnival which includes the famous race. 3. Docklands Stadium, with it's retractable roof, is a multi use stadium with everything from Australian Rules Football to music concerts. I totally refuse to utter it's current sponsors name for what it has done to it's age old comic characters. 4. In the centre of the pic is one of the world's 11th largest sporting ground, the Melbourne Cricket Ground or MCG or The G! Another multi purpose venue primarily used for Australian Football and Cricket. It has totally changed since I regularly went there in the 80s. 5. Another view of the G . Other stadia in view here are on the left bottom AAMI Park Football(roundball) stadium. To the right of that is the National Tennis Centre. Above that is the Vodafone (John Cain) Arena. The large white stadium is The Rod Laver arena and just visible above that is The Margaret Court Arena, named after Australia's greatest woman player who is currently being persicuted for her beliefs. A shame the old parkland has been built on but it has provided a world class tennis complex. 6. Albert Park with it's lake and the venue for the annual Melbourne F1 Grand Prix. 7. Above the Monash Freeway is the Kooyong Tennis Centre which held the Austraian Open Tennis until 1988 8. A last view of Melbourne CBD and Docklands Stadium at dusk.
  2. Orbx Content: Melbourne Scenery Pack - Partner product: So Fly WPP. A little flight up the Yarra RIver in Melbourne to see what I can find. 1. The West Gate Bridge. Too easy with it's large middle spans but the smaller ones are a bit more of a challenge as I found out. Power lines both sides but there were no twanging sounds as I avoided them and the pylon. On a more serious note, if you look in front of the prop spinner you can see the memorial to the 35 workers who lost their lives in 1970,when a section of the bridge collapsed during it's construction. It remains Australia's worst work place accident. West Gate Bridge - Wikipedia 2. A view of the bridge and the lower reaches of the Yarra River. 3. Approaching the Bolte Bridge with the magnificent Melbourne skyline in the background. 4. Too much clutter under the smaller spans so I take the easy option. Bolte Bridge - Wikipedia 5. Approaching Queen Street Bridge and behind it the Sandridge Bridge which are both a little too low to get under. 6. The Southbank Footbridge ended with wet feet so time to try again. 7. The Princes Bridge was quite easy at the second attempt after not getting the screen shot on the first pass. Princes Bridge - Wikipedia 8. The Southbank Footbridge, finally on my fourth attempt. 9. I can't remember how I ended up floating in the Yarra River but I was able to drive under the Sandridge Bridge so I will score half a point for that. Sandridge Bridge - Wikipedia Fascinating to see all the places I know in such beautiful detail. The Melbourne Scenery pack is well worth every cent for the bridges alone!
  3. Orbx Content: LOWG Graz, Orbx Partner Content: Milviz Cessna 310 My first visit to Graz and also my first try at the Milviz Cessna 310. Live weather used which turned out to make for a pleasant flight to Vienna. 1. 2. 3. 4.
  4. Orbx Partner products, MM Simulations LTBJ, Milviz Cessna 310, SoFly WPP. I picked up MM's LTBJ in a sale on Central today. I have never flown in Turkey so I reasoned that if I bought an airport there I would have to make the effort. I will put some more of my flight up another day but it was a very relaxing experience flying along this corner of the Aegean 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. Well worth the dollars and i am now starting to really like 2020 after a slow start. Enjoy it all while you can.
  5. Orbx Partner content: Shunts Scenery YBSU It is over 20 years since the demise of Ansett Australia. Luckily Ansett lives on thanks to our various flight sims. Here one sits n th rain at Sunshine Coast YBSU. 1. 2. 3.
  6. Orbx Partner product: SimWorks RV14 Poole Harbour from the north and with live weather. 1.
  7. Orbx Content; NA Alaska Mesh, Partner Product: Big Radials Goose My first flight in the Big Radials Goose. 1. Ready for take off from Juneau. 2. The Taku Glacier. The only one of the glaciers in the Juneau Icefield that is advancing.
  8. Southern Dorset and my first use of live weather in 2020. The Vans is over Bovington Camp which is HQ of the Royal Armoured Corps. As well as the clearly visible heathland training area, to the right is the Lulworth Gunnery Range. The prominent bend at the left bottom of screen is Clouds Hill and on a nearby road in 1935 T.E Lawrence had a motorcycle accident which resulted in his death. The worlds largest collection of tanks is located on the camp at the Tank Museum. In 1923 Rudyard Kipling visited the camp and suggested some of the damaged tanks could be exhibited which resulted in the museum which was opened in 1947. Finally to the left of the tail is the Ape Rescue Centre of Monkey World.
  9. Orbx Content: Landmarks Brisbane City A few views from my first excursion around Brisbane in 2020. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5.
  10. Orbx Partner content: SimWorks Studios RV-14 Sunset over Poole Harbour. My first look at England in 2020 and despite my dislike of the glaring sun, at sunset it is more realistic in my eyes. If you look to the left, below the horizon, you can just make out Portland Bill.
  11. Orbx Content: Iceland Mesh, Partner Content: Simworks RV-14 Isafjorour, with a population of 2600 is the largest town in the Westfjords area of Iceland. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6.
  12. Orbx Partner content: SoFly Weather Preset Pro, Simwork Stuidios Vans RV-14/A I have been very unhappy with the blazing sun in M$F$ so I ran few a few of the weather options using SoFly Weather Preset Pro. 1. The backdrop is Mount Roland and Mount Roland Conservation Area in Northern Tasmania. 2. It is 4094ft or 1234metres (which is much easier to remember) amsl. 3. It is a rural locality in the local government areas of Meander Valley and Kentish. In the 2016 census it had a population of nil! 4. It is the 54th highest peak in Tasmania. 5. Still awake? Something exciting, in 2015 a health official is alleged to have murdered his wife near the summit. Later he topped himself in RIsdon Jail. Some much better weather settings there but all I have to do is remember which ones they were!
  13. Orbx Partner Aircraft: Iris Jabiru A couple of images from a flight from my local of YSHT Shepparton to Echuca.
  14. Orbx Content: LOWI Partner content: Sim Works Studios Vans RV14/14A I have not used M$F$ that much as I find some of the operations cumbersome. Today I decided to give it another go and also splashed out on the Vans-14. There are many things I don't like about it, I guess I have become too comfortable with P3D and XP-11. But it does have it's plus sides so I will persevere. I also wrote out a list of the sceneries I have bought through Central and I was astonished how many I have and not used. Time to do some exploration and try to get my head around the sim. The Vans is a great little plane which is relatively easy to fly but I will have to practice my landings on narrow runways more!
  15. Orbx content NZ Mesh On a flight out of Greymouth South Island but not quite sure where I am! Nice scenery anyways.
  16. Departing my home airport Shepparton YSHT on a short flight to Echuca.
  17. After bouncing the EA-7 down several different runways around the Orbx world and trying many different things including finally reading the manuel, I decided to look at the M$F$ support forum. Within less than a minute found out that I had to change the flight model to modern. So here is my second excursion in this wonderful little plane. 1. Part of the Drzewiecki Washington scenery is KCGS College Park. 2. The Paint Branch Elementary School is on the left but the community centre is not a grand building like depicted here on street view GE. 3. Here is the NOAA Centre for Weather and Climate Prediction. 4. Approaching the United States Capitol from The Mall. 5. Looking back down The Mall with The Washington Monument in the distance. Soon after it went rather quiet. 6. Who forgot to change the tanks over and ran one dry? I know just who to blame although he is not in DC at the moment. I landed safely on East Capitol St E and 10th St SE. I like the Optica a great plane and it will be interesting to see what plane Orbx offers us next. Many thanks to those who have worked on it.
  18. CAK3 Delta Heritage Air Park. Orbx partner Canadian Flight Sim Studios has produced this delightful small grass field a short hop from Vancouver. A few images including the IRIS Jabiru J160, another excellent partner product. Not forgetting the SoFly Weather Preset Pro. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5.
  19. A few snaps of the freeware Taipei Xinyi District. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5.
  20. Typical London weather from what I can remember. 1. 2. 3.
  21. I must admit I am finding M$F$ hard to get used to but it has so many great features. Taking off from Greymouth NZ on a windy day, I was very impressed by the movement of the ocean which of course you cannot see here. The new mesh has made a world of difference too, lets hope it is the first of many!
  22. As the title implies, three views from Mirabel 1. 2. 3.
  23. I trust that Orbx Mesh is ok to show in MSFS. No doubt I will soon find out if it cannot! Anyway a few images from Franz Joseph Glacier. 1. 2. 3. 4.
  24. The writing is on the wall! Orbx partners Pyreegue UKOO Odesa. SoFly Weather preset pro.
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