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  1. Hahaha, that would be cool, Adam Many thanks, Wayne Like a dream...liner, exactly, Gerold And my German BTM license has just been extended to be valid also for South American goodies of superior quality
  2. Many thanks, Martyn. Yes, it looks pretty similar on a quick glance Thanks a lot, Gumby. Jack suggested rubber chickens I'm glad you like them, buddy Many thanks for commenting Many thanks, Paul. I like that livery too Thank you very much, John Yeah, it would be great to have a classic plane like this in MSFS Thanks a lot, Andreas, she shines alright, but it's not yet blinding my eyes Many thanks, Carlos. Flying there is really interesting with a lot of changes in the terrain Thanks a lot, Landon. Although I'm a German, I'm actually more into wine, make that the red variation Rubber chickens? I remember in the first Top Gun movie Maverick was told not to screw up, otherwise he would be flying rubber dog shit out of Hong Kong Many thanks, my friend (and no deja vue today, maybe later )
  3. Great flying Jacko-style!! Looking very much forward seeing you doing your stunts again, buddy.
  4. This time I decided to visit the northern part of South America. Should you ask me, what sort of cargo I carry, I’m not at liberty to say. And yes, on occasion I fly way to low for this kind of aircraft. It’s all part of the grand scheme of things. I think she carries this old livery quite well
  5. Superb screenies, Adam. I bought that plane too, she is a rocket
  6. Great shot, Martyn. If I remember correctly the movie "Lawrence of Arabia" started with that accident.
  7. That's one hell of a shot, Jack. Glad to see you here more often now. I hope you were able to set up MSFS the way you like it!
  8. Great info and pics, Paul. Thanks for sharing.
  9. Nice tour of parts of Germany and the Netherlands, Gerold!
  10. Great shots, Wayne. I try to stay with two sims, XP11 and MSFS (although I still have P3D v4.5 installed), but I have to admit that I rarely fire up XP11 these days. MSFS is just so much better, when it comes to scenery. XP11 and P3D are great in areas, where you have the Orbx TE series installed, Oh well, so many options
  11. Very cool shots, Martyn. I agree with you that some of the weather presets in default MSFS overly expose the screen. And some others make the screen look darker than necessary. That is why I either fly with live weather or like you with SoFly.
  12. Thank you very much my friend Many thanks, Adam Thanks a lot, Gerold, Yeah, but maybe two will suffice. Otherwsie we might overstress our remaining little grey cells I think, it will be worth it, Wayne
  13. Great screenies, Carlos.
  14. Many thanks, Paul You are not alone, Martyn Thanks Andreas, I think you will like it Thanks Carlos for the tip. I'll take a look
  15. Many thanks, Gerold. Here you go: Actually, I think it doesn’t look too bad for a 10m mesh. But to get it more life-like, I guess someone like Frank Dainese needs to work on it from the ground up. I have his scenery of this area for XP11 and it looks fantastic: Thank you so much, Buddy! I'm glad you like them Hey Jack, glad to see you here again. I hope you get MSFS up and running soon. It's worth it !
  16. One very nice screenie, Martyn!
  17. Nice flight. The Orbx mesh really make SA shine. I hope they will do Africa next. The rift valley looks ok in default MSFS, but at 10m it would improve significantly
  18. Wonderful screenies, Paul. I like the last one the most. Must be from MSFS
  19. Great shots, Andreas. The lady in the Connie looks interesting with her big blue hat
  20. I was really keen to try the new Orbx mesh for South America and I must say, it is superb, especially at this price!! Many thanks to all, who were involved in this project. I hope you will sell many copies of it, so that it was a worthwhile undertaking. Will Africa be next with the rift valley Above the Parque Nacional Los Glaciares, here the amazing Cono Glacier Ok, Torres del Paine is a bit of a let down. Maybe this can become a separate project? North of the Parque Nacional Bernardo O’Higgins. This looks just unbelievable! South of the Parque Nacional Laguna San Rafael Further north we experience less snow We turn NW towards Santiago At FL180 and descending into the Santiago valley. Descending? Now? You can’t be serious This looks so amazingly real We have finally cleared the mountains. Over a small town north of Santiago. It’s called Colina and that light blue lake down there interests me Wikipedia says this: Ayres de Chicureo is a locality in the province of Chacabuco north of Greater Santiago and this light blue lake is artificial and is being used as huge swimming pool Welcome to SCEL Santiago Again, the mountains look so real (and so close)!! I know, where I’m going to fly the next couple of days.
  21. Great shot, Martyn. I think you should give MSFS more time to grow on you. Coming from XP11 myself, I also found it in the beginning a bid strange. Now it has become second nature and considering you live in Aussie country, there is sooo much scenery, airports, cities available for both Australia and NZ; you'd love to explore it and on top, it looks very real! Just my two cents
  22. Many thanks, Gerold. Hahaha, no I didn't attempt to fly through one of them. I didn't see one that was big enough to handle the wings of the Kodiak and give me sufficient space behind it. As John remarked, maybe Jack would have tried. Thank you very much Paul. Many thanks Landon. I have been to Utah and Nevada a couple of times. I really enjoyed the majestic landscape there. Getting early in the morning with a hot coffee out of your motorhome and see the sun rising over Monument Valley is an experience I never forget in my life. Many thanks, Ken Hahaha, thanks a lot, buddy I'm happy you like them. Moab and its surroundings are a fantastic experience Thanks a lot, Martyn. Had there be one big enough, I think I would have tried Many thanks, Adam
  23. These are superb, Paul. The Orbx TE series is really spot on!
  24. Very nice shots in P3D !!
  25. Nice shot, Martyn and the perfect plane for that area. I hope we get that plane soon into MSFS.
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