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  1. Thank you very much for your comment, Landon Many thanks, Paul Thank you kindly Many thanks, John
  2. Eycellent screenies of a great looking airport, Paul !!
  3. The Fiat G91 Gina is from Orbx partner sim skunk works I take off from Bolzano North of Merano, near the Texelgroup Nat. Park Passing the Wessely Tower and Piz Innerkofler Near Torre del Sella In front of the plane’s nose lies the city Cortina d’Ampezzo Passing the famous Three Peaks Nat. Park
  4. You captured the magic of this island really well, Paul !!
  5. I'm happy you like them, Landon Many thanks, Paul. Sightseeing in a 747 would be quite something indeed Many thanks, Calum Thank you very much for commenting
  6. Wonderful shots, Adam. I'm really happy that we have this old bird (and the D 18S and many other taildraggers) available in MSFS. Round engines' heaven, so to speak
  7. Only the first shot is from Seattle, all the other ones are over Orbx Alaska mesh
  8. Many thanks, Adam Thanks a lot, Wayne Hahaha, thank you very much, my friend
  9. Beautiful shots and great landing, Paul. The Corsair is not the easiest to land on a carrier
  10. Thanks, TT, hahaha, yes that's the one Thank you Paul Thank you, Carlos, the whole continent is so huge, (as you know better than anyone else here ) it would take a lifetime to explore just parts of it. But for me most impressive is this huge Amazon area Many thanks Landon Thank you kindly, Iain I'm glad you like it, Andreas
  11. Now...that first sentence in your thread...where on earth have I heard that before. Oh well, must have slipped my mind Did I say that I like your shots a lot? No, I didn't? Ok, here you go, sir: I like your shots a lot
  12. Superb screenies, as usual, Paul !!
  13. Our departure airstrip is somewhere in the jungles of Ecuador. These remote strips are still today sometimes used by Douglas DC-3 airplanes. As we will get our DC-3 only in November, we use the equally capable Ju-52 to ferry to these areas badly needed supplies. Shell Mera is a small city located on the western edge of the Ecuadorian Amazon and in the eastern foothills of the Andes. It is located about 94 miles (151 km) southeast of Quito. Its name comes from the Royal Dutch Shell corporation. Shell Mera was established in 1937 as a Shell Oil Company base. The base consisted of little more than several basic shacks and a 5,000-foot (1,500 m) airstrip. It was operated as part of Shell's prospecting efforts in the region.
  14. Many thanks Iain. But I'm not Johnny Thank you very much, John I'm glad you like them, Calum Many thanks, Paul Thanks a lot Lars. Sorry, I forgot to mention, the rhino on Table Mountain is indeed for real. In January 2013, the image of a rhino was projected against the face of Table Mountain to support anti-rhino poaching activities in South Africa Many thanks, buddy. It's a great add-on, you will like it Thank you very much, my friend. My favorite livery indeed
  15. Terrific shots, Paul. And now I know where Norwegian got their livery from. It was you in your Cessna
  16. Mike, I only checked once yesterday out of curiosity. My FPS went up from around 40-45 to around 50-55 over large cities, most of my sliders are on ultra. Otherwise I just do like Iain. I never bother as long as the sim is smooth. Which it is.
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