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  1. Great fun pics, Jack!! Where did you get the ship?
  2. Fokker by Orbx, British Antarctic Rothera Station by Orbx partner Aerosoft Two large additional tanks allow us to stay up in the air for much longer. And a healthy dose of extra supplies is a must in these waters Luckily the plane’s door is closed, otherwise I wouldn’t know, what they could be up to
  3. Two great shots, Jack. You can also raise the clouds to a higher level, so you get a bit of sun in between. Then you can increase the wind so the sea will really look dramatic (see my Cape Horn pics). I just love what you can do in MSFS to make your flight weather-wise more challenging
  4. Amazing shots, Adam. The first one is my favorite.
  5. Many thanks, Andreas. I agree, smaller planes have difficulties with this kind of wind, but the King Air could handle it. Yes, it's the default one and for me, she flies ok. There are a couple of mods available for her on the .to site. Thanks a lot, Wayne. I flew that low to have a closer look at the Cape Horn rock formation. Of course I wouldn't do that in the ral world
  6. Hahaha, me too, I saw it when boarding a flight from Munich to Muenster
  7. The details are amazing, Don, nice screenies!
  8. Great shots, Paul and that vintage Lufthansa livery looks superb
  9. I remember your first avatar picture, so I trust you can get me out of harms way in a heartbeat Thank you so much, Martyn
  10. Remember, Landon, we are in South America, so anything is possible
  11. Marvelous shots, Pete My sentiments exactly, Paul
  12. Great shots, Paul. I have never seen that livery before, very interesting!
  13. Many thanks, buddy. The paint is actually dark blue and looks quite elegant. But in this kind of weather it does look a bit wicked And yes, that's the Orbx South America mesh, well worth the money, me thinks. Thank you very much, Paul I'm happy you like them, John
  14. Hahaha, well done my friend. But hold it...you forgot to mention one thing: inverted, check!
  15. Queen Mary 2 sails in the background And here we are, the famous rock Nothing but water until you have reached Antarctica (which will be my next destination)
  16. Great shots, Martyn. I bought that plane three times, once for P3D, once for XP11 and now for MSFS. Oh well...but I guess I'm in good company
  17. Nice tour of the Big Apple, and thanks for taking us along for the ride, Andreas
  18. Wonderful shots, Paul !! Next time, you go boating, let me know, my friend. I can give you my SS France for a couple of days. Oh well, the fuel bill might be a tiny bit higher, but then you don't have to share a cabin with anyone. You can even take your family, relatives, friends and then some along for the ride
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