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Found 18 results

  1. Just a few from a recent flight into Ibiza to enjoy some European nightlife Landon
  2. just a few shots recently taken on two flights, QW787 leaving TE Netherlands and Aerosofts A320 heading into Malmo, all Orbx coverage below, default weather.... thanks for viewing...
  3. I painted a livery just to compliment this beautiful scenery. Wonderful job on this one Orbx! Here are some shots over the city
  4. Hi All Is there anyone who hangs around ANZ A320s who can help me out: I'm doing the ZK-OXA livery when she was brand new, before the fern was added. How much of the wings are white? I can see the engine pylons are mostly, and the flap fairings appear to be. The wings themselves? Can't tell. The photos on the web are inconclusive underneath, just because of shadows. Moving surfaces on top appear to have something other than 'natural' finish. Also, what's the text on the nose gear doors on the red patch? I know... maybe not pilot lounge talk, but I'm stuck and don't want to half 'do' it. If anyone can help out, I'd much appreciate it. Cheers Mike
  5. Here are some shots from my first flight into KPSP, in Aerofly FS2... Awesome work Jarrad! Looking forward to what airport you have coming next to AFS2.
  6. Just Flight A320 in this set from stormy YSSY, Australia. Thanks for watching. Orbx/HDEV2/Shade/Just Flight A320
  7. Credit to the scenery designer 'Ant' and Orbx for the rest, great rendition so close to real life.
  8. KTVL a certain day in late spring P3Dv2.4 how it is: the colors are not as FSX, but they are very close ... with Rex, of course. All without retouching. However, Lake Tahoe is always beautiful! I love to make this machine work automatically ... Thank you gents for watching!
  9. Just one of many disputed Island in the South China Sea Pratas Islands are claimed by the PRC but administered by Taiwan who give it the postal code 817. A Taiwanese C-130 flies from Taiwan every Tuesday but the service, like the airport is only open to the military. However today an Airbus 320 operated by West Air is flying a special flight to and from ZJHK Heiko Meilan International. That is because I don't have a Hercules in the hangar! This flight is the return leg to Hainan. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11.
  10. Some more results of my thrashing around NCA in the Airbus A320 ... The Aerosoft cockpit - a button-pusher's dream! Holiday over ... back to NZ and flying the flag over Marlborough Sounds: Adam.
  11. After my recent Boeing revisits, I thought I'd re-acquaint myself with the Airbus way of doing things - not forgetting that the most commonly recorded comment in the cockpit is "What's it doing now?" This is the Aerosoft Airbus Extended ... beautifully modelled and loaded with functionality. It's a handsome aircraft. All my training was done with short(ish) hops from NZAA to NZWN, so here's ORBX Manukau Harbour again! Adam.
  12. Take-off in Airbus A320 from NZCH for a quick roundtrip over the area of Christchurch at mid-eastcoast of New Zealand's South Island. The photoreal- and the airport-scenery blends very well with the ORBX-scenery of the intire Sth Island. Enjoy the views:
  13. Good evening guys a shot of TCX4MX "Kestrel 4 Mike X-ray". Shot was taken just before touchdown from Ibiza. Flying charters on the IVAO network. *Non-Edited* (Since I've mentioned IVAO before wont do another thread but this airport will be open on IVAO from 18z EVERY Monday with East Midlands Ground, Tower and Approach online as well as London and Scottish. Ill be on Ground so the first person you will speak to therfore can get 'Newbies' started On a vfr flight or something. If you need details,advice or help or anything at all for that matter message me... ) Thanks for Looking and hope you liked the shot. Cheers Guys. -Although I don't tend to comment on each individual picture out there, there really are some cracking ones guys!
  14. Hi all, Got two shots of my newly downloaded airbus A320 to share. This is my first FULL flight from Newcastle,England (EGNT) to London Heathrow (EGLL.) Shes a great model but VERY different from the NGX Thanks for looking. Regards Josh
  15. Just Flight A320 on display, Cairns Airport and Purple Haze. Sensational Cairns A320 Jetstar ILS Approach On Finals Parking Thanks for viewing.
  16. Angles are a bit awkward and a higher resolution would be better but...
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