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  1. just a few shots recently taken on two flights, QW787 leaving TE Netherlands and Aerosofts A320 heading into Malmo, all Orbx coverage below, default weather.... thanks for viewing...
  2. The LJ 35 from flysimware has to be one of the more challenging aircraft to fly out there, but also rewarding. i found it closer to the DCS Hornet than to any civilian jet on the simulator. This was a short trip from EGLC to LSZS, almost full ATC on VATSIM. Besides the images I'm leaving a short YT video of the landing and yes, I know, I was TOO low on taxi to RWY 27 I love the effects, the wait for a v5 version totally worth it also liked a lot the lights here bye bye England. I'm still not fully glad about clouds.... the green fields of the sweet France Parking... Both were challenging, the approach AND the Landing VID
  3. Over the town of Gernsbach and the River Murg.
  4. Hi all, I'm slowly reinstalling my Orbx sceneries after a hard drive failure. Dragging my feet in case 5.2 happens... However, I'm about to bite the bandwidth bullet and reinstall the west coast starting with the southwest. I have both the regions and the true earth sceneries. In order to prioritize, is there a convenient map that shows where the regions boundaries end and where the trueearth packs take over? I'm going to focus on San Diego to Las Vegas first, but will be slowly working my way north... There used to be a nice google map or KMZ files for google earth, but I can't find it for the life of me. TIA, CVG
  5. Super happy about KTEX being ported to V5, but after flying in the rockies area I realized that the amazing gem of 65S is still missing from the roster. Any chance of seeing it in the near future? Best Regards, Alessandro
  6. G'day everyone, Unsure if this is the right place but; As per the title, does anyone know if PRO-ATC/X works in conjunction with Orbx's AI Traffic? And if it does, do users of Pro-ATC/X delete the ATC sound file that is included in the AI traffic add-on? I'm using P3dv5. Thanks fellas, Will
  7. Hi there, I noticed that my TE (True Earth) Products are looking very blurry/low resolution. Please find attatched images for a little more context, and better understanding Would be greatly Apprechaited if someone could resolve this
  8. This is Larry's CAC8, it looks every bit as good in V5 as it does in V4. Thanks Larry.
  9. Severe knee injury. Now sidelined from all things I enjoy Decided to make a flight in Oz with a right and proper livery. I hope it's correct This flight is about 29 miles nw of Sydney. It's Sydney to Camden, YSSY to YSCN. 0930 local, real weather with ASN.
  10. First of all I want to apologize for this very unlikely scenario, I know it's the wrong livery I visited High Wycombe when I was stationed there in the 1980's, wonderful place, wonderful people, and wonderful beer! I thought these next two represent England in all its beauty. I really miss this place.
  11. Just a quick test flight around EDDT, Orbx's Berlin for P3D v5. Sorry it' not MSFS2020
  12. Evening Everyone! I've just installed Orbx TrueEarth Central, South and North for Prepar3d V5. I'm experiencing numerous issues regardin gthis product and cannot find a fix. Please can someone help me as i'm desperatly in need of a fix. I have attatched an Imgur link to show you the issues i am facing and also below is the list of addons that are active during these screenshots: https://imgur.com/a/xvbOWy1 Global Base Pack Global Buildings HD Global TerraFlora V2 Global Trees HD Global OpenLC Europe Global OpenLC Mesh South America Regions TrueEarth Great Britian Libraries TrueEarth Great Britian North TrueEarth Great Britian Central TrueEarth Great Britian South TrueEarth Netherlands Airports Orbx - EGGD Orbx - EGNT Orbx - EGPH Orbx - LDDU Orbx - LOWI Orbx - YBBN Other //42 737 Immersion V2 //42 Chaseplane //42 Immersion Manager //42 Immersive Installer Global Airport Pack Orbx Libraries SODE Orbx ObjectFlow PMDG 737NGXU Black Marble NG - Base - Extended lights pack - Traffic Pack - Vector
  13. These were taken on 4 November 2020. Sorry it's not MSFS, it's P3Dv5. Orbx's TE Northern California.
  14. The San Juan Mountains my home away from home. Looks better in MSFS 2020 but not Orbx scenery there.
  15. Hi Nick, Sorry to reach out to you directly but I am stumped by an issue and a resolution that you posted. After upgrading to P3D5.1 using the P3D method of uninstalling client and reinstalling, followed by content and scenery, my Orbx scenery is all messed up with boxes. I used your method of renaming lclookup.bgl to OFF and reverified everything. The lclookup did not regenerate and i cant start my sim now unless I change that file from OFF to BGL. Any other thoughts?
  16. A short flight around True Earth Florida in P3DV5 ! Thanks for looking
  17. After doing my best here, I am still finding conflicting and baffling information on installation and order of scenery. Is the previous Global Base folded into the new OpenLC Europe? I don't believe it's working, because Vesuvius doesn't look as advertised, unless I picked the wrong biggest mountain on the Bay of Naples. Everything installed through Central into a recognized library and added in the scenery option until OpenLC Europe, which surprised me as I'll show. First products: Global Base with Trees just above it, moved *below* all the third-party (including Orbx) airports. Everything from Orbx is installed from Central into a folder I created called "Orbx Library" in my user folder and added through P3Dv5's scenery. There was a nice difference in the way the world and the trees looked. I was pretty happy. Second couple of products: OpenLC Europe and Vector, installed the same way. But now something unexpected happens. I get three new files for OpenLC Europe and Global Base disappeared. Vector shows up as usual. Now, a cruise around Naples shows no noticeable difference. I also get a message on startup that I'm missing 149 which is 0000 Base, Scenery/0000 So here we go with the pictures that probably reveal I'm an idiot. But it feels like everybody is trying to hit a moving target with P3Dv5. And here's the XML I found in the Orbx folder inside P3Dv5. Nothing shows up in Add-Ons, btw. Version:1.0 StartHTML:000000256 EndHTML:000012759 StartFragment:000000336 EndFragment:000012722 StartSelection:000000336 EndSelection:000012722 SourceURL:file:///C:/Program%20Files/Lockheed%20Martin/Prepar3D%20v5/Orbx/Config/global-base-add-on.xml <?xml version="1.0"?> <SimBase.Document id="add-on" version="4,0" Type="AddOnXml"> <AddOn.Name>Orbx Global BASE Pack</AddOn.Name> <AddOn.Description>This add-on package contains Orbx Global BASE Pack.</AddOn.Description> <AddOn.Component> <Category>Effects</Category> <Path>Effects</Path> </AddOn.Component> <AddOn.Component> <Category>Scenery</Category> <Path>Orbx\FTX_OLC\OLC_AA</Path> <Name>Orbx Global BASE_OLC_AA</Name> </AddOn.Component> <AddOn.Component> <Category>Scenery</Category> <Path>Orbx\FTX_OLC\OLC_EU1</Path> <Name>Orbx Global BASE_OLC_EU1</Name> </AddOn.Component> <AddOn.Component> <Category>Scenery</Category> <Path>Orbx\FTX_OLC\OLC_NA1</Path> <Name>Orbx Global BASE_OLC_NA1</Name> </AddOn.Component> <AddOn.Component> <Category>Scenery</Category> <Path>Scenery\Global</Path> <Name>Orbx Global Base Scenery</Name> </AddOn.Component> <AddOn.Component> <Category>Texture</Category> <Path>Texture</Path> <Type>GLOBAL</Type> </AddOn.Component> <AddOn.Component> <Category>Texture</Category> <Path>Scenery\World\Texture</Path> <Type>WORLD</Type> </AddOn.Component> </SimBase.Document>
  18. MK Studios have added an additional 3 airports to OrbxDirect and to celebrate are offering a 30% discount here for 1 week only. Palma de Mallorca Airport is one of the most popular summer destinations in Europe served by many different airlines like Ryanair, Jet2, Vueling or TUI. Purchase Here $24.47 AUD (Normally $34.95 AUD) US$17.46 | €14,86 | £13.41 USD, EUR, GBP estimates only Visit Dublin, the major airport of Ireland as well as a significant base for long haul flights to the USA as well as the Middle East. Purchase Here $24.47 AUD (Normally $34.95 AUD) US$17.46 | €14,86 | £13.41 USD, EUR, GBP estimates only Visit Donegal Airport is located 2 NM south-west of Bunbeg in Carrickfinn, a townland in The Rosses, a district in north-west County Donegal, Ireland. The airport is on the county's north-west coast. about a 15-minute drive from Dungloe and Gweedore and 45 minutes from Letterkenny. It is popularly known within County Donegal as Carrickfinn Airport. Purchase Here $17.47 AUD (Normally $24.95 AUD) US$12.47 | €10,61 | £9.58 USD, EUR, GBP estimates only
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