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This Week's Meaningless Topic (#42) (June 26)

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Hi all. Thanks to all who chimed in to suggest we continue this feature. Special thanks to those who suggested ideas for future topics. I'm keeping a file. In tribute to those clever idea-guys, we offer this week's meaningless topic inspired by their suggestions..


THIS WEEK'S MEANINGLESS TOPIC: The following sentences are written in standard English. How would you rewrite them using using phrases and words unique to your part of the world? For example -- "He got it done" = (in USA Pacific Northwest) "He carried it off."

     1. That young man lacks common sense.

     2. That young woman is strikingly beautiful.

     3. That fellow eats enthusiastically.

     4. He was cheated in his purchase.

     5. She certainly likes to talk excessively.

     6. The gentleman commenting on the Orbx Forum is remarkably handsome.

     7. The old gentleman writing the Meaningless Topics is not firing on all cylinders. 



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Number 7. Why ah say that boy is dumber than a sack full of hammers:blink::D. Number 2: Woah, hot, hot hot stuff.:wub::wub::D Number three: He eats like "Free Willy":P:D. Number four: They saw him coming.:unsure::lol:. Number five: Yak, yak yak' Chatterbox.:wacko::unsure::D. Number six. No comment.:D Number seven. Seven firing cylinders outta eight ain't half bad Rodger:D. Love it please keep it up. Cheers k

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Washington State, USA = 1. That kid is two bricks shy of a load.

                                           2. If that girl don't light your fire, your wood's too wet.

                                           3. He really scarfs it down.

                                           4. He bought a pig in a poke.

                                           5. She talks like a sackful of magpies.

                                           6. The guys commenting on this forum are studly dudes.

                                           7. The geezer who writes Meaningless Topics is two lobes short.

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W Pennsylvania 

yinz (you guys)

red up your room (clean up)

sweeper (vacuum)

gumband (rubber band)

crick (creek)

buggy (shopping cart)

pop (soda) 

Pittsburgher= Yinzer

Pittsburgh version of Ya'll = Yunz

Faucet = Spigot

Basement = cellar

Downtown = dunton

Steelers = Stillers

Wash = worship

Soda = pop

Etc. = n'at


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