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  1. This Spitfire with the distinctive leaping black panther emblem of 152 Squadron flew in Burma during WWII, in the RAF Third Tactical Air Force. During the Battle of Imphal, the squadron operated from front-line strips and supported the Fourteenth Army during its final conquest of Burma. It was disbanded on 10 March 1946 in Singapore where it had moved after the Japanese surrender. The Spitfire PR.XIX PS890/F-AZJS flew again on 6 August 2020 at Duxford with J. Romain at the controls. Has been made according pictures of the real UME livery and with some parts of the wonderful textures of the A2A Spitfire Mk IIb RAF 152Sqn PS890 that Tom Weiss made for FSX/P3D a few years ago. It has been a long work to make it suitable to the new Model of Aeroplane Heaven. There are still some minor mistakes and scraps but I am already happy of the results. Great plane ! Great mesh !
  2. Another day locked down with pandemic restrictions down here at the bottom of the worlds means another day that I can go exploring a far flung destination at the top of the world! This time I took the C172 amphibian in MSFS from Akhiok (PAKH), at the southern end of Kodiak Island, Alaska to Kodiak Mun (PAKD) at the northern end of the island. Along the way, I dropped into Amook Bay Seaplane Base (AK81) to drop off some supplies and pick up a group of hunters. Sim time was set to 10.30am, mid September using the ‘Coastal Winds’ theme from SoFly Weather Preset Pro. The higher definition Orbx NA Alaska Mesh really makes all the difference here, with a snow depth of 2cm set to add to the atmospherics. Flight plan file attached to the post for anyone else wishing to recreate this adventure! (The .PLN file is saved in IFR format via LitteNavMap to get rid of the annoying TIMECLIMB and TIMEAPPROACH waypoints that the sim is currently forcing.) IFR Akhiok (PAKH) to Kodiak Mun (PAKD).pln
  3. Having really enjoyed the Orbx NZ Mesh package, I was quick to purchase their Alaska Mesh that was released last week. Here are some first impression screens, flying between Kantishna (5Z5) and Songlo Vista (3AK3) across the Alaska Range, past the tallest mountain in North America: Denali. The route was inspired by AvAngels latest video, with the custom .PLN flight plan file available for download here for anyone wishing to enjoy the spectacular scenery: Kantishna (5Z5) and Songlo Vista (3AK3).pln (5.1 KB)
  4. From PAWG Wrangell to the glacier. Thank you Orbx for the great Alaska Mesh Kind regards Mike
  5. Alaska is awesome in MSFS, but could really use some help by Orbx. For Southern Alaska,the Homer marina on the spit is underwater and could use a MSFS version of the Orbx airport. Seward airport seems to be missing completely. It might be a great place for an Orbx airport. There are also strange elevation glitches especially around lakes such as Lower Summit Lake by Cooper Landing. Any way Southern Alaska or various high need spots can get the Orbx treatment? Seems like an area that could benefit a lot from Orbx because it is not a 3d city region by Microsoft but Orbx has already done a lot of work there and could be of lower investment to fix than other sports. Also I think I saw that Anchorage International Airport is missing a tower, it looked great int he Orbx Southern Alaska region. Thanks all!
  6. Gustavus - PAGS Homer - PAHO Juneau - PAJN Yakutat - PAYA
  7. Only the snow remaining at the mountaintops, Valdez is also in summertime a beautiful area for VFR flights:
  8. Yet another contribution from Mr. Prolific: Jan Kees Blom ... ... and into the early evening light ... Adam.
  9. PART 1/2 : Siberia TOM - Alaska - 1980 It would be my parents' history, escaping from Soviet Siberia at the end of WWII to arrive finally in Alaska... Here, in this beautiful and remote nature, they started a normal life : stopping to believe today is the last day... 1 (near valdez) 2 3 4 5 The story begins... STEFAN RAFALSKI - Poland 1937 It is the first time. I've just followed a short instruction by my friend Slavomir and at present ... I am in the air...Not so easy...Alicja keeps looking at me - probably deadthly pale and fully angry ! But it is my birthday today : I am 20 years old !! 01 LIDIA LITVAK - July 41 - April 42 I have completed the basic instruction to fly...and selected !! They agree to next form us as fighters pilote !! I enjoy to be ready very soon... In the camp, I recognized the famous Georgy Baidukov...He is flying a amazing bomber... 02 03 04 05 April 42 : I am finally operiational !!! 586th Regiment Saratov - Il will see the Volga... First scramble missions ... Terrific but I've been victorious ! and I have at present my own Yak-1 ! 05 06 I feel me more confurtable but it always very hard, painful and stressful...every night difficult to sleep ...but ... I am so proud to fight for my country... My friend Baiduk is flying a spitfire ! He can choose any plane he wants and fly where he wants ! I too would like to be a Hero of the Nation ! But I know also all its responsabilities... He told me I will not see him for a long time : secret mission quite far away - I had no details of course...I received a decoration - 30 combat flights 07 08 09 Fall/Winter 1942 near Stalingrad My friend Baiduk provided me precious advices for the air combat and navigation in snow condition... Afler the fly, he invited me to join its inspection of one Ilyushin aircraft plant along the Volga river, at Kuybyshev ("Please "Samara", Lidia, don't erase all its glorious history by this new name !")... Baiduk learnt me we should receive Hurricanes and Curtis P-40 soon ! "Maybe you will fly one Lidia - Please don't die to early !" 10 We visited the plant with a very young colonel, Air Gvt Inspector Valisy Djhurgashvili... - "It is the 1st son of Stalin, Lidia, a spoilt boy of average abilities ! I know him since his childhood when I had to present to his father all the details of some special flight mission ! Stalin always wants to be entirely informed". - "Baiduk, how is Stalin in private ?" - "Usually he is charming and friendly if he likes you or find interests - and if you are not contradictong its views - You could even forget its tyrannic and crual side... Well the most incrustable and contractdictory character I have known..." 11 12 MISHA (Mikhail Khryukin) (Stefan Rafalski) - Eastern Siberia - February 1943 I am flying south from Iakousk with a venerable biplan. Very risky with my so limited experience. I escaped from the Siberian camp #7 about 8 months ago. Yesterday I paid secretly an Siberian elder to get its vintage plane & gazoline - half of the gold nuggets I collected during all these months in the hills... fishing, hunting, lonely almost everytime... 13 14 I've been arrested near Gdansk in 1941 with my wife Alicja and imprisoned for "underground activity" (I still not really understand what that means : we were resistants, fighting against the German Army with many Polish communist in our company !). Convict train to Siberia. 8 months in the camp. Alicja did not survive. How did I keep hope ? I escaped. I was 21 years old a few weeks ago : lonely & freezing birthday in the forest... How to find forces to survive ? I am almost totally desperate... Too cold, too hungry, always to take about NKVD agents, thieves, bears, even some wolves... Fortunately, I found 2 books in an old unattended house - famous one ! I escape from the present by their lives, other world, other time... 15 16 17 I got a new identity from papers found on a dead body in the forest - typhus of starvation - too frozen to be eaten by wild animals ...My name is at present Mikhail Khryukin ("Misha")...The dead face had no more nose...I smile as he reminds me Kovalyov... I know there is a way south through Mongolia to escape from the NKVD permanent menace... I am fluent in russian but I need to significantly improve my pronunciation...I usually speak alone in the taiga...that's good to avoid bears anyway... I will go as far as possible with that plane and next by foot...We will see...Is there another way ? In the camp, my friend Slavomir Rawicz was always talking about this possible route... My airplane has an engine trouble...I don't know what...I have to land urgently...I am North of Lake Baikal... 18 BAIDUK (Georgy Baidukov) - February 1943 I am flying freely today, a short break after the terrible last months - hard special mission, air fighting and still working to improve again the new Petlyakov bomber... I grew up in this area - I follow the Lenna River, looking for the railway I constructed before to be enlisted in the Red Army ... already 16 years ago !... All these remote villages - despite the hard life I had there - terrific cold in winter - Should be not a life for a 9 years old orphan ... But I love to discover a remote old wooden houses, and churches...Wild and beautiful Siberia...And the war is far away in the taiga... 19 20 Flying near the Lake Baikal, I found a biplan crashed and the pilot still alive. It is a fugitive - polish ex-zek prisoner ! Normally I should arrest him...but he becomes my friend or like a son. I find a place to hide him. The evening, we talk about litterature, history, western world,...avoiding to speak about the present and the war... I will manage to give him a lift and to go to the Far East, the most remote area, the wonderful taiga of Dersou Ouzala - I've given the book to Misha Micha is a good hunter and would survive bythere - more surely than close to the villages with the NKVD permanent inquiries (I cannot stop it despite all my friends in the soviet governement...) LIDIA LITVAK - July 1943 - Near Stalingrad We are all dying, one by one...Marina, Iekaterina, Nikolai,... How to keep any hope... 21 22 Baiduk told me yesterday to secretly leave - he would help me with all his relationship everywhere due to his rank and celebrity - He insisted "Dear Lidia, you have done your part of sacrifice ...all the pilots have to be retired one day before the last fight. RAF & USAAF pilots never stay as longuer in heavy fighting mission. You know the badluck always arrives one day..." My friend and flight teacher Victor Lavrinenkov says the same thing...But how to leave my fighters companions...They need me. How to abandon my post...what would they think...Klavdja, my friend Alexei,... Baiduk leaves for new mission - several weeks...How to decide.... Wounded in a leg and 6 weeks off - Home & hospital & home to recover Well I want to come back to the front as soon as possible - despite the doctor recommandation... End of July 43 Aircraft in fire - repairs & changes Happy days with the friendly Niemen Regiment...Very good guys... 23 1st of August 1943 - Near Saratov (around 450 miles SE of Moscow) I am going to my fourth scramble mission of the day... So exhausted...But the weather is nice and we progress so much on the front finally ! 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 "1st AUG 1943 : LITVAK MISSING in ACTION - STRONG AIR FIGHT AROUND - BODY & AIRCRAFT NOT FOUND - ASSUMED DEAD OR CAPTURED" BAIDUK - 1st August 1943 Everybody speaks about Lidia in Air Regiments - "missing in action" - general sadness in the camp... I have to fly to Granda for a workshop to prepare the conference of Teheran : I will talk to Stalin about Lidia... ............................. See part 2 for the end !! ................................ Hoping you liked - dreamed - travelled through the time ... despite it was a long story ! (NB: see the previous SOMETHING DIFFERENT stories if you liked ... Need to know it as there will be some connections with this story :-D ) JUST ONE PRECISION : the inserts with fighting aircraft are from pictures of IL-2 games ...all the others are from P3D4 with ftx global open LC and so (I had to trick for some planes that I had not exactly as the historical model...). About the events, almost everything is historic ... see part 2 for the imaginated part :-)
  10. This is a long travel in the Artic world in P3D4-4 with Global, Open LC and Vector We will fly during the long winter night thanks to the full moon light with myriads of stars, over the snow and icefields. In late spring and early fall, we will travel with dog sledges along the coast of Greenland and Northern Canada, and we will be on board of oumiak and kayaks during the short summer with 24hours daylight days Following historical paths opened by artic explorers, we will stay at places of terrible drama due to the worst weather conditions or severe starvation following unfortunate hunts We will fly over the Earth's most northern settlements, we will meet the inuit people of Nunavut and Baffin Island up to Alaska and Eastern Siberia, travelling with Knud Rasmussen, Cook and Amundsen, Frobisher, Back, Franklin, Mackenzie, Kane, Nansen, Nobile, the poor Greely expedition members, and others great Artic explorers... #001 #002 #003 #004 #005 #006 #007 What is the most exciting birthday for a 12 years old inuit kid ? Neither meeting and fighting a very savage polar bear, huge, teeth, really fierce,...that is too common, nor navigating on icy freezing water hunting walrus and whale with spears aboard slim kayaks, that is all routine. Thanks to my dear Kratona*-Godfather Malorissuaq, I was for the first time in a plane...flying around our Big Island (*Kratona = european white man for greenlanders) #008 #009 I enjoyed a bird eyes view on all the villages around... Ummannaq, Illussat, Oqaatsut ... Mid spring and most of the land was still fully covered of snow... We were flying south from Qaarsut upto Qeqertarsuaq - crossing so easily the sea near Assiat where I spent a few years just after our departure from the Northern Groenland (all my family is coming from Thule area : we are proud to be Artic natives - we are "Inughuit" !) #010 #011 #012 #013 #014 I was intensely staring at friends fishing from their kayak and families crossing the strait on their oumiaks*. And I was watching all my favorite animals... Fortunately in the air, there were neither toupidek* nor timertstit* ! Terrible toupidek* wandering on the floating ice, never able to return neither among his people nor among the men...Of course I am secretly ready to repeat very quickly to myself the incantation required to free oneself from the grip of the evil spirit ! (*) Oumiak = inuit large boat with low depth to travel through iced sea (*) Toupidek=monster created by shaman "=angakkuq" magic performances (*) Timertsit=legendary giant being living on the inner ice of Greenland #015 #016 #017 #018 #019a #019b About 10 years later, I spent a long time in Disko, working for ethnologists in survey fields, and learning to fly as often as possible with Knuth, the young danish doctor of the island. (His father was famous here as about 20 years ago he saved the life of more than a member of each family from a scurvy or from a severe flu epidemy or tuberculosis) They both always encouraged me to deeply learn to fly and provided me with a tough and intense learning of Danish & English. This was the luck of my life. #020a #020b #021a #021b #021c #021d #021e After a long but interesting ethno-geological survey of viking settlements in the Southern Greenland, I had enough money to go to Nuuk where I got my private pilot licence ! At this time, it was quite unusual for a native young man and this was possible only thanks to the strong influence of my katunas friends... #022a #022b #023 #024 #025 I learnt to fly a Cessna 170 and a Piper Comanche and a few others too ! I was ready to start my new life as an Artic bush pilot ! #026a #026b #026c Then I got the opportunity to work at the Kangerlussuaq airport where a few jetliners, operating between the United Kingdom and Vancouver, stopped to refuel. #027 #028 #029 #030 #031 I regulary had to perform flights to transport food and mail between trading posts on the West coast, or to supply fuel and food to scientific posts where they made weather measurements and geological surveys. I had also to pick up ethnologist team, etc. And sometimes in summer, there were as well a few tourists to drop into the fjords or up to the hills for great hikes... #032 #033 #034 It was a good base camp : I liked to camp in the mountains most of the holidays with my family #035 #036 #037 #038 #039 #040 #041 #042 #043 In winter, I had a few months off and we appreciated to spend time with my friends from Disko... There I had also a second job: helping my brother to hunt along the coast... #044 #045 #046 #047 #048 #049 Mid spring : I will have to move to the East Coast to follow and assist a geological survey of the fjords...And for the holidays, I plan to go to Thule which is always in my heart despite the terrible last events… SEE PART 2 ... Hoping you liked - do not hesitate to leave any comment #050
  11. Wonderful Alaska in winter ... Great plane to fly Orbx SAK + Valdez airport area ... [ TwinOtter, P51B WBS + Freeware Avro PWS-18 ] 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 ... and next time ... why not a Catalina trip over Yakutat to Glacier Malaspina ...
  12. Hello chaps, here comes part 4.2 of my little story of the brave cargo pilots from the desert boldly venturing north. We started this flight in Anchorage... Crossing the Brooks Range in northern Alaska. Eventually, even the mighty Brooks Range ends and gives way to frozen tundra flats. Flying over Deadhorse near Prudhoe Bay. "You can have either ice or mosquitos here. Sure I prefer ice..." Leaving the continent neither to the west nor to the east but to the north. "We got a direct to ABERI. That means we're going to pass really close to the pole!" "The sun never sets in those latitudes - or it never rises..." "Captain, is that the pole? It looks somehow strange..." -- "Let's call it a big strange Polynya." "89°31.1N - that's just 29nm from the pole!" Back in southern latitudes, Novaya Zemlya, the northern island. Descent to Moscow. Russia is a winter wonderland in late march. Closing in to Sheremetyevo... "Hey, we flew over the pole and now we are here! Isn't that incredible?" -- "Well..." That's it chaps, I hope you had fun. I for sure had a lot of fun. To get this close to the pole in a plausible flight was something very special. It surprised me that, with a bit of imagination, the space view textures that you can behold this far up north do make for an acceptable substitute for the otherwise lacking sea ice in the highest latitudes. By the way, I wouldn't recommend flying farther north or south than 89°: the speed tape starts to leap back and forth, the airplane suddenly banks strangely and TAT drops to -64°C...
  13. Part 4 of our journey to the north is going to be split up in multiple parts - the first half covers the greater part of Alaska. "Today we are going to get VERY close to the northernmost point on earth, passing way north of Greenland and returning south east of Novaya Zemlya." -- "That looks like a pretty big curve." -- "That looks like the Russians won't let us fly over their atomic waste site." "Let's enjoy the warm Alaskan spring breeze before going to the pole..." Still waiting for our cargo! Later... "Captain, look, a King Air is crossing the taxiway over there..." "Captain??!!" -- "Are you OK? Did you just think I vanished?" Lining up... Turning north... The ice on Susitna River has already melted. Not done yet with climbing. Crossing over Talkeetna. Alaskan geography is alternating between plains and tundra... ... and mighty mountains... ... like Denali (or Mt. McKinley), the highest elevation in North America. Cruising towards central Alaska. Near Chandalar at the southern end of the Brooks Range. More to the north it's still frozen. That's it for the first part of part 4. Don't miss out on the next one!! Cheers Lars
  14. Hi guys, here's part 3 of my recent cargo series. This time we're finally going in a northerly direction (so that I didn't lie all the time in the title ). We are on the southern cargo apron at KATL. It's unmistakeably Atlanta. Pushback. "Expect hand signal on your left hand side." We're taxiing to the southern runway. "This is the famous Atlanta cruciforme grass and the famous Atlanta non-underpassing underpass." And takeoff... Passing over some midwestern town. Getting farther up north... ...till we finally reach Alaska. Descent. The ice has melted early this year. "These mountains are getting really close, Captain..." Finally we reach Anchorage, ready to approach runway 33. Wind is around 30 kts from northwest. Touchdown! All in all, I think the mountains could have been a tad more edgy, but that's not Orbx's fault. Don't know if they show more mesh detail in Orbx SAK? Regards Lars
  15. I live near Kenai Alaska (paen) i purchased ftx lc na. ftx lc na includes southern alaska. does southern alaska include paen since its saying that lc southern alaska is prerequisite for paen to be installed?or do i really have to pay another 30 dollars for paen, panc, pajn, paho and others? ?
  16. Not sure if this is within ORBX coverage. This is 1 of only 2 flights in many months of inactivity. The only thing I've done is try to keep ORBX current as much as possible. FSX/DVD. Alaska 9z3 via Larry I.
  17. Hello, I encounter a potential problem with ORBX SAK, forests textures are brights. I reinstalled p3d v3.4, deleted LM directories in roaming, local, programdata, deleted prepare3d addons and files, I reinstalled only SAK and orbxlibs (from a new download) and the problem is still present : http://i.imgur.com/ptVpg6L.jpg Reshade is active on the image, but it was the same before using PTA and Reshade again. thanks in advance
  18. starting from the far west of Canada, the Yukon. Flying across Alaska with unpredictable weather. Fun so far, every day is different, and I've only just crossed the border. Loving P3D V4 so far.
  19. First video using P3D v4 with Orbx Scenery for v4. Enjoy
  20. First video from Whittier Alaska in P3D v4
  21. First video from Whittier Alaska in P3D v4
  22. Flying Cessna 172 (A2A Simulations) from Gustavus (PAGS) to Skagway (PAGY) on a misty afternoon. The ceiling in Gustavus was at 1100ft and occasionally dropped to 600ft, visibility was quite good in the beginning (10+ miles) but dropped to 2 nautical miles over Sisters Island. I hope you like VFR
  23. Yesterday I had a nice flight from Juneau to Haines and back. In Juneau the svenery was just ok (well, more than ok, as great as it is!), but when when I was approeaching Haines, it changed. See the pics below. In my return flight, the scenery close to the Haines was ruined by those "tiles" and water was going up to the hills and close to the Juneau it everything was quite right. And here are the pics
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