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  1. I have a huge gash in the countryside from Caernarfon due east. Is this your southern border with msfs? Or did Scrat hammer his acorn into the terrain somewhere?
  2. OK, I found the wishlist on the orbxdirect web page but this also still holds addons I bought months ago. Is there no update function between Orbx Central and Orbx Direct?
  3. Further to my earlier submission, I have now had a successful flight without CTD by turning photogrammetry off. So my current guess is that Orbx London and Bing Photogrammetry (or the way Asobo interprets it) have a clash. Is there some way that you (Orbx that is) can turn off default photogrammetry in your sceneries? You know, something like FSX addon sceneries could switch off default meshes and scenery configurations... @Nick Cooper I think this is what @gundamf91 also had concerns about... It is somewhat of an inconvenience to have to remember to turn off photogrammetry before you approach a cityscape - leave it too late and you get a CTD and when you leave the area you have to remember to switch it back on. Especially in the case of flying from London to Booker because without photogrammetry, the areas just outside Booker tend to look a bit bare and flat.
  4. Oh dear... I had the duplicated buildings models issue around London (Flight plan Elstree to Booker via a tour along the Thames). Otherwise that flight went without a hitch (clipped wing Spitfire and my own livery) and I flew through tower bridge, followed the Thames and hung a right near Heathrow to head up to Booker. Bearing in mind the duplicate buildings - in particular I noticed the London Eye was doubled - I looked here and found the "Cure" - i.e. set the configuration in the Orbx Central configuration section. Rebooted msfs, selected "Fly this route" again. Take off was OK but then outbound eastwards from Elstree I turned towards LCY and had a CTD. Just to make sure, I repeated this with a fresh plan and different aircraft (that cute little Sonex that was put out recently) Started at City airport instead of Elstree. Orbited the East End a couple of times and then flew towards Tower Bridge - and guess what... CTD! First flight with Spitfire: Saw the double Eye, checked here and set your fix... Second flight with Spitfire - no image because of unexpected CTD Third flight with Sonex I don't know if you can see anything different about the London scenery. I CTD'd when I got level with the Shard.
  5. Good catch Seanmo. As you righly notice, I do have a "MyCloud" drive so I will have to keep an eye out. Hopefully the router firewall, McAfeee and VPN will keep things reasonably safe. Also, I haven't set up an account to access my home cloud from external usage - being a pensioner I don't use my computer remotely. All the other storage is hardwired via USB to my PC. As for the alphabet spaghetti, I suppose I should de-partition the external drives... but I have a cluttered mindset sometimes.
  6. Well, I am getting there. All my working data is going onto "spinners" with a backup to my WD myCloud server downstairs. I now have around 12 TB hooked up to the PC (4 SSD and 8 on HDD) The latter "spinners" are all WD Black drives, so I now back to a comfort zone. Now it's time to make a first backup of c:/ and the flightsim data... I need to keep the two DVDs for another year or two still as I still watch the odd movie. But all in all: Getting there.
  7. I just took a helicopter from Stapleford, down to London City airport, allong the Thames, up to the M25, hung a left onto the M40 and landed at Booker. During the flight I noticed some oddities: Some of the Bridges over the Thames are doubled and the AI traffic is down on the lower textures - it looks like an FSX type thing is missing where you can hide the default scenery. Water masks are rather iffy again. There also seem to be conflicts between Orbx Buildings and landmarks with the default built in ai generated maps/3D structures For the last couple of days, EGTB has been denying take off and landings due to airfiled being IMC. I have live weather on in sim. Only once was it raining, but even then it was good VFR. Any help or suggestions where I may have made the wrong settings?
  8. The strange thing is that apart from updates, just putting my last community folder back into msfs doesn't cause problems. So why can't Asobo create a simple subroutine to rename community when they force a mandatory update on us. Ye Gods, I could have done something like that in Fortran IV on punchcards in 1969 / 1970 at school. Seriously! The algorithm would be something like: if update then goto checksub (right near the beginning of the update code) [checksub] Locate community folder Rename community -> bugarup (or move to temp) Locate contents.xml Delete contents.xml Locate rolling cache Delete rolling cache [end checksub] if update complete then goto reloccomm [reloccomm] Locate bugarup Rename bugarup -> community check for interference if interference then reset alert user [end reloccomm] No? Even in BASIC, a well coded series of commands as above would possibly work.
  9. Getting there - and surprisingly my first msfs flight was actually a success. No CTD, no hangup, no complaints. But that was, after all, on a base msfs install without addons from the store or the World Updates. And even though I blame msfs for that nightmare sim update, I must always remember that AGOG is not always a good thing (a grumpy old git). It can cause expensive mistakes.
  10. A small and cautionary tale of woe: Sim Update 5 to msfs really riled me up. And then the almost instantaneous patch to ".14" - yes, I know .15 is out too. I was so disappointed by that update that I decided to uninstall msfs. While I was at it I put a 2TB M.2 card on the mobo for OS and "normal" software and added a 2TB ssd just for MSFS. I wasn't just disappointed by SU5, I was furious! So when I disconnected some of the old drives Ii failed to release the locking latch (press tab) on the SATA connector on an older ssd - that promptly broke the L shaped locating pin and even tore a connector loose: write off! Then I fumbled the graphics card out of the PCIE slot and it was only the price tag that held me back from rash action and it is lucky that I have a very deep pile carpet and only a one inch fumble... Then win 10 pro went T's up on me because it was no longer on c:\ and I fluffed around in uefi getting totally lost in the process. That meant the full reinstall of win 10 pro and the concommitant follow up actions of reinstalling all the other programs I use. But hey, a good wash every now and then is good for your soul, no? Now I have that year old problem of waiting for the mandatory data update on msfs before I can even test it using only default models. And even then I'll have the world updates to install before I can even think about a trip to the Orbx Central to recover my purchases. So the moral of the story - patience! Sleep on a problem first. Take a good deep breath before physically assaulting your PC. Stay your anger and remember, Asobo is a French company - the French are far better at cooking . Have patience, and even though Bobby McFerrin is no longer with us: "Don't worry, be happy"
  11. Difficult, difficult... but in the end I had to toss a coin - Mikee's Iceland screenie does it most for me.
  12. I just visited the msfs fora - there has been a lot of invective fired at msfs and the hotfix. I think that msfs/asobo have failed to grasp the principles of good quality management. I spent many years in real life as a quality manager. 6 Sigma green and black belts. Poka Yoka, ISO 900x. I even wrote books on the subject. There are a few aerospace companies using my quality management handbooks too. My favourite adage comes from when US industry helped to to build the Japanese car industry and told them that it would be a great goal to aim for 95% production quality; to which a wise Japanese engineer responded "So... we have to make five bad cars every hundred?" It does seem like msfs/asobo are employing a US quality mentality with their flight simulator. "Let's release an update and see what the public can find. Then we can rekease a hotfix to say 'look how good we are!' " Then they go away, loudly praising and applauding their efforts and patting themselves on their backs.
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