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  1. I generally hate whiney rotating suck squeeze burn blow engines, but I have gone for something larger than the BD5 - I wonder... Burbank or Shoreham?
  2. How's about throwing the voting open to all members?
  3. As one who has been guilty of making a "wrong" entry, I can understand why some are confused by terms such as Orbx / partners / theme types. am not exactly a spring chicken anymore and I get confused and tend to overthink the competition. I mean... "Leaving on a jet plane" - I was seriously tempted to edit Mama Cass into an airport terminal, singing her famous song whilst looking out over the runway at a departing jet. Also, if I had set the camera angle in my (failed) entry and shown the runway - would that have been correct? So what are we getting this month then? I would guess all entries to be more or less identical with just the photographer's skills making the difference. Either way, I won't stop entering. It is fun and you do "have to be in it to win it", don't you? Enjoy, have fun and don't be such "Karens" and don't forget: The judge's decision on subject matter is final.
  4. OK, so I got disqualified with my first attempt - I wasn't taking off (although I was "engines running" waiting for a break in the clouds. Gotta be careful in the wet - it may shrink some more... OK, Jets, Taking off, Runways... Check! I might just go with one of these themes... #1 has even got four jet engines, that's more than most commercial cattle truck planes. And yes, that glider IS jet powered. DG808S
  5. I'm not winning any prizes with my comp entry, but I did have some fun "defining" a jet plane...
  6. Iliasr - but that should also be an entry for July as well!
  7. Oh, and the silly sausage has repainted her to Army livery now... Oops! My bad - I just checked the CAA database and G-HDAE seems to have changed owners to Airborne Classics at Kidlington. So I can park her in an Orbx scenery and still be true to type.
  8. Now if you guys at Orbx could add Sywell, then my next projejct will be right on its home turf. mind you... a current bout of CTS is crimping my style at the moment.
  9. All those lovely Orbx small airfields around London. I fancied a littly fly today and then I noticed: "THE DHC1 CHIPMUNK IS HERE!!!" Is it Christmas? "Here Orbx, take my credit card!" Load up sim, start at Popham and cruise round to Andrewsfield via White Waltham, Booker, Denham, Elstree, Stapleford to land at Andrewsfield. Gods! These airfields are just wonderful, simply wonderful. Breathtakingly so on a sunny late afternoon. Popham White Waltham Booker Denham Being a nuisance (Elstree I think) Stapleford ...and finally Andrewsfield Eeeek! They've got a "Frightening" "EEL" All in All, you guys at Orbx have really created a virtual wonderland for some pretty flights around England. Middle Wallop is missing though PS, sorry for incorrect imgur links in first draft. Fixed now.
  10. Spotting the plane spotters - I guess an anorak is a bit to hot for Reefworld...
  11. Congrats Ilias! I've flown into LGKO on Aegean several times in the four years I lived there.
  12. "What's in a number?" - a phrase that is often used in relation to aircraft with a "devilish" tail number... I feel for your friend, Bernd. We had a Lynx AH1 in Hildesheim with that tail number. Our nickname for the beast was "Trembling Six". It had vibration problems without end. It was also our Hangar Queen and spent a lot of time as an "organ donor" because she spent more of her life as a "Christmas Tree" than actually flying.
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