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  1. Dave and Doug, I have the same problem as Dave does. No lights. Object flow enabled, Dynamic lights both on and off, recycled scenery complexity, etc. Just posted so Dave knows it is not just his system. I will continue to try different settings and see if I can correct it. Mark
  2. Problem was fixed by replacing Seattle.bgl with original FSX file. Thanks Holger and Nick for your help. Mark
  3. I could always install it on another computer and then copy the file over. Just wanted to make sure that there is not a file for the double bridge within an Orbx install of PNW or other that would take the place of the default FSX file. thanks again, really appreciate it. Mark
  4. Hi Holger, I think you are onto it. I have that file but it is dated 5/14/15 and is only 1 kb in size. Is there a way to extract just that file from the FSX CD Cabs? Or does Orbx replace that file with one of its own ? If it has been overwritten with this newer small file, I have no idea what program to suspect. My system has recently been installed from format to its current state. As stated previously the only non obrx area file were the Taxi2gate KSEA and FSX Boxed Deluxe version with both service packs. Thanks a lot for your input. mark
  5. Thanks again. These files didn't make the bridge appear. It is still gone. The only other scenery other than orbx in the area is Taxi2Gate KSEA and FS Dreamteam CYVR. No AI traffic program. I do have FS Global Ultimate for Mesh, ASN Weather, and REX Direct Textures 4. I have tested by unticking FS Global and KSEA. Leaving only check 1-default FSX scenery, check 2-Only Orbx Vector, check 3-Orbx PNW and Vector. What a puzzle. I can't think of anything else that would exclude these files. Mark
  6. Nick, thanks for your reply. I think my problem may be that the object file that creates the bridge is missing rather than being excluded. I do not have any *Tacoma*dds files in the Scenery\NAMW\Texture folder. The files that are there are all dated 2006. So perhaps those are all FSX original files? I do see a file FTX_Objects_Bridges_WA.bgl located in the FTX_NA_PNW05_scenery folder. The only other Tacoma related files are for Tacoma waterfront and for Tacoma Narrows TIW airport. All bgl's. No Tacoma dds files. I am only running Orbx software and have done further tests by disabling every scenery addon in scenery.cfg and testing. In all cases there is no bridge. I have also used the Vector config tool to disable all bridges, restart, then re enable the bridges. This seems to have had the effect of preventing cars from going across where the bridge is supposed to be. Could you tell me if the Orbx version bridge is installed by PNW or Vector and provide the location and file name of the object? I did my PNW and Vector installs with PNW version 1_80 and Vector 1_30 Full and 1_35 update. Both were new installs with no prior version use. If I am missing the file, then this should just be a matter of locating and dropping it in the correct folder? thanks again, Mark
  7. The Tacoma narrows bridge is missing from my installation of FSX (boxed with Srv Pack 2) and Orbx PNW, and Vector installs. Not sure this is the proper place to post as I am not sure this has anything to do with Orbx software. I have tested by disabling PNW, Vector, FS Global mesh, and running FTX Central in North America and FTX Global settings and the bridge is not visible in any configuration. I can see vehicle traffic crossing the waterway where the bridge should be as if they are flying across. Perhaps it is a FSX default file but I also wonder if Orbx uses their own object in one of their sceneries I have installed. All software is current version, scenery library is correct, and Orbx libraries are latest update. Also have all bridges enabled in the Vector Config Tool as well as having scenery complexity and autogen density set to max. I am wondering if anyone has a solution or if someone knows the name of the object that creates the bridge. Thanks for any assistance. Mark
  8. I use air cooling with a Thermalake CLP0596 R. I have never had an issue with heat. I just used the standard overclock provided by Asus on their P8P67 board which is getting a bit old now. The system you are building (Core i7 6700K Skylake) is much newer, better, may have different cooling requirements, and I am sure provide you with better results. By the way, the system you are building is very similar to what I would pick if I was buying parts today. So would love to hear how your system runs when you have it up and running.
  9. There is no doubt that adding the additional screen and pixel draws knocks down the frames a bit. While I have not found any places that I won't fly, there is definitely a difference based upon the scenery and the aircraft in use. I have recently made the move to ProSim 737 on a networked pc. So my frames have greatly improved now that the FSX computer is only running outside views. However, I still like to fly the A2A 182 and the Turbine Duke. So I am back to one PC when flying those planes. I live near Seattle so of course I like this area but it is close to the worst for performance. But I can still do it if I keep LOD_Radius at 4.5. This is by no means scientific, but here is a small table with my frames results in three areas with three different aircraft. I run FSGlobal Ultimate, Orbx Global Base,Vector, PNW, and the airports for the areas below. I am also using a Intel 3770K at 4.2 ghz. Since frames are also very dependent on the CPU, you should see better results on your newer system. Let me know if you have a favorite area to fly. I can run the numbers on my system there too if you like. Also in your setup. You mentioned using HDMI. I would check to make sure it will support monitors at xxxx by 1200. It may be that they only will do up to 1080. The two DVI and one Display Port work great at the full 1200. Frames for 1 and 3 monitors in surround KSEA KDEN KPSP ProSim- 29/22 52/30 55/32 NGX- 20/15 31/22 40/30 A2A 182- 21/18 35/25 50/32
  10. I've been using 3 Dell U2412M monitors on a GeForce GTX 970 for some time now with great results (on a i7-3770k cpu overclocked to 4.2) . I use the two DVI and the Display Port video card outputs of the video card to the monitors and set them up as a single monitor (5760 x 1200) using Nvidia surround. Probably lots of opinions here on which monitor setup is best, but the three monitor setup has been a great experience for me for the immersion it offers when flying. Get ready to feel like you are really moving when you take off and start your turns. I don't think you will be disappointed. Mark
  11. Howard, your work is quite special. Great choice of music. Mark
  12. Select Rwy 1 from the FSX menu to start at the terminal building gate next to the jetway. Select Rwy 2 to start at transient parking. Mark
  13. I grew up a bit in Tacoma in late 50's. Today the downtown is doing really well. It would make a great city scape. The old train station kept up well and lots of business and activity. Waterways are busy with Ferries and commercial traffic in and around the narrows bridge. My dad worked for the YMCA and that building has been very well preserved. Hey Tom, my mom started working at Ward Smith downtown which later became Rainier Mortgage. She worked out of the downtown and Tacoma Mall sites from the early 60's until about 1987. Maybe you all met? Mark Gill
  14. Benjamin, I have run both 2 monitor (3840 x 1200) and 3 monitor (5760 x 1200) on Dell 2412 monitors for the forward views all running on a single NVidia GTX 770. I have found that each has both advantages and disadvantages over the other based upon what I am looking for in a setup. (I also use my setup for things other than flight simulation). A two monitor setup will put the bezel right down the center of the runway and right about through the middle of the PFD if flying the NGX. You can move the view a bit to compensate when using the Virtual view. Perhaps some bezel adjustments or use of something like Track IR would help. I think a two monitor setup provides better performance and sharper images than a 3 monitor setup. Currently, I have my setup on 3 monitors and the wide view is really nice. It provides great panoramas and is a nice left side window view when taxing to parking. I also think the sensation of motion is a bit better when rolling into and out of bank turns due to the wide lateral movement. Frames are a bit lower and the scenery is a bit more blurry on the left and right monitors. The stretch effect on the outside monitors is noticeable as well. The space needs are big. About 66 inches across my desktop to accommodate them. There is some great discussion here about the future of monitor development and perhaps there is a good solution now or in the future for a single monitor that with wide resolution and sharp imaging. I think there are some 3840 x 1600 or greater monitors now. Good luck with your build. Mark
  15. If this problem is related to files in the user account, what about trying to logon to windows as a different user (new or existing user account) to see how files created in that account would affect the error? Also, if perhaps related to the registry, could you try a windows Restore to a date a couple of days back or to a day before the problems started? Mark
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