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  1. Thanks everybody, much appreciated. Cheers Ken
  2. It would be nice to know the present primary usage of X Plane, P3D and MSFS. It seems that 90% of all new developments are MSFS and we could gain a better perspective if we saw the 90% of usage is in fact MSFS. Thanks Ken
  3. I agree, but please include P3Dv4.5 if you proceed. It would really be nice for us who live in Sydney. HNY Ken
  4. I did not see it but I use FsMovMap on my android tablet but I am on P3Dv4.5 http://www.rahsim.com/ Ken
  5. What amazes me is only 102 people voted so far. I don't know the number of members of the Orbx forum but it might be 100,000? Ken
  6. Sascha, thanks, can you post a picture from your scenery of the west side of Miami so I can see what it should look like. Thanks Ken
  7. Why are there no buildings - just flat land the the west of the city of Miami? Ken
  8. Flew my Helicopter into town at Notrodden hopped out for a run and watched the train arrive at the railway station. It departs if you wait a few minutes. Ken
  9. New flyers in MSFS2020 are adding videos of what to do in a simulator. Here is a prime example, - attempting to land a Caravan on the top of city buildings in LA. You can skip the front end rubbish and start a t 9 minutes.
  10. A six foot wide image with the projector only 16" away with 4K resolution may change the need for monitor/s. https://newatlas.com/home-entertainment/optoma-cinemax-p2-4k-laser-projector/ Cheers Ken
  11. Dropped in to see the action P3Dv4.5 would be interesting to see the MSFS2020 view of the front gate. Ken
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