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  1. Shane, Amazon seems to have stuff. Here is their joystick offer https://www.amazon.com.au/s?k=flight+simulator+joystick&crid=1OZLTBYB4FP9X&sprefix=flight+simulator+joystick%2Caps%2C236&ref=nb_sb_noss_1 Cheers Ken
  2. Thanks to all who replied, most useful. Regards Ken
  3. I am still on P3dV4.5 and I am considering buying Microsoft Flight Simulator as all future developments seem to be for that platform. Some questions 1 Where is the best place to buy it? 2 There seems to be lots of words about Xbox, is there a separate version for PC? 3 There are three editions Standard - Delux - Premium Delux which do you recommend? Any other advice welcome Thanks Ken
  4. Carlos, absolutely fantastic, for lovers of the 747 it is a wonderful experience. Regards Ken
  5. https://www.channelnews.com.au/giant-4-5k-twist-turn-samsung-monitor-finally-goes-on-sale/ The final solution to all your wishes for the ultimate sim monitor Cheers Ken
  6. I go to Orbx Direct and see I have ORBS I can't see them in Orbx Central. I want to buy something in Orbx Central - can I have the total in - real money - in ORBS - or in real money less ORBS credit? Thanks Ken
  7. Thanks Pete, I enjoyed the excellent video. Regards Ken
  8. Watch the video https://www.infodocket.com/2022/09/04/national-archives-authenticates-1908-wright-brothers-film/ Cheers Ken
  9. Herman, I enjoyed your flight, I assume its P3D. What software are you using for 1 ATC? 2 Passenger clapping 3 Copilot check list discussion etc. Cheers Ken
  10. Jack Sawyer, try and get YSSY data on your Airnav.com Ken
  11. Gerold (Stillwater), are the files you show above from TeeCee for P3D or FSX? I assume no MSFS because he never had this software. Advise Thanks Ken
  12. Brad, solved thanks, I clicked on to your link and it does indeed show all the MSFS products under "Products" It is in Orbx direct not Orbx Central. Regards Ken
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