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  1. Slightly smaller but Doncaster would be awesome as well
  2. Looking forward to picking Glasgow up tomorrow. Happy Birthday Viacheslav
  3. I agree - I love and have supported Gary's creations for years and will continue with the niche airports, but for me Pyreegue is in the current top 3 developers for MSFS, I've just realised how important Orbx are because if Orbx hadn't have picked Pyreegue up as a partner, I would never have been introduced to their amazing work
  4. Sorry but I disagree, this is clearly advertised on the product page, After all DD will know their products better than Orbx. I doubt DD will even know if the product is compatible as it's impossible to test a product with ever other product available payware or freeware. I will guarantee if you buy the product from Simmarket, Aerosoft or any other vendor they will direct you to the developer, that's how it works with flight sim Also you haven't been forthcoming with details to get support, I had to ask for which sim, and you haven't mentioned what Meigs field you are using, from my research there's several freeware options as well as a payware
  5. To play devils advocate, as already said t isn't an Orbx product, yes they sell it but support is 9/10 times directed to the original developer as they know it better
  6. I can't help with that then, as I say, I doubt even Orbx beta tested Chicago landmarks as it came from a 3rd party, I think the best answer you'll get is from the developer of Meigs field.
  7. I'm assuming you are talking about X-Plane? A sim would be helpful as there's currently a few. If it's X-Plane, no they are not compatible, it says so on the Meigs product page I can't see a Chicago Landmarks for FSX/P3D MSFS I can't see an Orbx endorsed Meigs, therefore must be a freeware or sold elsewhere and I doubt Orbx would test with non Orbx products
  8. That’s true and I agree but unfortunately you still see the odd x sim is not a sim or x sim is dead but hopefully not, hopefully it’s a good indicator where the current community is at. I did have a smile at a few of the options like the PA system for hardware
  9. Cheers Gerold, Ed also posted about it the other day, It'll be interesting to see the results but hopefully it doesn't cause any sim wars
  10. im really looking forward to the Australia world update, my favourite area to fly and I think it was unfortunate how it’s been given quite old map data (although may be a sensible reason why) Im really looking forward to more Australian airports and I’m sure with all the Orbx partners as well all major and smaller airports will be covered. I also heard (although not sure if that’s true) that the Orbx Melbourne cityscape may be included in the update like the Frankfurt city was in the Germany update
  11. 2 quick questions about addon linker, Firstly, I have set up the folders where I want to install my addons, for example I want to install Enhanced AI into the following link, D - MSFS Addons - Utilities, I set up the path in central, and click install and select the utilities option, but within the folder in creates a new folder level called msfs, can I stop central adding this extra level? Also can I just copy and paste all my Orbx addons from the community folder to new folders without having to reinstall to save a bit of time? Thanks
  12. Happy thanksgiving to my fellow simmers across the pond
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