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  1. To add new airlines to Volanta, you need to send Volanta Support a ticket request and they'll add it to the database
  2. A very special project: YMML aka Tullamarine / Melbourne main airport, which will be led by Ed and Marcus, plus a Melbourne city pack with a number of POIs to make this city great again ;-) No worries, I guess things change? Sorry Viacheslav, not meaning to change subject
  3. Unless anything's changed, MEL is being done by @Marcus Nyberg
  4. Im constantly on the PMDG forums so I know what they say and you are completely wrong. As for 10 years for a good long hauler, I bet the PMDG 777 will be released this year. Not exactly 10 years is it. Also you don’t know how much I invested in P3D. I’ll give you a hint, it’s more than you. I’m just happy delivery it when a new sim releases. Also no one is telling you to change sim, stay with P3D forever if you want, but people have the right on public forums to express their opinions, and all I was trying to do is explain what’s happening with OC Asia based on the latest information, no matter how long the information was released. also it might be a language thing but no one other than you turned it into a sim debate….
  5. you really live in the past, the non existent SDK is so wrong, if there’s no SDK then why do we have PMDG, Fenix, Leonardo and so much more in MSFS. Also use your brain, if so many developers are leaving your sim , there’s obviously a good reason you are not getting, and to give you a hint, the reason isn’t foolish, everyone here by now gets you’re staying with P3D and that’s fine, but you also need to be realistic, which you’re not currently. Anyway I’m leaving this conversation now because you obviously don’t understand logic.
  6. OpenLc Asia has been covered many times in topics, the last official statement from Orbx is that the development is on hold due to the situation of the developer
  7. Not always that straight forward, Orbx Partners will obviously decide what they want to develop themselves, for example Impulse Simulations have recently announced a roadmap which is, YWLM, YBAS, YPDN, YBTL, YPPH, YPAD (I assume a v2?). As for Orbx themselves I understand from the forums that the developers themselves pick the airports they want to do - at least the indie devs, which normally is airports that mean something to them, I'm not sure about how the 'in-house team' works. But as far as I know, Marcus is working on YMML and Matteo is working on YBCG. Plus you also have the other argument of you have to develop what sells, which is why the majority of airports (not just Orbx) are in NA or Europe
  8. I like it, Manchester Airport will always hold a special place in my heart as it the airport in the city I was born in, so I am more critical when buying a Manchester scenery than I am elsewhere, it does the job and I would recommend it to anyone. Personally Pyreegue is my favourite dev so I want every airport to his level of quality but I personally don't think Manchester (and Birmingham) need a redo, I'd rather have a redo of a poorly done airport or one not done at all My memory also goes back to this comment from Viacheslav on the 2022 thread, "A lot of the other airports that have been suggested are WIP/Duplicates. I understand that some versions don’t do justice but it has to be really bad/converted from other sim to be worth re-doing",
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