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  1. So I didn't have the NGXu, so I can only compare to the NGX. I'm loving it, and having a lot of fun. All the options and there in the FMC, I read there's more than the NGXu. Yes there's no efb yet, it's not a total immersion killer but I do miss having the charts in sim (I don't like the navigraph toolbar app) and also missing a proper takeoff and landing calculator, so currently everything is a TOGA takeoff
  2. Sorry Ed, I assume no luck yet with AS?
  3. I'm trying to stay away from PMDG pricing threads because I'm not interested in any flight sim drama anymore, after all it's a hobby, there's enough drama in the outside world. I ultimately believe when it comes to pricing instead of having 20 page argumentative threads, just vote with your wallet. That being said, I am indifferent about the price, if you only want a single variant, it's good value for money, it's $30 less than the base pack of P3D, and you get 3 variants rather than the 2 of P3D, but if you're a collection person like me, I feel like the pricing could have been slightly more generous for those of us who will buy every variant.
  4. Hi Dave, Whilst I don’t work for Orbx, here’s my observations and thoughts, if it helps, 1) I agree than a timeframe wasn’t mentioned in the quoted post but “the launch window” was, now yes that can lead to interpretation but I wouldn’t say MSFS is still in the launch window 18 months after initial release and 15+ updates in. 2) “I have to say, from what we were told by the CEO, this is pretty disingenuous at best since whoever writes the software, the product is sold on Orbx and thus one might expect the CEOs statements to be honoured?“ Respectfully I have to disagree, think of Orbx as Amazon, it is a platform for developers to sell their products through, I believe Orbx themselves do not have any input into pricing of these and rather the 3rd party developer dictates to Orbx what they want the product to be sold at. I really do not see any disingenuous behaviour here, it is clearly written that any discounts will affect Orbx products and not those of 3rd Party Developers,
  5. @Ed Correia, apologies again, just really looking forward to picking up EBBR and a couple other recent releases with it. I just stumbled across this on the Aerosoft forum, don't know if it helps in any way
  6. Aerosoft are looking at an A350 for msfs
  7. KCRW, LKPR and Panama Canal landmarks where all in house projects I believe
  8. Hi @Ed Correia, sorry but is there any update? Thanks
  9. Yes Schonefield and Brandenburg are the same location
  10. Cool, it'll be nice to have the entire family
  11. Now SU9 is out I am looking forward to the 146 and MD82 both this week (hopefully) and the 737
  12. I don’t believe it will release for P3D, as it would have been mentioned on this announcement and or the roadmap Yes it is annoying when you don’t get a response but developers don’t always respond to these types of messages especially when there’s a roadmap that will already answer your question
  13. I doubt it, Aerosoft see P3D as commercially dead
  14. The support forums were closed on Feb 1st, and handled through the ticket system
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