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  1. Your trivia for today. When the seasons start depends on who you ask. Astronomical seasons start at the equinox and solstice dates. - Winter begins on the winter solstice. - Spring begins on the spring equinox. - Summer begins on the summer solstice. - Fall begins on the fall equinox. Meteorological seasons start on arbitrary dates. - 1 December, winter starts. (Summer in the southern hemisphere) - 1 March, spring starts. (Fall in southern hemisphere) - 1 June, summer starts. (Winter in southern hemisphere) - 1 September, fall starts. (Spring in the southern hemisphere) Various countries and culture use other dates too. Some arbitrary and others based on nature. I think Ireland starts "Spring" on 1 February (St. Brigid's Day). Iceland celebrates the "First Day of Summer" on the first Thursday after April 18th. Some people use holidays. For instance in the USA some people consider Memorial Day as the start of summer and Labor Day as the start of fall. Some places use the date that certain temperatures are first reached or when agricultural events are started (planting, harvesting). Some parts of the word use different seasons entirely. Southeast Asia uses Dry, Hot, and Wet seasons. When I lived in Panama as a kid, I think we just used Wet and Dry.
  2. I'd love to see all the airports that Orbx has done in the PNW for P3D also developed for MSFS! In P3D, it is fantastic to have such a high density of quality Orbx GA airports in a region since it gives you a lot of options. If you a pressed for time, you can take very short flights between many Orbx airports, like Jefferson County - Diamond Point, or Anacortes - Orcas, or Sekiu - Sequim. If you have more time, you can just add more add more airports to your flight plan. Friday Harbor - Orcas - Skagit - Israel's Farm - Concrete - Darrington - Harvey - Monroe. You can also choose to have longer legs between more distant airports, like Squamish - Fall City or Sekiu - Cle Elum. The PNW is also a very scenic region with varied terrain and scenery. Fun place to fly!
  3. https://forum.orbxdirect.com/forum/217-Orbx-release-announcements/
  4. I think a flash mob dancing in the terminal or a conga line of passengers heading out to their plane would be brilliant!
  5. Yes, I highly recommend a good set of rudder pedals. (nice if they have toe brakes too) Rudder pedals make it so much more realistic than having to use keys or some other axis switch or buttons for yaw control.
  6. I'm not sure how hard it is. (No pun intended!) The developer has to get the dimensions and elevations of the hardened area right so they match the visuals, or else aircraft can look slightly floating or sunken after landing. I'm not positive, but there may be a performance penalty with each additional hardened area since the sim has to account for them all. Perhaps someone with more development knowledge will chime in.
  7. I really appreciate it when helipads are hardened! There are several helipads and an Indian Navy heliport included in Landmarks Mumbai. I'd like to see a Landmarks Honolulu for MSFS. Orbx's P3D version includes a bunch of helipads.
  8. TheUKDave, I share your desire for simplicity in add-on management! I wish MSFS had some sort of alert on its' home screen when an installed product had a update available. When MSFS finishes loading, I'm always itching to fly and forget to go to the content manager screen to look for updates. Earlier this week I actually remembered to check and found 23 updates available! Over the years I've gone gone back and forth between buying from the developer versus a distributor or a game's store. In general, I find that distributors (like Steam) make management and updates pretty simple. However, purchases from developers often get faster updates and sometimes have additional content. For instance, if you buy the MilViz Corsair from MilViz, it comes with bombs. If you make the purchase from the MSFS store, no bombs. Not trying to change your mind, just something to consider. Hope you enjoy Dubai as much as I do!
  9. Don, Nick was faster than me. What he said! Additionally, I think M.2 is technically about the form factor of the drive. M.2 looks a lot like a stick of RAM and can plug directly to the motherboard. A "standard" SSD looks like a slim box that attaches to the motherboard via a SATA cable. As Nick said, the drive's specs and whether it is NVMe or SATA will determine the performance.
  10. High housing prices benefit realtors and governments. Realtors' are getting their commission percentage of a larger amount. Government gets more tax income from everyone's property because it is now "worth" more. It is essentially a tax increase that people didn't get to vote on. People who sell their home for big bucks are seldom better off because they now need another place to live which will probably be overpriced as well. The exception being those who can sell in an overpriced market and then take that money to an area that has a lower cost of housing. (Good luck finding one of those!)
  11. Yes. The silver "coolie hat" shaped switch on the top of the X52 joystick. Crom UK is correct about the sticks on many military aircraft having the hat switch labeled both IRL and in the sim. In real aircraft, the hat is normally just 4 positions (up down left right) and not an 8 position "POV" hat. I use Thrustmaster joysticks and both the Viper and F-18 sticks have their trim hats labeled "Nose Up" , "Nose Down", " LWD", and "RWD" (Left / Right Wing Down).
  12. I just use my joystick's trim hat for pitch and roll trim. I also have a Saitek Multi-Panel which has a trim wheel. It works, but I still normally just use the trim hat. Having the trim wheel mapped to the pitch trim axis is realistic when flying something with a trim wheel IRL. However, it doesn't free up any extra buttons for me. Since a trim hat is realistic for a lot of the aircraft I tend to fly, the hat still needs to be mapped to trim as well. IMHO a trim wheel is nice, but nothing to spend a bunch of money on unless it is part of something with a bunch of extra functions and/or buttons that you also want.
  13. Hi Eeen85, If you are referring to TrueEarth Great Britain Central - X-Plane, there is not a version of that product for MSFS. One of the primary features of the TrueEarth line of products is that they have photoreal ground textures. Since MSFS already has photoreal ground textures, there wouldn't be the dramatic improvements that you see in X-Plane or P3D, so I don't think Orbx will port them over to MSFS. There is a P3D version and you would need to purchase it separately. Currently part of the Feb 2021 sale and 30% off. I can't remember if there is a discount for the P3D version if you already own the X-Plane version.
  14. Can I choose (D) ? Warning: This will get you into trouble in real life! Stadium.mp4
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