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  1. Wow - that is simply sensational. Blowing the doors off the possibilities again! The TE range is just another level
  2. I was the same. Chase plane for XP would be great but I found a few great tips. keys < & > move the head point back and forward Setting FOV in the main menu changed the world on everything. Also when you find your favorite angles. i.e GPS zoom in, Switch panels etc press the left control key and a number on the keypad and it saves it. You then have 9 views that transition similar to chase plane. Using the cursor keys and <&> move around perfectly. Hope that helps & sorry if you already knew all this As a big chase plane fan I bought xcamera and really did not get on with it.
  3. Err....wow!! some of the best screenies yet!
  4. I hope you paid your toll charges on the Mersey Gateway. Great shots and glad it works on your laptop
  5. see posts by Nick. I followed this when I upgraded to M.2 SSD's and it worked a treat
  6. Load up global airports in overlay editor and delete the building. really simple to do if you can't live with it
  7. All current ports are being migrated I believe. I'm sure that LOWI was mentioned in the 2019 roadmap too.
  8. There is no better aircraft for some UK mountain flying. Great captures
  9. That's a stunner Mark - Perfect settings....
  10. I get both sides of this. Once you give SODE a go you see it’s benefits. for those struggling with certain aircraft. Use the aircraft vendor forum and the will almost certainly be a SODE config for your aircraft. give it a go and you won’t be without it soon.
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