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  1. Thanks everyone for your comments and interest in the orbs and the orbs store. This new system will evolve a bit in the future, and we are planning to have orbs-only content (which you cannot buy with "normal" money!). We are learning how to make it better for everyone, so thanks for your patience!
  2. Thanks @AndyWsaysand @paulb. It is our intention to test the TE regions thoroughly and, if necessary, make changes to them to be compatible with XP12. We are already seeing some issues with the vegetation that need correcting. As the work required to "upgrade" them is not clear yet, we have not decided whether they will be small paid upgrades or free. The Orbx team and I appreciate very much the comments and feedback you send through as it helps to guide the testing and the update process. Thank you all!
  3. Yes re trees. We are looking at all aspects of the regions.
  4. Hi Preston Jarrad is taking extended leave (I am sure we mentioned this in a previous post). At this stage, I/we do not know when he will be back. One of the best, hands down. We hope to see him back soon. On the XP12 question - we are looking at the new platform and the compatibility with our products plus some new content, so stay tuned for more as we work through this testing period. Many of our airports are already XP12 compatible, but the base imagery has changed and we need to test and make changes so we don't have floating (or buried) buildings. Cheers!
  5. Slightly iced for the moment, but hoping for a thaw sooner rather than later.
  6. Agree - Dubai is one of my favourites too... And no, it did not do that well, unfortunately. Definitely interested if you want to work on something with us! DM me and we can work something out.
  7. Misha has a new startup (https://www.linkedin.com/company/avarni/), which is going super well, so he's focusing on that 100% now.
  8. Looks like Yokohama may need to go back in the roadmap ;-) Yes it would be great to get more info from you! I shall DM!
  9. We have got some ideas about some of those airports which could be very interesting as a collection. Stay tuned as we are definitely working on these (they will not be called "Throwback Thursdays" though). Cheers!
  10. It seems that in absence of a surrounding area or airport which justify flying there, these cities have not been especially popular. Personally, I think Dubai is one of our best, so this is puzzling indeed!
  11. MSFS to start, but like we have done for YMEN, we would love to be able to do it for P3D and XP as well... we are trying to access airside to get imagery but with some Australian (and Victorian) COVID-related restrictions in place, it has been taking time.
  12. Yes, OLC Asia is only P3D. And no - we have not abandoned P3D (even if a lot of other developers have! And BTW, Palm Beach is also in plan for P3D). Similar to the reply to @Abriael, we have to be careful about the product picks because the market has now spread pretty wide with MSFS, and we see a lot of pilots have moved from P3D to MSFS. Loss-making products can be lethal for future development!
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