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  1. There was something weird with the network on Monday, the whole thing was slow for me too. Our log files did not show anything unusual, so I think there must've been some gremlin having fun for a few hours.
  2. KMZ file has been polished and should appear on the product page soon...
  3. Not sure why this EGLC question is linked into a GB regions thread... uhm.... So two things: 1) the XBox version has been submitted and we are waiting for Microsoft to test / approve / release 2) support questions do not get answered on this forum any more, but through our Discord channels or our ticketing system I occasionally wander here for my own relaxation and entertainment, so it's important (for me) to see there is a loyal and committed group of people who maintain a great sense of humour in all circumstances. Hippos, giraffes or XBox topics can all fit the entertainment list. 😁
  4. Fair comments. The dev team is looking into the POI list on a map.
  5. The initial product blurb was written up from an initial document, and wrongly published on the product page, then revised. Unfortunately, that copy still lingered for a few hours after launch when we realised it had not been updated (argh!). GB South is in scope similar to North and Central - as much as we love animals, there are packs that already do a good job of that (though I personally love puppies and cows a great deal, and would have loved to see them there). If anyone feels they bought the product and are disappointed not to find the giraffes, please message me directly and I will be happy to give them a refund. 💞🦒
  6. Yes the changes to Central have been deployed as you all have noticed 😉 We will be looking at v6-ing some products, depending on demand and complexity. One baby step...
  7. Yep looking at XP12 too. And we are just about to release a EGLC for XP12, so let's see how much demand there is out there for content. Definitely on the radar - no pun intended.
  8. Your sceneries will continue to work as usual. No interruptions!
  9. We have enjoyed and continue to enjoy open and honest relationships with our exclusive partners. Our goal is to continue to operate with the highest ethical standards, and we can't control what others do or say, or how they behave. Our partnerships with developers, suppliers and partners, of which we have many, are paramount to us, and we continue to support those who are prepared to work with us and maintain these high standards.
  10. We are definitely not forgetting any P3D customers, and that is official! 🙂 In fact, we are now considering and planning how to upgrade, refresh, rebuild, test, or relaunch (where necessary), and in no particular order, our P3D products. I do appreciate you all trying to make things work and the support that the community is providing in the meantime. I have also spoken to LM to organise and (possibly align) priorities. Again I do appreciate your feedback and this community's support as we work through the planning.
  11. Still on the radar, but not actively being worked on as we speak. But you never know.... we may bring it back into the fold!
  12. Unfortunately, this is on hold indefinitely as our Ukrainian developer is unable to work. Difficult to predict when this may come back into our roadmap. Sad circumstances.
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