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  1. I was hesitant for some time, but made quite good friends now with the H145 under VR and after getting a wonderful Virpil Collective. However, like @ikbenik writes, landing on a small area is still a challenge. Kind regards, Michael
  2. Really great shots indeed. I'll see if I can reproduce the atmosphere by proper time/weather settings. And yes, I'm glad to have these classics back. Kind regards, Michael
  3. Of course, you can just load the flightplan (.pln) and take off at a certain point and fly an arbitrary leg of it, which I quite often do because of the numerous odd limitations of the Bush Trips. Kind regards, Michael
  4. I don't like it either, but as a matter of fact more and more developers shift all their support, news, discussions etc. to that messy conglomerate. It's as with facebook a few years ago which once was a MUST (and which I still dislike). Like it or not, we'll have to live with it. Kind regards, Michael
  5. I have been using it for some time and it is indeed a very valuable tool making LNM available for VR users. Kind regards, Michael
  6. This scenery is a marvel. Kind regards, Michael
  7. Let me project: YMML might become a bestseller, wouldn't it? Kind regards, Michael
  8. Devs are flocking to Discord because they feel "all are doing it". Was the same when facebook became "the thing". I can't understand why they exchange a well-organized and user-friendly forum for an unorganized and vexing mess. I had to subscribe to a few channels to stay informed, too, but it's really not fun there. Kind regards, Michael
  9. Thank you both. I read the part on the Mesh but missed the one on the Landmarks. I'm optimistic you'll make Auckland looking great again. Overall, Orbx has done a great job with the NZ update. Kind regards, Michael
  10. I made two heli flights over Auckland City, one with Orbx Landmarks on and another off. I saw several spikes and malformed structures and the harbor bridge looked strange with the Landmarks on, thus I am afraid they don't play well together and I will uninstall it for now. Anyone to confirm this? If so, does Orbx have any plans to work on a compatible version? Kind regards, Michael
  11. Is there any suggestion on the Orbx Auckland Landmarks? Is it suggested to uninstall them or keep them? Thanks and kind regards, Michael
  12. Just watch the trailer. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CLqkIqOVho8&t=1s I installed the update (together with the recently released NZCH by NZA Simulations) and made a roundtrip around Christchurch. It's plainly unbelievable what Flight Simulation has achieved those days. Kind regards, Michael
  13. Argh. Thanks for the hint. This was meant to be 1.3 TB. Kind regards, Michael
  14. My MSFSAddons folder - managed by Addons Linker - is 1.3GB. Expectedly, the sim just doesn't start when I have all addons active at the same time, at least not within 1/2 hr, and yes, I tried once. I manage all addons bought via Orbx Central by installing them into the Simulator (Community folder) and shifting them into the proper country directory in the MSFSAddons folder using the Linker. From that point on, maintenance is easy, I just activate all country folders using the linker before starting Orbx Central, and it saves updates directly to the proper places, based on the links. Not all of the management tools by other vendors provide this convenient upgrade path. When flying, I typically only activate a hand full of directories (a country, some global addons like the Marinas, AIG or FSLTL etc). I had perhaps a couple of addon-based CTDs over the years, which I could isolate using a nesting procedure. IMO, the Addon Linker is indeed the most useful single addon I got for MSFS. Kind regards, Michael
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