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  1. WIll take some time to find which of my numerous Canada Addons (Payware and Freeware alike) do work/don't work and are better/worse than the new Default Canada. Anyway, this looks absolutely stunning. MS/Asobo do a great work with those World Updates. Kind regards, Michael
  2. Orbx Central seems ot have a backlog right now. I have been waiting for Digital Design Lyon as well. This is a pity not only for the customers but also for Orbx missing the important initial peak of sales. Kind regards, Michael
  3. We can speculate and argue, but I think the OP posed a serious question deserving a serious answer from Orbx - may it be "Yes" or "No". Kind regards, Michael
  4. There clearly is some bug involved. There was no issue with WU PG cities until the first SU9 beta started. This nearly halved ground performance on my standard testbed KSFO on ramp, where I was always proud of my performance over previous simulators. Performance goes up as soon as you leave the runway and are up in the air. The official forum is full of discussion on this. I made a topic on this in the official beta forum myself as early as on April 3 which was later marked "bug-logged" which I take as official acknowledgement it's a bug. Unfortunately there was no further confirmation or action from MS since and SU9 was released as it was. I agree to @wolfko Phtogrammetry is one of the key features of the sim and it just should work. But even worse, newcomers or just users not visiting any fora (probably the majority) accuse MSFS of bad performance while it actually shows excellent performance given its visuals but just has a - hopefully recoverable - bug. Kind regards, Michael
  5. For me, MSFS has been a game changer. Never did I fly (actually fly and not only tweak) so much as those days. I can live with having to switch profiles now and then for the visual - global - world it provides, notably for a GA/VFR flyer like me. Nonetheless, automated profile switching would be nice to have. However, 50 votes isn't something making any pressure on MS/Asobo. Obviously, there are much more urgent issues with several hundreds of votes. I don't have this one but I would guess it does the job indeed. Like SPAD.neXt and Axis and Ohs as I already mentioned. Kind regards, Michael
  6. I regularly only fly a hand full of planes and reassign the control profiles every times. E.g. I have three profiles for my Thrustmaster Airbus Stick, named A320, Sting (the new UL), and H135 (helicopter). Every time I switch between the three I have to reassign the proper profile, and I don't think there is a way having the Sim detecting the proper profiles(s) automatically - yet. See here: https://forums.flightsimulator.com/t/tired-of-changing-your-settings-again-and-again-aircraftspecific-profiles-with-settings-for-graphics-controller-and-cockpit-cameras/362300/14 Kind regards, Michael
  7. No, MSFS doesn't assign the proper control settings automatically when you load another plane. You can make control presets (plus proper sensitivity settings) for different aircraft and name them accordingly (Yoke-C172, Stick-R400, TCA-A320FBW...). However, MSFS always loads the previous settings upon launch and you have to reassign profiles if you want to switch them. Automatic assignment according to the plane would make toatally sense, of course, and has been demanded several times on the official forum but hasn't been realised so far. That said, I use a (properly powered) switchable hub for all my gear (Saitek Yoke, TMP, Pedals, TCA...) and only switch the proper devices on before launching MSFS. This way only the active ones are found and assigned. There are tools for automatically assignment like SPAD.neXt, Axis and Ohs and I think I saw a free assignment tool at flightsim.to, too, but while I use SPAD.neXt for Panels assignments I assign controls from within the sim so far. Kind regards, Michael
  8. I have sorted sceneries according to countries and Hungary VFR (naturally) in a Hungary folder. If I acticate Hungary, I have to keep in mind to uncheck that special LHBP entry. Not a big deal but there's a danger to forget it. Otherwise I think that's the way to go. Kind regards, Michael
  9. I usually check the Addon Linker MSFS Addons / Community folder for conflicts if I install a new scenery which I did here as well. The tricky point with LH Simulations LHBP is we bought it via Marketplace, thus it is installed into the Official folder where I didn't find it. I don't think naming to .OFF does help, though. All directories in the Community folder are active, whatever their name. You probably will have to delete that folder, and this is what I did right now. Will check how this works tonight. Unfortunately you will have to repeat this after every update. There might be a more clever solution via the addon linker, perhaps. Kind regards, Michael
  10. This is a great addon, just installing. Does Hungary VFR intend to add more contents, e.g., Payware airports? Kind regards, Michael
  11. This tool does wonders beyond FFR. It also allows several more performance (AA-related) settings, color adaptation, experimental hand tracking (i.e. pressing buttons on the virtual cockpit using skeleton animated hands) if you have the hardware, and more. The only disadvantage, FFR is limited to RTX and GTX1600 cards, thus my - otherwise quite capable - GTX1080Ti is out. But this is a limitation of FFR itself not of the tool. The authors (one of the main coders is a Microsoft employee working on Open XR on daytime, the other one is the author of the well-known RXP) can't be thanked enough. Kind regards, Michael
  12. Hard to tell, but I had all sorts of issues with several paid AV programs (including Kaspersky and Bitdefender) in several simulators over the time. While they didn't block the corresponding core sims they gave me issues with specific addons. Indeed, I recall one program (I think it was connecting X-Plane to my Flight Instrument Panels) were I was near to give up, and making exceptions, including opening Firewall ports, or even deactivating the AV program didn't help. Finally I debugged with the author until he suggested uninstalling the Internet Security Program completely. This solved the case. Reinstalling and just deactivating blocked the connection again. And I recall a couple of more such experiences. This made me hate all those paid AV programs and I now have been using just Windows Defender for several years (making exceptions for protection and firewall ports as well) and I never had such issues since. This doesn't prove anything in your case, and it may be something completely different. But those AV programs can be pesky (and btw. may reduce performance as well). Kind regards, Michael
  13. Just saw it. In this case I'm at my wit's end. Kind regards, Michael
  14. I can second that. When I (very rarely) had CTDs it was always faulty or incompatible add-ons. (Aside one in-between MSFS version which was hotfixed within short time). I have all addons (including those by Orbx & friends) organized with the free Addon Linker. This way I can isolate faulty add-ons using a nesting procedure. It's a bit nasty (took an hour each) but always worked so far at the end. And btw., faulty addons can bring other sims to CTD as well. Believe me. Kind regards, Michael
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