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  1. Hi fellas, I'm looking for feedback for the South American mesh product. ie, are there any issues that anyone has experienced with this product, in particular stuttering, freezes etc. I don't want to waste money like I did with another developer's Norway mesh, where it caused big stutters, and that was 20m Mesh! Thanks.
  2. We here this all the time about photogrammetry areas. The problem with PG is that it varies enormously for different areas. Look at London compared to NY. I flew a short time with PG but now fly exclusively without it, and I much prefer it. Simply by the way PG collects data it will never be able to capture the detail necessary to recreate high quality structures such as suspension bridges, ferris wheels, or anything with fine strands of detail. These can only be created by using higher resolution capture techniques such as low flying aircraft or drones. The only real option in MSFS is for these individual elements to be hand crafted. Everyone to their own, but IMO, I much prefer to fly with PG turned off, I mean let's face it, with PG off, the scenery is still a 1000 miles from default scenery in FSX or P3D. As for trees, there is a cfg tweak you can make for reducing the size of trees, you may find this can help things a little. Alternatively, why not try REX's Accuseasons, that has an option to reduce size of trees in the UI. I love this product BTW.
  3. Thanks for the feedbak Graeme. More to come!
  4. Great pics Pete and to hear your story about your first flight of this wonderful bird.
  5. And to you too Emmsie. Hope you have agood one.
  6. Ah Pete, nice words of support as always, thank you.
  7. I have just finished my first sim video in MSFS. A short flight around Bristol in the UK. I hope you like.
  8. Great news Ed. I reeeeeeally hope Compton Abbas is amongst them!
  9. Absolutely. It has been used specifically with that purpose in mind on numerous YouTube videos. IMO it shoujd not be used for promoting a scenery product that is trying to resemble real life as much as possible.
  10. Hmm, well, I'm not going to name names, but I bought a small GA airport the other week and noticed some really low resolution models. When I viewed the pics on the product page, those same models were conveniently blurry.
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