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announcement Fly into Motown - KDTW Detroit Metropolitan Airport!

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Hi all,


Here's a sneak preview of an unannounced project that will be coming to X-Plane 12 and Microsoft Flight Simulator - KDTW Detroit Metropolitan Airport!


Simply called DTW or Metro Airport. this new product will be coming to Orbx in the new year with the X-Plane version released first. Developed by a small group of Indies (all will be revealed), the airport is being developed to ensure high levels of accuracy. The Motor City team have been building the airport based on real-world drawings and exclusive access to many areas of the airport.


With 6 runways and covering an area of 4,850 acres, this is by far the biggest airport project being developed exclusively for Orbx. The airport will feature:

  • Detailed and accurate hangar interiors
  • Custom mesh for XP and MSFS
  • Fully custom and high-definition GSE and static elements. All liveries and vehicle types are IRL, and not from a “generic” library. 
  • Toggleable hangar lighting effects in XP through SAM plug-in.
  • Openable hangar doors in XP through SAM plug-in.
  • Hangar door animations in MSFS relating to weather and date/time. 
  • Highly accurate terminal interiors
  • 100% custom airport lighting
  • Custom SAM jetways (XPlane)


Also planned to complement the MSFS version, we are looking at developing a Detroit City Pack as well as KDET Coleman A. Young International Airport.


Enjoy these early work-in-progress shots from X-Plane 12!










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2 hours ago, carlosqr said:

Hi, I just leart iniBuilds is doing this for MSFS, at least that is how they announced it


Is it the same? Are they part of the team that made this?




Different team/company, same airport.

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Hi again

Will the Detroit City Pack and KDET airport be separate products from KDTW?


When there are two companies making the same airport but one adds landmarks it has happened that it ends in a request to separate the landmarks from the airport to keep the landmarks and use either airport. Same happens when someone makes a "basic airport" an "enhancement" with a nice city and then someone makes a full airport.

Rework to separte them to accomplish both preferances.

As it has not been launched yet I think it could be good to consider this in case KDTW comes along with the city landmarks.

Or it could be as it used to be in P3D in Central. The product had a "switch" to turn off a feature to make it compatible with another...






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