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  1. I will not purchase an airport without such things from now on. No way. Touches like this show that the dev isn't just importing FSX models into MSFS and making a Thursday Cashgrabâ„¢ release. I just saw a video on Youtube of a forthcoming airport in city I never considered flying to that I'll buy because they have actual animated (not static) people walking around the airport as well as in the terminal. The bar has moved. And the audience has changed and gotten younger. Dead airports ruin the immersion.
  2. I loved it, if only because it made infinitely more sense and was far, far easier to do math in. The added bonus that I understood measurements as I travelled the world was nice once I became an adult. What a shame. By the way, guess who is looking to abandon it?
  3. Then I'll just have to wait. Because there's no way I'm paying $30 for this. (It was just reviewed by AvAngel who also wanted to love it.)
  4. Wow! Although all I have to go on are these screenshots, it is awesome to have such a good-looking Electra in the sim. Hope it means more classics like the DC-3 and Ford TriMotor will come along too. Will jump on this as soon as it goes on sale for sure.
  5. This is the support forum, for questions about existing products. Check here for their roadmap: You cannot expect them to step outside their release announcements to answer you specifically when (or if) an unannounced airport will appear.
  6. None of the above, because Throwback Thursday means low-effort freeware-quality releases. I learned the hard way that in spite of the great price, they are barely better than default in MSFS. Seeing any of the above properly made to Orbx usual MSFS standard would be great, but not as a Throwaway Thursday release.
  7. Also this is the support forum, not a marketing forum. It is for questions about existing products, and is read by their support personel.
  8. You can use Orbx Central to uninstall any Orbx purchase and then later reinstall it if you wish. It remembers that you own it. You can also tell Orbx Central where to install your scenery to, and then you can manually move it in and out of the MSFS Community folder or use your own addon manager. I do not think they provide manual download links, but you should be able to accomplish your goals without such links.
  9. I am a huge fan of modelled interiors, and I love what you have done her, including that shiny hallway in the 4th picture above. But just once I'd like to see people that reflect the times and wear masks. Anyway great job. It looks fantastic!
  10. Assuming that the PC actually has a 64 bit, and not 32 bit, processor.
  11. I don't know, but I can tell you that 198 points of interest were made by Gaya and Orbx for the WU6, according the MSFT.
  12. The other question is, did he mean he removed the airport or the sim?
  13. If they are not in the Xbox MSFS marketplace, it really doesn't matter. Until they show up there, it is irrelevant. But there is nothing done in any Orbx scenery product that is in and of itself incompatible with the Xbox release or cannot be fixed. Really it is only add-ons that have an external executable (read as: not scenery) that are completely incompatible. But getting your scenery into the MSFS marketplace is a lengthy journey, as is into the Xbox MSFS marketplace (this is a Microsoft issue, and not the fault of any scenery developer). Expect most if not all sceneries to appear there in due course.
  14. I think it would have been better if Orbx had made clear that it's Throwback Thursday line of airports are low-effort ports from obsolete sims and priced accordingly. I warned that by not communicating this they ran the risk of tarnishing their brand. Perhaps now they will start to see that it is unfortunately happening. It doesn't half help that there happens to be a well-done PAKT already out there to compare this too. I am (mostly) happy with the Orbx scenery that I purchased from Central and shown in my signature and know to stay away from the Throwback Thursday releases now, but I want to see Orbx succeed and I think that by not having a better name for their budget line of airports they are doing their reputation a disservice. If that is considered "bashing" then I am in the wrong place.
  15. So when exactly did they promise that helipads would be landable? And should I point out that official support for actual helicopters isn't even a feature in MSFS yet and that Microsoft doesn't plan on adding it until some time in 2022? Yes I am aware of the weird DLC they announced yesterday. Doesn't change the fact that the vast majority of helipads on Earth are not landable. Here's the product page for Brisbane. Please tell us where it says that it has landable helipads? So you are asking them to fix something that isn't actually broken. That's called a feature request, not a bug. Very few scenery companies do a better job supporting their (reasonable) users than Orbx. I actually can't name one. And just for the record, don't expect the alleged $400 of product in your alleged cart to be filled with landable helipads. Just sayin' P.S., Spamming this forum over and over like a child is really beneath you. Unless you are a child. Okay, if you are a child then my apologies. Otherwise you acted like a big baby today.
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