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  1. Hi there, I've reached out to our dev's in order to get a work around for you. I'll respond once I hear back from them. Thanks for your patience. Sante-
  2. Thanks for the kind comments! I've added this to our feedback list and will discuss with the dev's in our next planning session. Thank you!
  3. Hi Jon, Currently, we do not have this functionality. Nothing is injected into the simulator as it's all within Volanta. Although, we may look at a way to implement this for a future update. Thank you,
  4. Just an FYI for others running macOS, Volanta only supports macOS Catalina (19.3.0) and above. Volanta will not work with older versions such as High Sierra. You will need to update your system if possible. Thank you,
  5. Hi Sebastien, I've responded to your ticket and I guess you didn't receive the response yet? If that's the case, I will help you here. First off, do you see the Volanta Plugin within the XP plugin's folder? If you do, please manually delete it and re-launch Volanta. Let Volanta detect and re-install the plugin. Launch X-plane and load a random flight. Let me know if you see the green icon (Active State). Thank you,
  6. Hi there, This could be due to your system permissions, especially with your XP11 installation being in Program Files (x86). I would double check to make sure that you have the correct permissions set within your X-plane directory so Volanta can install the plugin. Let me know how it goes. Thank you,
  7. Hi Sebastien, You initially contacted us via Facebook Messenger. That automatically creates a ticket for us and it was assigned to me. Since you didn't see my reply, I would suggest creating a ticket here so you can manage the replies via email instead and I will merge it with your original request. (Although, you should be getting my messages via email as well as messenger). Thank you, Sante-
  8. Sebastien, I've responded to your support ticket yesterday. Please take a look when you have a moment. I believe your initial message to us was via Facebook. Thank you!
  9. Hi Sebastien, Just letting you know I have both your tickets with me and I'll be sending you further instructions soon. Thank you!
  10. Hi Eric, Send us a ticket https://Orbx.to/volanta-support as we compile all the valuable feedback and our team goes through every single one. There might be a way to accommodate this, although we've never come across this one yet.
  11. Out of the options that you listed, the free version might suit your needs perfectly. Remember we aren't abandoning the free version, it will still receive new features and updates in the future.
  12. Once you export your flight plan from PFPX, you can upload the file to Volanta. Although, SimBrief is the current recommended method as it connect to your account automatically.
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