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  1. Pyramid 8 Studios release YRAY Sydney Seaplanes for Microsoft Flight Simulator! Grab your copy here: https://orbxdirect.com/product/pyramid-yray-msfs Features: Custom Buildings and Interiors Realistic PBR texturing Surrounding buildings to capture the essence of the area Custom animations with conditions Sydney Seaplane Base with Empire Lounge Shark Island Cottage Point Inn Custom night lighting Custom boats and yachts Custom vegetation Over 1500+ hand-placed objects Over 100+ custom objects and buildings Made to work flawlessly with Orbx Sydney Cityscape Performance optimized Custom terraforming and elevation
  2. Axonos release KRIC Richmond International Airport for Microsoft Flight Simulator! Grab your copy here: https://orbxdirect.com/product/axonos-kric-msfs Features: Detailed 3D modeling with 4K PBR textures Realistic Custom Ground Polygon Static GA and Cargo Aircrafts (option to toggle off) Custom Jetways Custom Ground Clutters Realistic Night Lights Accurate & up to date Airport Layout GSX profile included
  3. BMWorld & AmSim release KPBI Palm Beach International Airport for Microsoft Flight Simulator! Grab your copy here: https://orbxdirect.com/product/bmworldamsim-kpbi-msfs Features: Detailed Terminal area High-resolution custom ground textures, dirt, and other details Custom ground markings Parallax windows Animated Jetways Fully modeled all airport buildings and objects Airline codes are assigned to each parking Custom animated runway guard lights
  4. Aeroplane Heaven releases the Republic P-47D Razorback for Microsoft Flight Simulator! Grab your copy here: https://orbxdirect.com/product/aeroplaneheaven-p47d Features: All new hi-fidelity models with superb detail including gear wells and the brutal Pratt and Whitney engine Beautifully crafted exterior and interior models built over contemporary detailed plans and drawings Authentic cockpit detail includes many bespoke animations and effects Full PBR materials and textures include realistic "pillowing" of metal surfaces Animated authentic U.S. military pilot figure + your choice to remove for Asobo stock pilot Choice of gunsights/GPS Clean stores or pylons Highly accurate flight dynamics and performance based on real flight tests Specially authored WWise Hi-Fidelity sound package Unique code to "iron" out poor simulator tail-dragger performance Loadout choice and armaments
  5. Burning Blue Design release EGTH Old Warden Aerodrome for Microsoft Flight Simulator! Grab your copy here: https://orbxdirect.com/product/burningblue-egth-msfs Features: Over 240 custom 3D objects each with full Physical Based Rendering (PBR) textures Based on an up-to-date layout with accurate runways and taxiways Highly detailed cafe and tower interiors Dynamic animated spectators Animated hangar doors with interior parking (parking spot 20) Fully modeled Shuttleworth estate, including Shuttleworth House, Shuttleworth College, Swiss Garden and Home Farm Completely custom animated flags, windsock, and working signal square 8 Real-life static aircraft from the Shuttleworth Collection Full night lighting and dynamic weather compatibility Enhanced high-resolution color-corrected ground textures
  6. Impulse Simulations release YBUD Bundaberg Airport for Microsoft Flight Simulator! Grab your copy here: https://orbxdirect.com/product/impulse-ybud-msfs Features: Realistic Ground & Apron Texturing Realistic Night Lighting Partially Replicated Interior Full PBR Texturing Custom Animations RACQ Helibase / RFDS Operations Joint Hangar Custom Vegetation & Grass Over 100+ Custom Modelled Objects & Buildings Custom Taxiway Signage 15,000 Hand placed Objects 100+ Custom Assets 4 Included POIs (Bundaberg Rum Distillery, Kennedy Bridge, Burnett Railway Bridge & Tallon Bridge)
  7. Fly2High released RKJY Yeosu Airport for Microsoft Flight Simulator! Grab your copy here: https://orbxdirect.com/product/fly2high-rkjy-msfs Features: Accurate simulation of the nearest Yeosu Airport Hand-made ground textures (Runways, aprons, paths, roads). Accurately modeled and positioned dynamic airport lighting. Highly detailed models of all airport buildings, objects, and surroundings. Good optimization of FPS Accurate Runway Slope To mark the release of RKJY Yeosu Airport, we are offering 20% off a Korean bundle pack that includes RKJY Yeosu Airport. To find out more, click here https://orbxdirect.com/product/fly2high-rkjy-msfs
  8. Hanger Studios 713 release the Ryan Navion L-17B & L-17D for Microsoft Flight Simulator! Grab your copy here: https://orbxdirect.com/product/hangar-studios-713-navion-l17b Features: New Navion L-17B & L-17D(Ski Variant) 3D models, Engines, Aerodynamics, Computational Fluid Dynamics, and performance Experience the meticulous precision of vintage interior and exterior detailing on both models, capturing the essence of a bygone era. 20 - 4K highly detailed liveries with 19 liveries based on real Navions and one concept WASP (Women's Air Force Service Pilots) livery. Excellent aircraft feel, handling characteristics, and trim behavior based on extensive real-world pilot flight testing. Simulated ground physics added realism and authenticity to the original L-17B/D. Unique animation feature that adds realism and nostalgia, reminiscent of vintage aviation instrumentation, seamlessly integrated into the cockpit interface. Custom-coded hydraulic simulation for both gear and flaps operations. Full working circuitry and life-like lighting for annunciators and exterior lighting FX. Custom Aerobatic Smoke system based on live-time weather conditions and 3D modeling. Complete MSFS Flight Manual included in Documentation or downloadable from the website with detailed graphics, charts, and language. Choose between optional GPS units or opt for a minimalist approach and a fully functional (Hidden) KAP140 Auto Pilot, discreetly integrated for a seamless flying experience. MSFS default Working Title GNS430 with swappable PMS50 GTN650. Integrated Asobo Sound FX. Exquisitely crafted exterior and interior designs, featuring meticulously detailed textures with subtle weathering effects, dynamic aircraft registration decals, and sophisticated animations. Custom camera views and Pilot walk-around inspection and instrument views. Custom audio integration for the PS Engineering Inc. PM1000// Intercom. Fully operational vintage venturi tubes, integrated for an immersive instrumentation experience reminiscent of aviation's golden era. Dimmable red vintage lighting for simulated nighttime cockpit operation. Clipboard functionality for pre-flight/ post-flight aircraft storage with saved state technology. Animated 3d modeled battery with cover. Custom frosting, rain, wheel/ski surface dynamics, and FX. Static 3D objects for added vintage realism, modeled and textured for accurate real-world authenticity. Weight and balance customization accuracy are detailed in the in-sim Map setup menu. Authentic Navion vintage yoke design and animations. Multiple clickable and moveable objects including sliding canopy, vents, glove box, hidable native MSFS pilots & more! Authentic Fuel System with Primer and fuel gauges. Excellent animated instrumentation 100% based on a currently flying vintage Navion L-17. With outstanding performance, the Navions L-17B & L-17D outperform default models in their class.
  9. Propair Flight release I42 & KFRH Paoli & French Lick Municipal Airport for Microsoft Flight Simulator! Grab your copy here: https://orbxdirect.com/product/propair-I42-kfrh-msfs Features: Realistic PBR textures High-Resolution textures (4K) Realistic night light Detailed models Custom ground polygons
  10. Propair Flight releases KSGU St. George Municipal Airport for Microsoft Flight Simulator! Grab your copy here: https://orbxdirect.com/product/propair-ksgu-msfs Features: High-Resolution Textures (4K) PBR Materials Custom Ground Polygon Custom Animated Jetway Animated People Custom Night Light Detailed Models
  11. Aerosoft releases Antarctica Vol.2 Australian Caseya and Skiways on Orbx! Grab your copy here: https://orbxdirect.com/product/aerosoft-antarctica-vol2 Features: Detailed Casey Station with all buildings, a lot of clutter, and extremely detailed terrain Wilkins Aerodrome Skiway 70km south of the base (intercontinental and continental operations) Casey Skiway (continental operations) Lots of animations including animals, vehicles, boats, and people, including probably the first animated penguins and tracked vehicles in MSFS Plenty of custom-created sounds of animals and vehicles Coverage beyond the base with aerial imagery at various resolutions along the coast Hundreds of thousands of animated icebergs in a larger area around the base Adelie penguin colonies with thousands and thousands of animals at their real-world locations (performance optimized through instancing) An impressive custom fleet of typical animated and static vehicles and clutter Carefully crafted landscape to merge with surrounding terrain including updated waterbodies The special technique used to bypass ground resolution limitation imposed by MSFS, giving the skiway ground textures a much more detailed layout than most airport addons Special technique used to add wind shear details to the vast white lands on the glacier Extensive manual with detailed information on flying in Antarctica
  12. FeelThere release KCVG Cincinnati Northern Kentucky International for Microsoft Flight Simulator! Grab your copy here: https://orbxdirect.com/product/feelthere-kcvg-msfs Features: Over 40 highly detailed building models with PBR texturing Complete modeled ground polygon including realistic decals, dirt, taxi lines, and surfaces Updated AFCAD, parking spots, taxiway names, and taxi signs Improved taxiway and runway lighting Multiple objects and clutter are placed over the airport using the SDK Improved night lighting and apron lamps Terrain follows the real-world elevation
  13. Fly2High release KRSW Southwest Florida International v2 on Orbx for Microsoft Flight Simulator! Grab your copy here: https://orbxdirect.com/product/fly2high-krsw-msfs Features: Accurate simulation of the nearest Southwest Florida International Airport Hand-made ground textures (Runways, aprons, paths, roads). Accurately modeled and positioned dynamic airport lighting. Highly detailed models of all airport buildings, objects, and surroundings. Good optimization of FPS
  14. Parallel 42 release Thick Scroll utility for Microsoft Flight Simulator! Grab your copy here: https://orbxdirect.com/product/p42-thickscroll Features: Enhanced Visibility: With Thick Scroll, the scroll bars become more prominent, making them easier to locate at a glance, especially in complex control panels and menus. Improved Accuracy: Improves accuracy of grabbing the scroll bar by 42% Improved Precision: The increased scroll bar thickness improves ease of use during critical flight phases, ensuring smoother navigation through menus and settings. Accessibility Boost: This mod is a significant step forward in making MSFS more accessible to individuals with motor impairments or those who find the default scroll bars challenging to use. Thick Scroll enables a wider range of sim enthusiasts to enjoy flying without compromise. Seamless Integration: Thick Scroll is designed to blend seamlessly with the existing MSFS interface, maintaining the sim's aesthetic while enhancing usability.
  15. FeelThere releases KSTL St. Louis International Airport for Tower! Simulator 3 Grab your copy here: https://orbxdirect.com/product/feelthere-kstl-towersim Features: Detailed custom buildings with highly detailed textures Airport taxi signs Ground markings Dynamic lighting and light sources are individually placed, for a spectacular night view experience. Most buildings are remodeled with high-detail Beautiful background scenery
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