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  1. Imagine landing your pmdg B737 in KBUR, in a new KBUR with a lot of new stuff. I am IN And it"s about to be true next week Dom
  2. I think a lot of people are over-reacting here. Including me This version 2 surely must not become a new habit for all Orbx projects ouch scarry... and, possibly, Orbx might have dithered about this. But if KBUR is one of your favorite airport, if you already bought it, frankly, 50 % discount is quite good. Wouldn't you be ready to pay some extra 10€$ for a better scenery and new techs ? It"s up to Matteo now to prouve he is right. Let's not shoot on the messenger (on the ambulance). Dom Mason
  3. After some thoughs, i concur to Cygnific analysis. As a matter of fact, i flew a KSFO KBUR flight last week end, and i was disappointed by the front terminal (shots #2 and #3) inside modeling would have been a nice addition, at least for this part of Commercial flights terminal. from the shots above, improvements look more like cosmetic. But i will buy it cause KBUR is one of my top 10 airports Dom NB: anything you say will be held against you
  4. It's cool. I would have rather liked a new airport, but ok, indeed, lots of new additions. Dom
  5. Guys.. Orbx team... What to say ? Fantastic airport !! Ils captured at 3 500 feets, incredible airport perched in the mountains. Cool landing, greats sensations. Thanks. Oh, and, i need more of these marvels Dom
  6. Fantastic And what a great airport. I am looking again and again its location and there are so many flights to do ! Its also an airport for everybody, commercial, biz and piston Best Dom
  7. Hi Filou great shots as usual but i am puzzled : no jetways on your version ? Thanks Dom
  8. Alleluja ! Something new from Orbx team. And great flights to plan : KORD, KIAD, CYYZ, KCLE, KCLT, KATL and more ! Any new from Boise airport project ?? And eager to get Christchurch from your partner NZA Thanks Dom
  9. Despite my remark about the lack of inside modeling, i must admit that its a great work with a lot of attentions on details. Dom
  10. Hello Orbx team. As a reminder, it's time to move on, and give us some insights of 2022 big plans. Unless your all team is stuck somewhere on a pacific island. (Is it ?) We need more airports, americans, europeans, australians. We need Merlbourne airport, we need Gold Coast airport etc.... Or.. is it possible in my worst nightmare, that Orbx is just nothing more than a flight sim vendor. I cannot believe it. Dom Mason
  11. What a curious airport, built like a square. The historic city looks good although. I would have prefered Mostar. Dom
  12. Hmm, thanks SizzlingPopcorn I had no idea these improvements were so linked to hardware. Dom
  13. Lol that's exactly the same, left and right. Maybe the scenery did not itself properly ? I had the same problem with Iceland mesh Dom
  14. Really ? I watched the video and comparisons. I see no differences or very light ones. Eager too to know more about PAJN but will we get an answer here ? Dom
  15. Klawock, Kenai, Kodiak and others are generally established along sea-level, so they should be compatible. About Ketchikan, i am not shure. I assume that Orbx team checked that That was not a problem when Orbx was developing its own alaskan airports. It was a long long time ago Dom
  16. Hi I am not shure to understand. Does that mean that Orbx Alaska Mesh is compatible with third-part designer sceneries ? I already have Kodiak, Ketchikan, and more others. Will i encounter negative impact on these sceneries like elevation issues ? Thanks Dom
  17. Same here, i am disappointed. But i can say that YBBN is quite a very big airport. Not so easy to get the best standards. As already stated, with such a heavy airport, at least, it would have been great to get at least one inside modeled terminal. -> Note that even Fly Tampa did not manage to do that in Sydney YSSY It's way easier to make "landmarks cities" for shure. But, so far, i will not buy Brisbane Landmark. Dom
  18. Yesterday, i was enjoying the idea of flying to Telluride or to Sedona (wonderful airports) - I was shure they were already in my MSFS Orbx Library... Guess what ? i must got an alzeihmer. Just forgot these airports are still not available in MSFS. I need your help, Orbx. Dom Mason
  19. And... Golden Coast There's also an Adelaide airport coming shortly, but don't know about its quality Dom
  20. YES ! YES ! YES ! Apparently no inside modeling, but a lot of details and a great airport for Sidney ! And a new runway !!! Best Dom Mason
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