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  1. An update is now available on Orbx Central for FlyTampa YSSY Sydney Intl Airport for Microsoft Flight Simulator. Changes: SU5 compatibility Other minor fixes Removed reliance on separate library dependency (now incorporated into YSSY package)
  2. We are investigating and with another hotfix coming up, this is a moving target. Cheers
  3. An update is available now on Orbx Central for EGTB Wycombe for Microsoft Flight Simulator. Changelog Reduced height of trees on approach to runway 24 Folder renamed
  4. An update for EIDW Dublin for MSFS is now available on Orbx Central. Changes XBox preparation and texture optimisation Folder restructure
  5. Product only has POIs, so not sure what is causing what you are seeing. Suggest isolating other addons in the community folder to find the culprit.
  6. Thanks Hendrik, now that I re-read what has been provided and what you have posted here, I have edited the release post and the product page to remove any ambiguity.
  7. Product features and descriptions have been provided by Seafront which is also on their site. https://seafrontsims.com/global-shipping I would gather that if you take those 19 ships and multiply by the hundreds of routes you’ll get thousands of boats and ships across the globe.
  8. Technical Update 1.5 for REX Weather Force 2020 is now available on Orbx Central (6.0.2021.0730). Changelog: ADDED – Compatibility with the latest version of Microsoft’s Flight Simulator ( FIXED – Pressure interpretation. FIXED – Winds and temperature aloft rendering in upper levels. FIXED – Pressure where data is missing in the weather data. FIXED – Incorrect pressure rendering on the main interface. FIXED – Ground snow not properly clearing over time. FIXED – Overcast clouds not properly clearing over time. FIXED – Low-level clouds not rendering bases correctly. FIXED – Weather computations that were causing weather to sometimes not inject during flight.
  9. Technical update 1.1 is now available on Orbx Central (6.0.2021.0728) This update ensures compatibility with SU:5 of Microsoft Flight Simulator.
  10. Available now on Orbx Central is an update to SamScene 3D Shanghai City Times. Changelog: Added more than 30 custom buildings Added more than 50 residential buildings Added animating billboards Added some ships and boats in the river Added night effects to the iconic buildings located in Pudong area Added many custom design of famous landmarks Improved the Pearl Tower night effects Improved the night effect of Bund area historical buildings Improved the quality of building textures Fixed overall mesh problem in the default MSFS
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