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  1. Hi all, a new update for SoFly Weather Preset Pro is now available on Orbx Central. Due to the change in how this product is delivered, you will not see an update notification but instead it will show as not being installed. Simply click on the Install button to have 1.3.0 installed. The product previously had a bespoke installer that configured the presets, hence this change in process for this update. New presets: Epic Clouds 1 Epic Clouds 2 Epic High Level Clouds Epic Low Level Clouds Epic Overcast Epic Rolling Clouds Epic Snow Clouds Epic Storm Clouds Epic Ultra High Level Clouds Epic Waves
  2. It’s out now. And also, it’s a public holiday here as well today.
  3. Hi all, we have some updates from FSimStudios that are now available on Orbx Central. CYVR Vancouver 1.2.1 Adding parking positions to CAM9 and CYHC Fixed elevation issues at CAM9 CYXU London 1.2.0 Fixing issues with jetways CYLW Kelowna 1.2.0 Fixing issues with jetways
  4. Hi all, an update for the Aeroplane Heaven P-51 is now available on Orbx Central. Changes 1. Fuel gauge corrections to show correct amount of fuel. 2. Altitude needle maths changed to correctly indicate 10000 , 1000 , 100 ft increments. 3. Addition of the missing repaint texture - Factory used 4. Addition of a super chrome restored texture. 5. Settings for the stock Asobo jet fighter bone dome pilot (readme found in the documentation folder). 6. Added the missing page to the manual on the take off procedures. 7. Tweaked the spinner shape. 8. Corrected the bands on "Old crow" spinner.
  5. Hi all, updates to Seafront Simulations Vessels:Core, Global Shipping and Enhanced AI is now available on Orbx Central. Changes: Switched from having Enhanced AI as the prerequisite to the free Vessels Core Library. Enhanced AI will remain standalone and doesn’t need the Vessels Core Library. New wakes in here as well as some minor LOD changes
  6. FTX_EU_NOR_08_CUSTOM.zip Can you extract these into the FTX_EU_NOR_08_CUSTOM/texture folder and see if the issue still persists?
  7. Hi all, an update to FS Academy VFR is now available on Orbx Central. 1.3.0 Changelog -Onscreen objectives -Visible Markers -Trigger enhancements, refinements and additions -Added map for lesson 4 -Intro and Outro cinematics -Instructor now notices excessive bank, pitch etc
  8. The airport scene is one combined model so therefore not possible to disable/remove them. There are no plans at the moment to make any changes.
  9. Great feedback, thanks. We are looking at how to standardise overall. As you can imagine, we’ve been so used to the airport ICAO as a standard and now with various product types now on offer we need to think of how best to handle and cater for the unknown too.
  10. Hi all, there have a been a few updates for the Grumman F3F-2 with the latest (1.2.0) now available on Orbx Central. 1.2.0 The CTD issue some people are getting should be fixed now. This also cures a frame rate issue that others were getting. Stick issue is corrected. Quickview cameras are edited to match the stock implementation. VR camera has been reset. 1.1.27 Elevator issue on the Gulfhawk variant. Remapped internal canopy structure.
  11. Available to purchase is the LHA(R) America Class Amphibious Assault Ship for Microsoft Flight Simulator. This package contains static, landable objects for the America class ships and is primarily meant as a companion of IndiaFoxtEcho F-35 aircraft for STOVL operation. https://orbxdirect.com/product/indiafoxtecho-lha-america
  12. Hi all, an update has been available for KAWO Arlington for X-Plane by Airfoillabs. Fixes Added Animated and Remotely controlled Airfoillabs Hangar. Compatibility with C172 NG DIGITAL product. Graphically represented 3d navigation patterns for all 5 airports. Toggle Arrows help to locate visually airports and landing spots. Added 2 Gravel Riverbank adventure landing spots with 3D content. Corrected Ortho and Exclusion zones. Compatibility with ORBX - TrueEarth US Washington. Minor fixes.
  13. Ok, for those that purchased on the weekend and that ran into this issue, you can now verify files in Orbx Central to complete the registration/install process. Thanks for your patience!
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