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  1. Only the z_airport-nzmf folder is shipped with the NZ Mesh and it is there if using the default NZMF. If using any other version, it can be disabled or removed.
  2. Hi all, the SWS Vans RV-14 update is now available on Orbx Central. Changelog: Added UI title entries to cameras to prevent crashes when saving camera views. Modified mechanical efficiency tables to correct performance at altitude Modified thrust scalar to correct performance at altitude Changed RPM increment from 1rpm to 10rpm Increased rudder authority Made PMAG test switch functional and added checklist item Corrected flap handle initialisation when cold and dark Updated embedded PMS50 version Modified VR collision mesh in cockpit
  3. Definitely no. A simple guide: Can I see clearly that my screenshot shows an Orbx product? Yes! I'll enter No! I'll take another screenshot.
  4. Hi all, the NZA Simulations updates are now available on Orbx Central. YMHB & YCBG v1.3 changelogs Improvements to both texture quality and performance Cleaned up the photogrammetry issue around both airports that was introduced with World Update 7 Australia. Also updated is the required free NZA Model Library which will be downloaded by Orbx Central.
  5. Hi all, the latest airport updates from Aerosoft is now available on Orbx Central. One of the major additions to these is the implementation of the Aerosoft VDGS module and we have now made this module available in Orbx Central as well. It is important that you update Orbx Central to version 4.1.43 for the module and associated files to be correctly installed and configured. This VDGS module is automatically installed by Orbx Central as a dependency. Changelogs EDDK Cologne Bonn Airport 1.0.7 Added support for Aerosoft VDGS module Highly accurate VDGS models based on the FMT APIS variant Fixed graphical ground artifact at Delta gates Removed marshaller and pushback service spawn at small GA parking spots Added "ramp connection" to Delta stands previously not served by either jetway or stairs Added Airline codes to parking spots ENVA Trondheim Airport 1.0.9 Added support for Aerosoft VDGS module Highly accurate VDGS models based on the FMT APIS variant Fixed issue where jetways don't connect with aircraft Changed tower night effect from red to white LOD adjustments to tower model Added Airline codes to parking spots LLBG Ben Gurion Airport 1.1.0 Implementing Aerosoft VDGS modules across the airport Overall texture replacements / enhancements across the airport Tunnels below taxiways added Animated passengers inside Terminal 3 Terminal interior redone with texture enhancements Main control tower - static people models Jetway texture and model enhancements Small radar station model added Apron vehicles movement improvements Real life like enhancements to the Terminal 3 apron / taxiway Mike texture Lots of real life like models across the airport added Trees and vegetation fixes and improvements across the airport WigWag lights added on stop points to all runways Red stop marks on each stop point Real life like AI behavior according to the latest airlines parking positions
  6. Eugene has recommenced working on OLC Asia.
  7. Hi all, a couple of updates from IndiaFoxtEcho are now available on Orbx Central. SU-31 1.0.3 - Fixed incorrect raindrop direction in the canopy - Added text tips during loading LONG-EZ 1.2.7 - fixed minor glitch in rudder animation when viewed from the cockpit - minor tweaks to flight model (canard incidence and trim effectiveness) to improve trim accuracy - minor tweaks to shadow center position for (hopefully) fewer shadowing artifacts
  8. I have the files but we need to do some work in Central to cater for the VDGS dependency. Will check with the team on that today.
  9. Hi all. An update for the Aeroplane Heaven P-51 D Mustang is now available on Orbx Central. Changelog Loadout issue with the external fuel tanks. - Fixed Prop pitch issue externally. - Fixed Texture mismatch issue. - Fixed Shadow issue introduced with SU9 - Fixed Added 2 new liveries to the modern/civilian series
  10. It will be be available here in a couple of weeks.
  11. Hi all, an update for the Milviz PC-6 Turbo-Porter is now available on Orbx Central. Changelog - CTD on exit to main menu fixed - NXi EIS labels missing fixed - missing ice on co-pilot's window fixed - external elements (snow / rain) entering cabin underneath panel fixed - xml errors fixed - tundra tire braking effectiveness adjusted (slightly lessened)
  12. Hi all, an update for Impulse Simulations YSBK Bankstown Airport is now available on Orbx Central. Changelog Optimised Textures Optimised Models Adjusted LOD's Added Custom Taxiway lighting with correct spacing Corrected Duplicate Windsocks that appeared with the Australia Update Removed Several Trees that appeared in areas they should not have been caused in SU9 Improved Product Stability Corrected Misplaced Signage Corrected Helicopter Parking Improved DEM Performance
  13. Coffs Harbour for MSFS is a product by Impulse Simulations so it won’t be eligible for any discount. We currently do offer 20% discounts for cross-platform purchases of Orbx products. The 40% launch offer was for our releases for MSFS back in August/September 2020.
  14. Hi all, An update for REX Real Global Airport Textures is now available on Orbx Central. Changelog FIXED – Support for the latest release of Microsoft’s Flight Simulator – Build:
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