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  1. Hi all, the REX Weather Force update (version 6.0.2021.1020) is now available on Orbx Central. Changelog FIXED – Compatibility with the latest version of Microsoft’s Flight Simulator IMPROVED – General overall weather injection performance
  2. Hi all, an update is now available Orbx Central for the Aeroplane Heaven Supermarine Spitfire Mk1A. Major changes are: EXTERIOR MODEL Damage modeling added with regard to damaged prop on belly landing. Re-textured flaps and flap recesses in wings for more authenticity. INTERIOR MODEL Improved textures and extra detail in some areas. Revised coding for differential braking pressure De-icing pump now functional Inclusion of “differential braking disabled” click zone for those who want just rudder control for steering on ground. FLIGHT MODEL Differential braking adjusted
  3. We are provided the marketing material and promotional screenshots that are published on the pages here, and I trust that the information provided to us is valid.
  4. Great suggestions. I had just posted elsewhere that work is being in the background on a large number of improvements to OD and OC.
  5. Thanks for the feedback. We are working in the background on many improvements that we will see later next year.
  6. Hi all, an update for FSAcademy Jetliner is now available on Orbx Central. Changelog: Minor update for Sim Update 6 compatibility, plus minor changes to dialog and addition of Flight Duration in briefing screen.
  7. Adding a separate section for XBox on our site may lead to some customer confusion as it may infer that a purchase here will be available on the XBox. We can explore other methods of maintaining a public list of what is available for the console.
  8. Assuming you own an Xbox, you can view what’s available in the Marketplace there. As of today, there is the Optica, NZ Mesh, London Landmarks, Singapore Landmarks and EGLC London City Airport available for Xbox. Onestore (I.e. not Steam)) customers that have purchased these titles through the Marketplace for the PC can access them on the Xbox provided they use the same gamertag across both devices.
  9. Hi all, an update for FSimStudios CYVR Vancouver International Airport for MSFS is now available on Orbx Central. Changelog: - CAM9 and CYHC Docks are now solid - Lighting improvements, lights around the terminal now are white LED - Added: Ships around the harbour - Added: Chevron Floating gas Station, courtesy of Freywing - Multiple SU5 Fixes
  10. Unfortunately no arrangements have been made for licence transfers, sorry.
  11. I’ll check with them as I was asked to remove it from the latest version.
  12. Hi Colin, I’ve enabled EGLC in your Orbx account, could you please see if that works for you (and delete the Marketplace version as well.) The reduction in package size is due to the optimisation of the CGL file, so that is expected.
  13. I would love to have all the FlyTampa on OD, and I'll continue to encourage the remainder to come onboard.
  14. Hi all, a couple of updates are available on Orbx Central for Microsoft Flight Simulator versions of BIKF and LPPD. BIKF Keflavik XBox optimisation and compatibility Runway elevation profile added Mesh updates LPPD Ponta Delgada XBox optimisation and compatibility Black texture fix Removed static aircraft
  15. Frankfurt is no longer on the OrbxDirect website as it’s no longer available for purchase. As answered above, please use Orbx Central to update the Frankfurt package.
  16. There was 2 product updates Vessels Core Library 1.3.0 which is a library dependency that is used by Vessels Anguilla, St Martin and St Barts, Vessels Channel Islands and Vessels UK South East Vessels: Enhanced AI 1.3.0 Vessels UK South East is a new payware release.
  17. Hi all, an update to the Aeroplane Spitfire Mk1A is now available on Orbx Central. This Service Upgrade addresses a number of issues, bugs and improvements. EXTERIOR MODEL True castoring tailwheel added with new ground-handling code. Revised livery textures for more authenticity INTERIOR MODEL Improved textures and extra detail in some areas. Revised coding for Alternator Switch Engine Oil and Coolant temperature gauges re-coded to give more accurate function. 10,000 ft. needle added to Altimeter Gyro compass and knob improved for better function Pedal action reversed KiGass primer re-animated ( start position IN). Fuel Pressure cock and primer sequence re-coded. Light leak on panel shroud eliminated. Gear indicator lights switch now functional on throttle quadrant. FLIGHT MODEL Improved engine performance envelope Adjustments made to ground handling to counter SU5 and WU6 changes in sim. SOUND “gap” in engine startup sequence removed.
  18. We have released today the following Aerosoft aircraft for P3D - the Airbus 318/319, 320/321 & 330 as well as the CRJ. You will be required to update Orbx Central to 4.1.40 to install these aircraft. You can take advantage the current Wish We Were There At Expo Sale discount offer of 30% off with these and other released Aerosoft products on OrbxDirect. Ends in 11 hours! Please note that the CRJ is 2 separate products for P3Dv4 & v5. Purchasing one version entitles you to the other at no additional cost.
  19. The floor here is pretty shiny and apparently heritage listed too! The terminal building was completely modelled and textured by the legendary Russ White, and he's done an absolutely fantastic rendition of it.
  20. Hi all, the latest 1.6.0 Technical Update (6.0.2021.0921 on Orbx Central) is now available. · FIXED – Rendering of upper-level winds and temperatures at all levels. · FIXED – Improved closest weather update rendering algorithm. · FIXED – Saving Aerosol settings option. · FIXED – Improved weather search rendering algorithm. · FIXED – Improved weather engine cloud layer rendering. · IMPROVED - General overall performance and rendering.
  21. Flights are restricted to emergency services mainly between 11pm and 6am so there is a curfew in place. And that is an advertising board, located at the DFO (retail factory outlet stores) next to the airport.
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