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  1. Waaaauw...Together with the great collection of Part 1, these are all marvelous captures regarding sceneries, planes, light conditions, weather conditions and view-angles. Overal the best shots seen sofar and each of them worth to be entered in any screenshot competition. Very well done
  2. Could be a sight during the Battle of Britain at WWII. Is the actual Orbx-EGKA airport and the Spitfire MK1a from Aeroplane Heaven in front.
  3. A far away destination for this 'Tante Ju'. Great serie of captures in- and out the plane in a gorgeous scenery.
  4. Very good rendition of this classic GA. Nicely captured in warm atmospheric situation. A valuable addition to your hangar and I suppose will be flown very often...
  5. Gorgeous collection via these various splendid screenshots in different weather conditions, very well done
  6. Great modelled iconic ship. Is that the one who is put as museum in Long Beach - CA-US ? How to you portover from FSX? Is he really so much smaller than the Queen Mary II as the last shot shows?
  7. Strange, sofar unseen plane...but in the correct location captured. What model? Pay- or freeway?
  8. Yes, probably SU9. Many other Plane and Scenery addons(Orbx and non-Orbx) shows anomalies. I hope that Microsoft/Asobo will finally stabilise their SDK-Module that ever since is adapted(=improved?) by every SU and angrees the Sim-addon developpers by constant need to update their products to a next version.....
  9. first 3 = 3 locations middle 9 = 9 different planes last 3 = 3 screenshots per location (it all refers to my previous posting '3 + 3 + 3' and never putted the '= ?' behind, it was not a math question !
  10. One of the craziest formed planes, via these shots nice pictured. Is a bit opposite of the flying barrel(Grumman F3) regarding length and width of the fuselage.
  11. Beautiful framed shots of this classic sportsplane and in a lovely colorscheme.
  12. I'm confused.....your figures 5+7=13 You like all 10 shots, thank you...but...I'm curious for that 10th shot you like In this post I submitted 9 screenshots, not 10.
  13. As I got a request to perform the same as in my previous post but now on 3 other locations(Concrete Mun, Darrington and Orcas) hereby simular entry but every screenshot shows now another plane, so 9 in total --> Lockheed P38L - B247 - Piper Warrior II - Kitfox - Grumman F-3F-2 - Pitts S2S - Cessna-414 - Marchetti-S205 - Junkers-52 Concrete Mun - 3W5 Darrington airfield - 1S2 Orcas - KORS
  14. Ok Landon....I will try to fulfill your wish in one of the future posts but I will fly there with other planes..., ok? Thank you anyway for the positive reply...
  15. Well....2 is to less and 4 to much....but I love most number 7
  16. 3 different planes on 3 different locations and each by 3 screenshots per location. The last shows my most recent added plane to my hangar, the Ercoupe-415 Grumman-44 on Block Island airport-KBID Drifter on Fall City Privat airstrip-1WA6 Ercoupe-415 on Silez Bay airport-S45
  17. Looks like a fine and florish modelled airport with a lot of subtropic plants all around. Greatly made overview
  18. Marvelous pictured this fine modelled airport from Orbx. Very well done
  19. Great showcase of 2 of the best modelled large German airports and nice pictured from deparing Gate to arrival Gate.
  20. Located in the Atlantic Ocean about 860 Km SouthWest from mainland Portugal lies Island Madeira located with it's Capital Funchal. Orbx-partner AmSim has improved the modelling of the airport LPMA and is so a lot more detailled than the handcrafted one by Asobo. In the 3 last shots are the differences visual and it's necessary to make the handcrafted one inactive. My option is simply give the status "false" in the content.xml file, deleting the asobo-file of LPMA is of coarse the more drastic way but not my favourite way to perform. Hereby some views: In follow 3 shots the difference between the Asobo handcrafted, the mixed(if not made inactive) and the most realistic one by AmSim:
  21. My latest post of Panama shots was concerning the channel more the south part. But the complete modelled scenery consist also of the northern part(Atlantic Ocean side). Apart from general shots, I hereby concentrate shots on that north side of the channel.
  22. I should say: don't execute flighttraining in such bad weather. Choose a clear and windfree moment and also close the canopy because the incoming rainwater result in extra weight and can also cause shortcuts in your electro-systems....
  23. In relation to the 'Golden Eastern Egg hunt' (posted on discord) I take the occasion to post some other collorful, no so hidden, Eastern Eggs in the 7 locations of the hunt. 1. Auckand 2. Dubai 3. Essendon airport 4. Panama 5. Prague Airport 6. Singapore 7. Sydney My very best Wishes for a fine Eastern to all sim flyers, forummembers and other viewers of sights worldwide....
  24. Great Livery on this marvelous modelled classic twinprop, very nice pictured.
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