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  1. What a curious airport, built like a square. The historic city looks good although. I would have prefered Mostar. Dom
  2. Hmm, thanks SizzlingPopcorn I had no idea these improvements were so linked to hardware. Dom
  3. Lol that's exactly the same, left and right. Maybe the scenery did not itself properly ? I had the same problem with Iceland mesh Dom
  4. Really ? I watched the video and comparisons. I see no differences or very light ones. Eager too to know more about PAJN but will we get an answer here ? Dom
  5. Klawock, Kenai, Kodiak and others are generally established along sea-level, so they should be compatible. About Ketchikan, i am not shure. I assume that Orbx team checked that That was not a problem when Orbx was developing its own alaskan airports. It was a long long time ago Dom
  6. Hi I am not shure to understand. Does that mean that Orbx Alaska Mesh is compatible with third-part designer sceneries ? I already have Kodiak, Ketchikan, and more others. Will i encounter negative impact on these sceneries like elevation issues ? Thanks Dom
  7. Same here, i am disappointed. But i can say that YBBN is quite a very big airport. Not so easy to get the best standards. As already stated, with such a heavy airport, at least, it would have been great to get at least one inside modeled terminal. -> Note that even Fly Tampa did not manage to do that in Sydney YSSY It's way easier to make "landmarks cities" for shure. But, so far, i will not buy Brisbane Landmark. Dom
  8. Yesterday, i was enjoying the idea of flying to Telluride or to Sedona (wonderful airports) - I was shure they were already in my MSFS Orbx Library... Guess what ? i must got an alzeihmer. Just forgot these airports are still not available in MSFS. I need your help, Orbx. Dom Mason
  9. And... Golden Coast There's also an Adelaide airport coming shortly, but don't know about its quality Dom
  10. YES ! YES ! YES ! Apparently no inside modeling, but a lot of details and a great airport for Sidney ! And a new runway !!! Best Dom Mason
  11. Small airport but thrilling approach along the montains (montains all around ) Perfect addition to Norway already existing airports Perfect for trips departing from Alesund, via Orsta-Volda via Sogndal to Nottoden Thanks Andreas Dom Mason
  12. Sens du design, puissance de l'image. et un zeste de french touch #Shots 1 & 3 Dom NB : So, yes, now, i feel ready to buy this landmarks Dubai !
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