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  1. Thank you all for the kind wishes, it was a great day with family, and I now get an awesome present of completing on my first house with my fiancee
  2. Because some people may like to recreate flights of the past, same reason why Kai Tak is still a popular airport in the simming community. Yes, no navdata makes it harder, but it still is possible.
  3. Like I said I don't think it's Orbx's or Gaya's issue to fix, rather the issue of Navigraph or Asobo/NavBlue But imo there's no 'issue' as the airport is closed so therefore is correct not to show in nav databases
  4. Which sim? I believe this issue needs to be sorted by someone like Navigraph rather than Orbx. However theoretically, it's correct for EDDT not to be in the database as EDDT is now closed.
  5. Is you aircraft in MSFS using LBS or KG? Otherwise I'd ask PMDG support as they are good.
  6. Hope you feel as best you can after the dentist My guesses -------------------------------------------------------------------------- a) Toronto - CYYZ - FlyTampa b) Cologne - EDDK - Aerosoft c) Leeds Bradford - EGNM - Orbx d) Chicago Midway - KMDW - DD (sorry didn't want to butcher the spelling) e) Split - LDSP - Orbx f) Lyon - LFLL - Digital Design g) Athens - LGAV - FlyTampa h) Salzburg - LOWS - Digital Design i) Lviv - UKLL - Pyreegue (My least confident guess) j) Sydney - YSSY - FlyTampa (hoping one day to be my future home)
  7. Same, I'm also probably of the age where providing monarch's (and I) live to a reasonable age, I'll now see 3 kings, Charles III, William and George
  8. I used to play loads of video games, all types of sporting games, call of duty, GTA 5, and driving games (mainly F1), all I use/play now is MSFS
  9. Rest in peace your majesty, we will miss you
  10. Plenty of people are going on especially in July and August. The roadmap is here,
  11. Dom, obviously that's not true, go look at the 2022 roadmap, also look at the 2021 roadmap discussion as it's been discussed that Orbx are showing YMML off on other social media platforms. Also I'm not sure how it works in Oz, but for the UK side of Orbx, July and August is probably when people take holidays. There's a saying in english (probs in other languages), no news is good news. Have a little patience
  12. I think wires are being crossed, I believe Viacheslav is still in Ukraine, but when he say's "It is undeniably beautiful, but UK needs me right here right now" means developing UK airports rather than airports in other countries
  13. Visual Docking Guidance System is a system that helps aircraft pull onto stand. Basically replacing the job of a marshaller, Nool Aerosystems is just who created the plugin
  14. Imo, I don't think devs should give release dates, it just creates more headaches. I really like how Orbx does their releases.
  15. A way of marketing - Orbx only post of these forums when a product is within 10 days of release, so other platforms allow them to tease the airport..
  16. I can't talk about London, but where I live in the countryside, I've see thick fog, where you can only see 10-15 feet in front of you. I've even had to stop driving because of it and wait for it to clear up a bit
  17. Hi Robin, Yes ESSA is in the works by Marcus, although there's no ETA I've seen
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