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  1. According to the map below, the whole of GB seems to be covered.
  2. RIP Terry, you will be missed. Great idea Gerold to share Terry's files here. Yesterday I accidentally stumbled over this epic "Member Photo Gallery"- thread, where Terry introduces himself in the second post. Other late fellow simmers of ours had also contributed to this topic Unfortunately many of the pics are not accessable any more.
  3. Yes, just like stiletto said, Flighsims produce CGI, meaning it is not real world. The way John put it, was a bit misleading.
  4. I guess there is "San Juan Airlines" written on the wall - then it must be Anacortes. I suspected this earlier, because of the tanks in the first shot, but was not sure.
  5. Hi Paul, no, unfortunately I have no idea how to change the altidude. I suggest, you toggle slew mode right after the flight has been loaded, then slew your boat down to the surface and exit slew mode again. I think this should serve your intentions. BTW I was wrong, it is not 1500 ft but 1640 ft. I guess the reason for this odd number is, that it is equivalent to 500 metres exactly.
  6. I don't know if the following is common knowledge. Within MSFS you can click anywhere on the opening map and set this spot as take off location. MSFS will then place your plane 1500 ft AGL above this clicked spot. So if you would like to place the plane above your house, just zoom-in the opening map untill you can see your house and click on it. By clicking on the map you can also set an arrival location and add as many custom waypoints as you like.
  7. Disclaimer Warning! The following video features a stunt performed by a profesional. We must insist, that @Jack Sawyer does not attempt to recreate or re-enact the stunt performed in this video.
  8. Great shot of a great looking scenery. I never had associated this kind of landscape with Brazil. When thinking of Brazil, the Amazone with its lush green rainforests comes into my mind.
  9. I hope it is okay for Rob, if I give you a little hint. The brewery closed down at its orihinal location in Bellingham and reopened again at the airport in question.
  10. A brewery right at an airport? No that's what I call a great combination. In Munich they have got the Air Bräu with a nice beer garden right at EDDM airport.
  11. Yes, I really had missed that one. I have checked it out now and like it very much.
  12. Some fantastic shots Paul.
  13. Some interesting talk about the beta and other things in this stream
  14. Great shots Paul and thank for advertising my hometown so enthusiastically. That's much appreciated. Would you like to have a job at Tourism Innsbruck?
  15. Acidentally I have read in the MSFS forums yesterday that many beta testers have reported issues. I think that's what John meant.
  16. I highly doubt, that the majority does not like static aircraft. Maybe one can get this Impression, because them who like statics keep quiet as they do not have a reason to complain. An opportunity to choose between the options of having static AC or not having static AC would be ideal. If this is not possible please keep the statics.
  17. Gerold, great shots and loads of interesting information I enjoyed reading very much.
  18. @Jack Sawyer Jack, maybe you'll find here what you are looking for.
  19. You are mixing things up Jack. Planes ae designed to fly over mountains and ships to go beneath bridges.
  20. After Judith Durham now also Olivia Newton-John has died. RIP Olivia.
  21. I agree, it is never good to anounce a project too early. And if you do, good (marketing) practice would be to constantly release updates on the state of deveopment or just posting screenshots or just posting about the project, even if there is no progress at all in the development. Customers like this, they feel cared about. The is one well known Orbx developer (you can guess, whom I mean ) who does the above in perfection. His projects sometimes are taking forever, but he is just talking about his projects on a regular basis. Sometimes releasing screenshots which honestly don't show much or even nothing new, but people are happy. So it would be easy for Orbx to calm people down. For me it is not understandable why nothing happens in this way.
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