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  1. Carlis, I have been there last July and as @ESGG Spotter said, it looks like to be a permanent structure. Following your suggestion one could demand a panel for removing any structure at an airport, which is not to his liking.
  2. @Stillwater Gerold, will pics of airports by Orbx partner companies be okay?
  3. The above is not correct. On short final at many airports there is a discrepancy between PAPI and ILS indications in real world. This is stated in quite a few YouTube tutorials about flying ILS approaches by real world pilots. Then the ILS signal is lower then the PAPI path. On long finals it very often is the other way round, because it is quite a difference in height sitting on a 747 flightdeck or in a Cessna 152. So generally PAPIs are more applicable for smaller GA planes rather than airliners But I cannot specifically comment on LIEO, becauseI don't own this scenery.
  4. I am pretty sure it is solely Microsoft's decision (maybe partly also Asobo's) what will be included in a World Update. Orbx is just one of the companies executing MS' plans.
  5. There already have been given more than one statementj on YMML by Orbx. Using the search function is always a good idea.
  6. "Flammable No Smoking" At least now I know it is in an English speaking country.
  7. I have still no idea. Hm, if I remember correctly, Gerold likes to fly his real world trips in the sim and then posting pics of these flights. So let's check out the screenshot forum.
  8. AFAIK Gerold has been in Southern Africa last summer, but I think neither CPT City Scape nor the Okavango Delta are fitting the pic.
  9. Yep, that's a strange thing. I had used MSFS via the Xbox game pass when it came out, because of a special offer which ran out after 3 months. I then quit the game pass, completely uninstalled MSFS and asked Santa for the DVD version. So for about 3 to 4 weeks MSFS was totally absent to my system, but when I installed the DVD version all my previous settings and prferences automatically showed up again. Must have been stored in the cloud under my Xbox user name I guess.
  10. John, ad 1) Maybe Australian officials are a tad too strict when it comes to open areal images to the public. So Google Maps is also not up to date for large parts of Australia. And to be fair only for a few small areas Bing is using 9 year old images, which is okay, since anybody not just looking for his private house hardly won't realize any difference. ad 2) Australia is one of the lucky regions of the world which have been subject of major update namely World Update VII. BTW, it is not too difficult to substitute the default ground textures for certain regions with other areal images including up to date buildings by your own. There are many tutorials on the web inc. YouTube how to do this.
  11. Just my 2 cents to this subject... As long as DX12 is still in beta I'm not going to use it. When introducing DX12 beta months ago, MS/Asobo warned that this might cause odd behavior of the sim depending on the system. At last ironing out such issues is the purpose of a beta.
  12. What? 40 GB! I do hope not much space on c drive is needed for installing, otherwise I'll have a problem.
  13. Lots of labour has gone into this post.
  14. Me thinks you have posted this in the wrong thread.
  15. Last evening I had this issue for the first time, but only when shutting down the sim. After clicking "quit to desktop" it took a few seconds then this infamous GPU warning appeared. I then had to end MSFS via the task manager. This is really strange, because I am using the sim almost daily with the same settings etc. and never had this issue before. Since I have been using the same Nvidia drivers for years now, I don't think this is a driver issue. The only changes I had made to MSFS yesterday was upgrading the installed FSLTL to the most up to date version and installing a certified livery for the Fenix A320. So the only reason for the GPU warning I can imagine is, that either FSLTL has a bad livery included or the new Fenix livery is faulty.
  16. The more they are using discord for support instead of a proper forum. Discord is fine for many things, but not for support and product info.
  17. Our former regional carrier Tyrolean Airways used to do scheduled flights from LOWI to Courchevel during the ski seasons operated by a four engine Dash 7.
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