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  1. Great set of shots Gerold.
  2. It seems like you had a boozy birthday party John.
  3. Hillarious! Thanks for sharing. I am a big fan of the Coen brothers.
  4. @VH-KDK Welcome back to the forums, mate! Long time no see!
  5. Hi Harison, I think it would help to know, with which Orbx product you are having these issue.
  6. We too have Mothers Day in Austria today. So Happy Mothers Day! (although I fear there are not many mothers here in the forums ).
  7. AUD 106.00???? This is considerably more than the costs for MSFS standard edition itself are. That's just plain ridiculous.
  8. I object. For me photogrammetry is one of the best festures of MSFS. Without it MSFS cities and autogen buildings look just like default P3d, FSX or XPlane.
  9. Isn't such a beacon at most airports?
  10. I think I will not follow the carrot, because PMDG has hugely disappointed me once. Many years ago though, but sometimes I'm like an elephant.
  11. Yes, I rember those smoking times on planes. One funny thing was that many smokers in economy class bought non smoking seats and only briefly entered the smoking area, usually in the back of the planes, when they wanted to have a smoke. They just couldn't stand the smelly air during an entire flight.
  12. I think, I wouldn't like to fly nonstop for such a long distance/time (more than 20 hours). When flying to Australia I am always looking forward to the stops in Southeast Asia, like Singapore, Bangkok or Kuala Lumpur. Even the 15 hours from Dubai to Australia seem to be endless. Thus a stop is always very convenient. It interrupts the boredom and an hours walk through an exotic airport is interesting and good for your health (thrombosis!). And you'll get one more take off and landing, the best parts of a flight. PS: And I am glad I am not a smoker.
  13. At Christmas 2019 my wife bought 2 tickets for an Eric Clapton show in Munich in June 2020, which was postponed to June 2021 due to Corona and eventually to 02 June 2022. Fortunately the old tickets are still valid and we are very much looking forward to this concert.
  14. That's a difficult one I can't answer, because my musical taste changes on a regular basis, even genres come and go.
  15. One thing I like about MSFS: collisions with airport vehicles and ai planes will not cause crashes but collisions with airport buildings will.
  16. In French and in German the the equivalents of the word castle (Ch√Ęteau, Schloss) are very often used also for mansions and palaces. So many of those 6400 buildings would not be considered to be a castle by native English speakers.
  17. Nick, me thinks the Aerosoft and the Orbx products are identical. And in the Aerosoft product description, which you have quoted, it says "6400 castle". Anyway, that number seems to be quite realistic for this area. Edit: BTW, I think the definition of castle differs between the French and the British.
  18. Thanks mate! This relieves me a bit.
  19. And also yes, Tegel does not exist any more as public airport. Only its northern area is now used as a military heli base.
  20. Grest set of shots. But I don't get the title too. 3+9+3 ?? But I guess my IQ is dropping by getting older.
  21. @wain71 Do you know by any chance, if there is also an RJ version in the pipeline?
  22. Happy Birthday Graeme! And as you wrote in the other thread - "In my household birthdays are allowed to last one week." - I am not too late.
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