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  1. In the OP it says: Complete reproduction of the entire city and harbours with custom buildings
  2. Actually they can go up pretty high. The world record is 68,986 ft. In many countries altitude restrictions apply though and special permits are required for these high altidudes. Where I live, during the cold seasons one can occasionally see hot air balloons crossing over the Alps, mainly from North to South due to prevailing winds, up at around 16,000 - 19,000 feet. Such an alpine crossing can be booked by anybody for around € 900 - 1,000. Of course oxigen masks have to be used by the balloonists.
  3. Come on, icebergs in Sydney harbour?
  4. 1. draw 2. Piper 3. Q400 4. Citation 5. Caravan 6. Super Cub 7. I always have been a dreamer
  5. Thanks again guys for your responds. Weekend is here and I now have time to think about your suggestions and to try the one or other.
  6. I am on Win10 and my c drive is a 120 GB SSD. With every Win update and every installation of an app or program the free space on the drive is getting smaller and smaller (although all new installations are aiming to another drive), currently being at around 3.5 GB, which can drop to under 1 GB for one or two days after a Win update, which sometimes is not enough space for the system to run properly. I have now checked that my installer-folder (C/Windows/Installer) is "bloated" up to over 70 (!!) GB, containing mainly msi and msp files dated from 2006 up to present. Does anybody know, which of these files I can safely delete? All the internet sources I have found regarding this issue so far are only providing kind of useless advises like "before you delete these files, make sure they are not needed by your system". Is there a way to check, which of these files are still needed by my system and which I can safely delete. Any help or advice is appreciated. Thanks, Wolfgang
  7. Wayne, are you on DX12? Try switching to DX11.
  8. It looks like you have changed your "Assistance Options". So go to Options/Assistance Options/Navigation Aids and alter the settings there to your liking. I think this should solve your issue.
  9. Ana eventually clarified the current status. Read Anna's second last post in this thread:
  10. Found the reason fur the not rendered textures. All data connections seem to have been off line although I did not get the usual warning and although all setting in the data menue were set to "on". Setting alle of the data options manually to "off" and then to "on" again resolved the issue. Resaving the data settings took a few minutes though. I hope all is running stable now.
  11. Thank you @paulb After I posted the above I did a flight and approx. half an hour into the flight all gound textures incl. runways got totally blurred out. Pausing the sim and standing at the apron for 30 minutes did not help. I hope this is not a side effect of the update. As I am typing MSFS is restarting. Hopefully everything is working again.
  12. Since I was absent from simming for a week this update might have been a few days old. Any ideas what its purpose was? BTW, this was already the second not announced update (at least I haven't recognized any notification) I experienced after SU10.
  13. Maybe the master himself, @Holger Sandmann, can help.
  14. You can't rotate the $497 monitor like you can the giant one. It's just like a giant smart phone. And I could imagine that it also has got an interactive touch screen and can be used like a white board. But that's just a sispicion.
  15. Why not just going to Orbx.direct? There is a list of all the special offers: https://orbxdirect.com/
  16. That depends in large part on your bandwith and of course also on your pc specs and your settings. I made the experience that lowering my graphic settings on my ancient system improved the looks of pg. And when all of the others in the family are streaming videos when I am simming, the quality of pg will decrease.
  17. Some info from Anna in the last post of this thread:
  18. Happy Birthday Gerold! Warning: My wife and myself are currently visiting relatives in Hamburg. So we might drop by for some left overs of your birthday cake on our drive back home tomorrow.
  19. Happy belated Birthday mate. I hope you had a good one.
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