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  1. Great shots Wayne. I love these P3d clouds. Nice contrast to MSFS, where unfortunately clouds are a bit overdone sometimes. PS: no sim war intented. I am exklusively using MSFS these days.
  2. Ah, that is interesting. Thanks for the info Paul.
  3. Great set of shots Paul. BTW, the Fouga Magister was used as a jet trainer by the Austrian Airforce in the 1960s and/or 70s. Can't remember exactly. PS: actually Austria doe not have an airforce on its own but it is part of the army.
  4. Sorry, I do object. Very often prices are adjusted to the general price levels in different countries. Sometimes prices are also adjusted accoring to the popularity of certain products or the demand for them in different countries. Amazon is a good example. Sometimes one and the same product is much cheaper on amazon.com or .uk than on amazon.at. But I as an Austrian am not able to buy via amazon.com or.uk I have to buy via amazon.at. On the other hand sometimes identical products are cheaper on amazon.at than on amazon.com or .uk. I assume amazon is controling this via IP addresses. PS: Different tax levels are not the main reason for these price differences between different countries.
  5. In addition to what Caleb said, you can also try the Community Help Forums: https://forum.orbxdirect.com/forum/33-community-help-forums/
  6. If I remeber correctly the developer of Chilliwack and Orbx have split on bad terms many years ago.
  7. Nice aircraft. I will pass it though, because I am perfectly happy with my JustFlight Arrow III and the Warrior.
  8. Happy Birthday John! (as always I'm late to the party )
  9. Now this looks fantastic and what a nice surprise! And guys, plesse pronounce "Phuket" correctly.
  10. Here you go: Microsoft Flight Simulator on XBox - Orbx Community and Support Forums (orbxdirect.com)
  11. Hillarious! Now this gave me a really good laugh. Thanks for sharing.
  12. Dear @W2DR This is really disappointing. I have sent you my bank details already yesterday and there are still no 29 millions on my account. Have you really given the money to @Rodger Pettichord? I guess he has promised you a free cruise to the Carribean on his new yacht. That's just not fair! Yours sincerly Wolfgang
  13. Thanks a lot, I'll take it. I will send you a PM with my account number.
  14. For me photogrammetry is one of the best features of MSFS. Without it MSFS would just look like XP11 with photoreal scenery. So for me photogrammetry is an absolute must have.
  15. I would assume, that for advertising shots all FS settings are set to ultra. . Anything else would not make much sense IMO.
  16. Come on, switching the profile when switching the plane is a matter of seconds. I am actually glad Asobo/MS are not vasting their time and resources on this and put their focus on more important things.
  17. He really did it again? I once believed PMDG's hollow promise, that there will be a free upgrade and I only bought the plane for this reason during a sale many years ago. Of course there never has been an upgrade. This was the last time I bought something from PMDG.
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