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  1. Hi Carlos, one of the towers in Landmarks Dubai. It's in the middle of the cluster of highrises shown in the video at ~1:35min in: https://youtu.be/UD67_Xrpp7U?t=95 Cheers, Holger
  2. Hi guys, actually, Rapa Nui/Easter Island is, geographically speaking, part of Polynesia, which in turn is one of the subregions of Oceania. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Easter_Island While it's a special territory of Chile, it's not part of South America, just like Guam (US unincorporated territory) wouldn't be considered part of North America. Cheers, Holger
  3. Hi there, it's part of Landmarks Panama and primarily benefits owners of that product. Our aerial ground imagery for the northern locks of the canal clashes with the maximum file sizes (and file structures) allowed for Marketplace products so we decided to make it available separately. If you don't have Landmarks Panama (on either Orbx Direct or the MS Marketplace) you're welcome to install it. It'll improve the local ground imagery but lacks everything else that's included with the product. If you purchase Landmarks Panama on the Marketplace you should also install this package to complete the product. Cheers, Holger
  4. Hi there, actually, the grandstand complex has been modeled with custom buildings plus there are animated racehorses going around on weekends. Cheers, Holger
  5. Hi there, I've re-uploaded cvx_FTX-SCA_FSDT-KLAS_compatibility_v2.zip into the first post in that thread, hopefully it works now. Cheers, Holger
  6. Hi Lt. Bran, working on it as quickly as we can. Adjusting hundreds of objects and polygons to match the new photogrammetry content is a major undertaking. Landmarks Adelaide was rather straightforward by comparison Cheers, Holger
  7. Hi guys, thank you so much for the wishes and kind words! My first birthday in the southern hemisphere so it's been warm and sunny for a change ;-) Plenty of new and exciting projects in the works -- stay tuned! Cheers, Holger
  8. Hi there, Blue Marble only replaces the default coarse-resolution global satellite resolution image with a better-quality version. That's the image that only ever gets displayed outside of the inner circle of landclass cenery, as in your screenshot. It doesn't actually alter the coding of how seasons work. OpenLC also doesn't alter the distribution of seasons so what you're seeing is the mismatched interplay between Blue Marble and the default seasons file. In other words, your screenshot should look the same with or without openLC. There is no connection between that global seasons file, which sets the local season for landclass files on an approx. sq-km basis, and the global satellite imagery (default or Blue Marble), which simply switches on the first of each month. Cheers, Holger
  9. Hi there, there is no separate placement file for the custom objects in Frankfurt, they are all in a couple of _PLC_ files in \FTX_EU\FTX_EU_GES_05_SCENERY\scenery. Your options are to exclude them individually with a tool like ADE or SBuilderX, or, if you know how to do it, decompile the placement file and remove the Frankfurt buildings before recompiling. The latter approach would be pretty tedious though as the xml files work with GUID codes rather than object names. Cheers, Holger
  10. Hi there, so I checked Cape Town's default Bing ortho, wondering whether perhaps it had been updated since we released Landmarks Cape Town. It hasn't, it's still the same typical coarse Bing imagery, which is why we licensed and created the custom orthoimagery in the first place. Here's a random location in the port. While our ortho may not be a huge improvement it's definitely noticeable. Also has less shadows baked in than the default, which is particularly noticeable on Table Mountain. In any case, if you prefer the default you can simple rename or remove "sai231.cgl", in \orbx-landmarks-cape-town-city-pack\CGL\300. Note that there will be slight discrepancies in the object placements compared to the default Bing ortho. Also, in our custom ortho we've removed the footprints of vessels in the harbour and made other enhancements throughout, which you will lose by deactivating the CGL. Cheers, Holger
  11. Hi there, indeed, all our FTX regions have a set of exclusion files that cover the entire area. If removed or deactivated, this will lead to tons of duplications and other display issues across the product's coverage area. With typically several hundred airports per region, it's just not feasible to cut "windows" in the area-wide exclusions for each airport and then create separate exclusion files for it. Probably wouldn't be particularly performance-friendly either. In other words, sorry but there's only one set of excludes to rule them all ;-) Cheers, Holger
  12. Hi there, glad you're enjoying our Brisbane renditions! The two products -- YBBN and Landmarks -- differ in their extent and features between the platforms. For P3D, the airport includes riverside detail from the Gateway Bridges east, including Fisherman Island, while the Landmarks product covers the downtown area west of the bridges. For MSFS, the Landmarks product wraps all around the YBBN area and includes the port and riverside industrial areas, while YBBN is focused on the airport itself. Cheers, Holger
  13. Hi guys, as with other flightsim platforms, add-ons can suppress the content of other add-ons if they have higher display priority. Perhaps you have third-party content, or your content.xml -- the registry file for add-ons -- isn't in the correct order? For the latter, you can open content.xml, located in C:\Users\[Username]\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft Flight Simulator, in Notepad or similar and check the position of the "orbx-z-frightsimming-pack" entry. It should be below any other orbx-entries and also any third-party pack that covers the same locations. If not, you can delete the .xml file and MSFS will automatically build a new one and re-sort it alphabetically. Alternatively, an add-on manager like Addons Linker will allow you to do the same, particularly with third-party content. Cheers, Holger
  14. Hi Andy, thanks for the feedback. Unfortunately, it's not possible at the moment to alter the height or shape of the generic buildings, and we couldn't possibly custom model each of the hundreds of downtown buildings. Generic buildings are generated from Open Street Map data and anyone can contribute to improve OSM accuracy and detail. Building heights tend to be one of the parameters most in need of improvement. Thus, anyone who wants to see better downtown areas in non-photogrammetry cities can do so by improving the OSM source data before the next time Microsoft & Azure update their building database. Noted on the wake trails, we definitely want to improve on those, especially for the animated vessels. Cheers, Holger
  15. Hi Cloudhunter, make sure you update Landmarks Frankfurt; a service pack has been released since World Update VI to make it compatible. Cheers, Holger
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