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  1. Hi there, glad you're enjoying our Brisbane renditions! The two products -- YBBN and Landmarks -- differ in their extent and features between the platforms. For P3D, the airport includes riverside detail from the Gateway Bridges east, including Fisherman Island, while the Landmarks product covers the downtown area west of the bridges. For MSFS, the Landmarks product wraps all around the YBBN area and includes the port and riverside industrial areas, while YBBN is focused on the airport itself. Cheers, Holger
  2. Hi guys, as with other flightsim platforms, add-ons can suppress the content of other add-ons if they have higher display priority. Perhaps you have third-party content, or your content.xml -- the registry file for add-ons -- isn't in the correct order? For the latter, you can open content.xml, located in C:\Users\[Username]\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft Flight Simulator, in Notepad or similar and check the position of the "orbx-z-frightsimming-pack" entry. It should be below any other orbx-entries and also any third-party pack that covers the same locations. If not, you can delete the .xml file and MSFS will automatically build a new one and re-sort it alphabetically. Alternatively, an add-on manager like Addons Linker will allow you to do the same, particularly with third-party content. Cheers, Holger
  3. Hi Andy, thanks for the feedback. Unfortunately, it's not possible at the moment to alter the height or shape of the generic buildings, and we couldn't possibly custom model each of the hundreds of downtown buildings. Generic buildings are generated from Open Street Map data and anyone can contribute to improve OSM accuracy and detail. Building heights tend to be one of the parameters most in need of improvement. Thus, anyone who wants to see better downtown areas in non-photogrammetry cities can do so by improving the OSM source data before the next time Microsoft & Azure update their building database. Noted on the wake trails, we definitely want to improve on those, especially for the animated vessels. Cheers, Holger
  4. Hi Cloudhunter, make sure you update Landmarks Frankfurt; a service pack has been released since World Update VI to make it compatible. Cheers, Holger
  5. Hi there, those light-blue slivers look like tears in terrain that can open up when mesh files of different shapes overlap. Very odd that they "follow you around" though, as they generally only occur occasionally at specific locations. Not seeing anything wrong with your setup and you don't appear to be using any terrain mesh add-on either. You don't happen to have deactivated any of the default DEM mesh files in the numbered subfolders in your \Scenery\ directory? Cheers, Holger
  6. Hi guys, Fulvio, the update for Paris -- compatibility with World Update IV -- has been on Orbx Central since May 14th and on the MS Marketplace since May 21st. Or do you mean something else? For the most part, yes. There are several models that aren't ours, but all of ours have been optimized with LODs for better performance. As mentioned though, there are additional custom models and enhancements included with the original Frankfurt Landmarks that will be made available in our update, which entered testing today. Cheers, Holger
  7. Hi there, hmm, according to today's release announcement, both London and Dubai service packs for PC have made it to the Marketplace, and London also to the Xbox. If they aren't visible yet they hopefully will be soon. Cheers, Holger
  8. Hi there, also, please see https://forum.orbxdirect.com/topic/209971-frankfurt-city-compatibility/ Cheers, Holger
  9. Hi all, we are working on an update for Landmarks Frankfurt to be released soon. While many of the custom buildings are now directly integrated into the photogrammetry version of Frankfurt delivered with World Update 6, there are many more features specific to Landmarks Frankfurt that we want our current customers to retain and enjoy. Those include custom trains and boats, improvements to vegetation and night lighting, as well as a few POIs outside of the city. In the meantime, please remove Landmarks Frankfurt from your Community folder as the current version is not compatible. Cheers, Holger
  10. Hi all, my apologies for not directly responding to the request for making the helipads landeable. We'll make an effort to get this done asap, also for the hospital pads we overlooked in Landmarks Adelaide. I certainly agree that helicopters are a fun and engaging way to explore these cities, we even specifically select buildings (and vessels) to model because they have helipads. Cheers, Holger
  11. Hi there, "End of the world" is a pretty good moniker as it's literally the outer edge of the landclass-based ground textures. Beyond, a global coarse map is displayed and its hues often don't match well with those of the landclass textures, especially at mid latitudes and during specific seasons. The only "fix" is to limit visibility via your weather settings so that these sharp edges become hidden. Also see https://forum.orbxdirect.com/topic/125487-total-desert-over-all-orbx-regions-and-lc/?tab=comments#comment-1120478 Cheers, Holger
  12. Hi there, unfortunately, autogen excludes don't work on autogen placed with photoreal imagery. That's not specific to TrueEarth but rather true for all autogen that isn't placed via landclass tiles. To manually remove or alter this type of autogen requires loading the corresponding orthoimage tile into Annotator.exe, along with the correct autogen definition .xml files; see the SDK documentation of autogen placement. A work-around, if it's only a few trees or buildings, is to place small objects on top of each autogen object, for example one of the default shrubs. If those objects have their suppress-autogen flags set the autogen will no longer display. Cheers, Holger
  13. Hi Marc, thanks for the kind words! We do think of our Landmarks products as "dynamic" meaning further updates and additions are planned, though depending somewhat on how well received a given city is. Given that the original selection of custom objects is necessarily a compromise we tend to have pretty long "wish lists". I'll certainly add your suggestions to it. Cheers, Holger
  14. Hi Brian, try verifying Orbx Libraries first. It's the "product" that checks and repairs the necessary entries to terrain.cfg that are then used by Vector, openLC, the regions, etc. Cheers, Holger
  15. Hi David, in Central's options menu, under Downloader, try setting concurrency to Hard Disk Drive, which reduces the number of parallel download threads. Another tip is to prevent OC from being the only app downloading data, e.g., running a random YT movie in the background helped in my case. Not sure if you're having the same issue though; for me it was that the multiple threads somehow "overwhelmed" my modem, causing the interruptions. Cheers, Holger
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