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  1. Very nice captures Tiger! Thanks for sharing! To terraforming: the scenery contains over a dozen of flatten polys already. It has to be applied very carefully. If you interfere with the default mesh too much you create more problems than you can solve. So I tried to find a good compromise between reality and the sim as we have it by ASOBO. Personally I love the slopes on runways and a bit bumpy ride with the smaller aircrafts. It gives a much realistic feel to it. So enjoy!
  2. A great set of shots, Landon! Thanks for sharing. I am glad you like the area and airport !
  3. Thanks for sharing Jean! Much appreciated! Regards
  4. Thanks Tiger! You can train your instrumental flight skills with ILS or LOC/DME approaches if conditions are bad for a visual approach. Both localizers are present in the scenery.
  5. Very scenic shots, thanks for sharing Adam! Love the clouds!
  6. Hello Tom, thank you for your feedback. As John's and Nick’s testing situations show, snow on surfaces in MSFS varies to a couple of variables you can choose (live weather, weather themes, presetting snow heights etc.). I hope you find one which suits most your needs. Regards
  7. Thanks for sharing Filou, your pictures are a pice of art! I enjoy every one of them!
  8. That's a pity. I see that some objects are there but most are not. I never saw this my self. So I can't replicate it. So we have to investigate this further. Sorry!
  9. Hi Michael, thank you for your interest on Sandane for P3D V5. It could be a mesh issue we couldn't solve, I have to investigate further! Cheers Andreas
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