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  1. Your welcome. If you hadn't mentioned them I'd never have known they existed! Just saw this bit as well Edit: and this Spectacular formations. All the best, John
  2. Hi Erik, I'd never heard of them and my screenshot skills are sadly lacking. But they sounded fascinating and I had to take a look. I think I found some of them. An amazing continent. All the best, John
  3. Many thanks for the understanding messages I've seen here. I'm probably going to get in trouble for this but, if you want to blame someone, blame me. I argued we need to have one last build before release. As a tester I'm not paid but try and represent the community. Orbx listen and delay release if we are not happy. That's obviously nothing to do with finance - just if anyone wonders! There has been speculation but, here's what actually happened. I shouldn't report this but Terraforming has proved a bit of an issue at this airport. We thought we had the final release build but ended up with part of taxiway H being like this. Possibly a fix one thing, break another issue. bumpy.mp4 Great fun to taxi along and I'll miss it now it's rather flatter! Not an issue that was going to take too long to fix, but, didn't seem the way it should be and worth delaying by a couple of days. Hope you all enjoy the airport. BTW there are still some (less obvious) slopes if you want to go looking. First and last time I'll mention anything like this in public. All the best, John
  4. I have this scenery and cannot duplicate the problem (I'm running P3D 4.5). Tried with crash detection both on and off. LHBP is disabled in the vector configuration tool. Using the default F-22 spawning on runway 13 the altitude is reported as 501 feet. This depends on the aircraft selected and may not match official information since P3Dv4 airports are flat. Wish I could be more help but cannot duplicate the problem. All the best, John
  5. Appreciate the help though can't see the pics. I've reported our findings on the beta forums so, hopefully, at some point things will be fixed. Navigraph clearly fixes things - the only reason I don't have it is because it could make me miss things when testing! All the best, John
  6. That would be interesting (I feel rather envious!). I have old jeppesen charts from 1995 (the old simcharts) which have the runway heading and approach course as 167 with a magvar of 20 degrees. As far as I can discover the magvar is now about 15.4 so I'm guessing that currently the headings should be around 171 or 172 but for some reasons the charts haven't been updated and the MSFS navdata is incorrect for the ILS. I don't have Navigraph installed and see what Spanx does. The only chart which seems to be giving the currently correct value would therefore be the government airport chart. Presumably IRL the localizer beam is on the correct heading (187 true) so you would just keep the needle centred and would hardly notice any discrepancy - even with the HSI set to 167. All the best, John
  7. We'll see. I didn't fly it in P3D but looked at the databases and, as you say, they seem to be okay. The charts, however, are nothing to do with MSFS or P3D - as far as I know these are the ones pilots actually use - and they don't seem consistent with each other. Hopefully we've at least provided the info needed to get things working correctly in MSFS! All the best, John
  8. No problem. I'm in touch with my son, who's a pilot in the USA. He has looked at the charts he has and is also scratching his head. He reckons the localizer on the field will be calibrated correctly but the approach charts (and therefore the MSFS info) may well be wrong as to the bearing. Will let you know if the FAA admit to an error All the best, John
  9. Definitely not operator error but something strange is going on here! I see the same problem with both our scenery and the default scenery. Looking at the charts they seem to contain inconsistent information. The ILS in both our scenery and the default is set to 167 degrees magnetic - which is correct according to the charts. The runway heading, however, is around 171 degrees magnetic - in both the scenery and according to the charts. The magvar of 15.6 on the chart would give a true heading of 187 for the runway. Various sites I've visited give the runway heading as 187 true, 167 magnetic (which suggests a magvar of 20 degrees, incorrect according to the chart). For example https://www.airnav.com/airport/KTIW The only way I can see of making the ILS work as it should would be to set the localizer course to the runway heading (187 true) - even if this means the 'tuned' course seems incorrect when compared to the chart. All the best, John
  10. Hi Carlos, Well spotted. I'm seeing the same. Must be some new technology! The trolleys used to be there (or, at least, I see them on screenshots) but I can confirm they aren't there now. Tried all the usual things (verify files, rebuild content.xml, delete scenery indices, move everything else out of the community folder etc) and the trolleys remain stubbornly invisible. All the best, John
  11. I think what Marcus is saying is that the update is not yet available anywhere because he is wanting to include the fix for the AI taxi issue as well. All the best, John
  12. That should work fine. Generally you would click on the entry above the Ranolph_AFB but it shouldn't make any difference (as the wise man said - if it ain't broke don't fix it!). Is Anchorage now working okay? All the best, John
  13. In Orbx central go to settings and choose insertion point. You will then get a drop down box showing your non-Orbx sceneries. Select the lowest of your addon airports. Probably the one above Randolph_AFB which is part of the P3Dv5 default scenery. I don't have Anchorage installed in v5 - in my case it was Fly Tampa Las Vegas I would choose. OC will then install your Orbx scenery below that entry in the scenery library. As far as PAKT is concerned, the jetway is static. From what I remember the airport dates back to FSX when just getting the sloping terrain working so you could taxi on it was an achievement. I had a quick look and to do that the scenery actually uses 2 'fictional' runway starts for the parking positions and there is no actual 'afcad' taxiway network. Definitely no moving jetway I'm afraid. Groundbreaking for it's time and still looks good! All the best, John
  14. Hi Janet, Just seen this thread. The airport information is in the file 'xml placements.bgl' which I have successfully opened with the ADE 2020 Alpha (it seems very much hit and miss whether such files can be opened or not). In terms of making changes I doubt if that's possible - unlike FSX\P3D this file now seems to contain far more than just the airport 'afcad' data. There is no longer a separate ADE file containing the information. All the best, John
  15. Hi James, I have the scenery installed in P3D v4 but am confident the same will happen in v5. It looks like you have the Aerosoft airport below our Southern Alaska region in the scenery library. It needs to have a higher priority to work correctly. If you have not already done so in OC you can set an insertion point to ensure Orbx sceneries are placed below your other airports in the scenery library. Edit - sorry, forgot to answer the GSX question. Just installing GSX won't help with the jetways I'm afraid. The scenery was designed quite a while ago now (before Orbx started using SODE in it's sceneries) without animated jetways. The static jetways are part of the terminal model. All the best, John
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