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  1. Brilliant Adam. Some great memories there As a Pom there are many things the Aussies have sent in our direction we could have done without (Fosters, Castlemaine 4x and the cricket team to name just three ) but the Seekers are definitely one of the very best things Australia gave us. All the best, John
  2. I would definitely say yes, uninstall v1 before installing v2! OC didn't prompt me to do so but that's how you should proceed. All the best, John
  3. As Nick said, Hans, start with a community folder which only contains the Taimodels EGCC. I'm assuming that will look fine. Then add other scenery until you find the conflicting one. All the best, John
  4. Definitely the best next step Hans. To me it looks like you have another scenery for the airport installed. Looking at your screenshot there seems to be another version of the building I've highlighted sitting on top of the Taimodels one. All the best, John
  5. Hi Hans. I'm certainly not seeing this - nor can I really recognise the spot the screenshot is taken from. For comparison here's what I see between 23R and the terminal. I can't really recognise the building in your screenshot (the only one which looks a bit like it is the one to the left of the tower in my shot. If I were seeing what you see I'd check I had no other scenery for this area active and try uninstalling and re-installing the scenery via OC. All the best, John
  6. for once I might have sympathy with ASOBO - we all make mistakes! Just took a look. Mainly because it's nice to see someone producing scenery up here in Scotland. Anyway, yes, EGDW in MSFS does appear to take you to Castle Douglas. If you want to go to Merryfield it is apparently EGDI. I tried to find GB-0201 but, unsurprisingly, it didn't exist. I'm guessing this is 1,038,236 on the ASOBO list of things to fix While we wait for the fix hopefully that's enough information for folks to get where they want to! All the best, John
  7. Brings back some great memories. A long time ago some friends and I spent a couple of memorable Hogmanay's staying in a bothy on the bay hidden just behind the right wheel in the second shot
  8. Helicopters - definitely the way to go! For me these are the most enjoyable of sceneries. Definite sense of achievement if you make it down in one piece (or even just a few pieces!) In real life major airports are the last place I want to be. An Idaho fire lookout I can imagine hiking up to, putting my feet up, and thinking 'what a wonderful world' And then have all the fun of watching you guys attempting to land All the best, John
  9. Brilliant topic, what a strange and peculiar tongue! What's being missed here is what a wonderful, expressive and varied language English is. Okay so, on occasion, it might not obey any restrictive rules but, hey, who likes obeying rules like that anyway. Stifles creativity That said I was once on holiday in France. Went down to the bakery for the morning baguette. Ended up in a discussion which was about (as far as I could tell) which was the most lyrical language - French or Italian. English wasn't mentioned! As for you colonials - I once heard it said that Shakespear had an American accent and that was the original way that Engish was spoke. Then again my spellchecker just told me I mis-spelt Shakespear so, who knows Apparently he spelt his name in several different ways. Creativity - that's what matters All the best, John
  10. Thought I replied to this yesterday - beer goggle effect is clearly spreading! I actually studied Maths at Manchester (a bit before 2005) so am glad to see they are still taking a serious (sober?) approach to their research Formula makes sense but, in my case, An = several more than I'll admit to a 'health professional' All the best, John
  11. A great topic and some fantastic reply's As for making the gal's look prettier Rob, these days I just need to take my glasses off! However, in answer to the original question. If you ever get to visit the area I was born in - the English Lake District - enjoy. Great scenery, great hill walking, and when you get down off the fells many wonderful pubs serving locally brewed ales to quench the thirst. Where I live now, Scotland, has been a bit behind but now produces some lovely beers. Cairngorm Brewery Trade Winds and Loch Fyne Brewery Jarl being particular favourites on draught if you can find them. In the international class I have to give the prize to the local brewery in Golden, Colorado which I was taken to last year. Many and varied delicious ales. That was after visiting Buffalo Bill's grave and driving past the Coor's Chemical works. Which reminded me of how easy it is to make bad beer, and how much better it is to find the pints made by people who care All the best, John
  12. Hi Carlos. If only I could get the marketing department to give me commission for answering questions like this It does, indeed, have a star. All the best, John
  13. Brilliant. When I was a kid I remember Neil Armstrong doing that sort of thing in the 'Flying Bedstead'. Mind you, he did have to eject. They still let him land on the moon Conspiracy theorists please don't respond All the best, John
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