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  1. Yeah, personally, I didn’t buy many of the cityscapes because there was no detailed airport available in their respective city. London, I bought day 1 together with your London City airport. Adelaide, I bought together with YPAD, etc. I really want Dubai AND the upcoming Panama cityscapes, but will be holding off until a detailed airport rendition is available to go with. The detailed airport doesn’t have to be from Orbx either. Another option, is to include landmarks with an airport scenery package. Doesn’t have to be as exhaustive as a city-scape, but cover some of the main ones. Sort of like your amazing Bromma. Regards, Rob
  2. Thank you very much for this Anna. I’ve noticed a substantial up gauge in quality from Orbx over the last 6 months. It has been exciting to see, and I can’t wait to add all of these airports to my collection this year. I’m particularly looking forward to Melbourne, Oslo, Stockholm, Boise, and Palm Beach. Hell, I’ll probably get them all. Keep up the good work, team! - Rob
  3. Another vote for ENGM & ENBR from me. - Rob
  4. Yeah, I'd like to know this question as well. Orbx had originally announced KBOI for P3D (perhaps XP) in the roadmap. At the time, Vertical Simulations had announced a KBOI for MSFS & XP. However, since then, VerticalSim has said on their Discord they are going to be taking a break from MSFS and that for the time being only developing for XP. Therefore, I really hope Bill's KBOI will be coming to MSFS as well. We need a good BOI there. Cheers, Rob
  5. Primarily, it is just a seeming inconsistency in quality between releases. As I made clear in my first post, my *personal* biggest gripe is custom jetways. Some of the in-house Orbx airports (throwback series aside) for MSFS have them, and then some don’t. YBBN, KSJC, EGNT, ESMS, etc. all have them whereas other airports such as KHVN, KSBA just have the standard default jetways. In addition to that, some releases seem to have completely custom airport vehicles scattered about the apron, but others have default MSFS vehicles scattered about. Some seemingly have incredibly convincing ground textures (KHVN), yet some others seem to lack any special something in apron textures (CYBD). These 3 things *to me at least* are what set payware apart from the freeware. They all contribute heavily to the feeling of ‘being there’. Without them, it just doesn’t feel special. There’s just seemingly an overall lack of consistency between products, whereas in the past (back in the days of the Orbx library), it seemed like every single release checked all of the same boxes. As others have said, I didn’t have to think twice about purchasing in the past, whereas now, I do.
  6. Anna, I really appreciate the response and the transparency. I have bought more sceneries from Orbx then I think any other developer in the past 15 years or so of simming. I wish to continue that trend. The main factor for me in purchasing a scenery is overall quality which I judge by the “do I get the feeling I’m there in real life”. For airports that have them, default jetways are one of the main things that break that reality for me. These are usually different in some aspects at every airport, so would really love to see them as custom models. Price just isn’t a huge factor for me, unfortunately. I’m prepared to spend more $$ for something that exceeds in that regard. That is why Orbx has traditionally always spoken to me. Perhaps we have been spoiled by the release of MSFS, but expectations have gone up accordingly as a result. I look forward to many more wonderful sceneries from Orbx in the future. Sincerely, Rob
  7. It’s not even that which I’m most concerned about. Rather, things that should be standard in all new releases. PAKT, for example (since it is what prompted my post) is missing hangars, has a default jetway plunked down on the airport, and seems to use the default MSFS ground vehicles. In the past, Orbx always had their own custom ground vehicles.
  8. I appreciate that a lot. I don’t mean to be condescending, it’s not my intention. I just really want Orbx to be at the forefront of the industry. I want Orbx to be proud of every product they stamp their name on.
  9. This is the ‘general’ forum, not the support forum. I haven’t bought PAKT, based on the quality shown in the product images. If I bought it, they would most definitely get a post in the correct support forums. But, in the ‘general’ forum, I feel I am completely within my lane to point out a ‘general’ decline in scenery quality.
  10. As the title says, I’m concerned about the direction Orbx is heading. I used to light up like a kid at Christmas when lain would post new photos on the preview page of new Orbx products. Now, however, w/ a few notable exceptions, I rarely get that feeling anymore. I feel like priorities have shifted quite dramatically, and as a result, quality has suffered quite noticeably. With as much hype as MSFS had gotten from Orbx when first released, it could be reasonably expected that we’d see a huge increase in realism/detail in sceneries. Instead, each new release (again w/ a few exceptions) disappoints. For example, SBA had custom jetways in FSX/P3D (albeit not working). We were told 10+ years ago, Orbx would be implementing working jetways into their sceneries. Still hasn’t happened in P3D. What do we get now in the ‘sim of the future’? We get out-of-place default jetways. SBA has them, the newly released Ketchikan has them. This is no solution. It takes away from the realism/ambience. I’ve heard the talking point that custom jetways are an SDK issue. Doesn’t seem to stop FSDT, FlightBeam, LVFR, FlyTampa, JustSim, etc. from all implementing them, so I don’t buy that excuse anymore. They should be standard from a company with a history such as yours. I used to think of Orbx as a leader in the flight sim industry. Your sceneries used to all be state-of-the-art. What happened?! It just feels like many products have had some PBR textures slapped on, maybe a few default jetways, and then repackaged as a new product. Meanwhile, other developers are re-building their products from the ground up w/ all of the latest goodies (3D interiors, custom jetways, more ground clutter, etc.). I realize PAKT is only $6.58, but still… Orbx was a once top-notch developer. I don’t want to see Orbx become a 2nd-rate bargain developer. I want to see innovation/quality again. I would gladly pay $15 or more for a good quality PAKT, but am hesitant to pay even $6 for a sub-par version, quality-wise. I’m concerned, and I desperately hope Orbx returns to what it once was.
  11. Any word from Orbx if we can expect an update with custom jetways? The official product page banner shows an airport with beautiful custom jetways: But, then when I load up the sim, I’m greeted to this: I would expect a brand new MSFS edition to be an upgrade from the old P3D/FSX version, not a downgrade in this regard. At the very least, please update the banner on the product page. This is a very deceptive tactic, as it is not the product the customer is getting.
  12. I think this scenery was, unfortunately, meant to have the default jetways. Now, that the sdk has evolved, it would be nice if Orbx would include custom jetways in a patch. The default jetways look horrible, tbh.
  13. I should have mentioned it, but a lower dock on the Two Harbors pier would be fantastic too. This particular pier has the lower dock irl to this day still which is nice. Cheers
  14. Can’t wait for this! Tim & Ken, if it would at all be possible, may you please add some sort of lower dock to the end of Avalon Harbor Pier? I desperately want to simulate the numerous flying boat services to Catalina back in the day and will need a place to dock. Thank you
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