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  1. Well I fly small GA, not intrested at all in the big airports. Even smaller regionals doesnt trigger me that much. The smaller it gets and more remote its located, thats what Im intrested in. But I guess im not part of the market they are looking for. Guess Ill take my money and go somewhere else, but sadly there is nowhere to go Asobo sometimes drop a gem like Out Skerries with their world updates, so Ill guess I'll just wait for the free stuff, my wallet will be more happy atleast.
  2. Weird, because they built this company with these addons and it whats got them where they are today, so its strange they will sell less these days... I dont buy that they cant make any profit on them, but I can see that making the big ones will give way more profit. Well i guess thats what happens when the bean counters take over the company..
  3. Why not go back to the roots and develop those small charming airport in the middle of nowhere that nobody heard off. Those where the things that brought me into Orbx in the past and what I feel is what made Orbx special and unique. Nowadays it seems its all about regional and international airports that gets the focus. Sure, you released ports of the old small ones but they are FSX quality(wich sucks) and nothing new seems to be developed. Its making me sad, and im not sure where to go anymore to find such gems. And what happend to "people flow", something everyone else seems to be able to do, but not Orbx?
  4. Though I just got a new computer and is pushing everything to max settings so maybe the duplicated scenery objects cause to much load on MSFS. I also switched between VR and 2D, anyway looking forward to the update:).
  5. Dunno if CTD's is small issues, but I cant have a "normal flight over the scenery" without having one. Had too uninstall Sydeney and Brisbane City sceneries to be able to fly....
  6. Posted in the general discussion forum, someone probably moved it here:) Thanks Holger, I will check it out. I like the slightly darker colours in the bing ortho.
  7. Nice video, except the stutters:p Tried some png flying when the porter came out, dont remember the strip I tried to land at but got killed everytime by downdrafts on final. Gave up after 10 virtual deaths:p. Really challenging area to fly. In old FSX these strips was easy, but MSFS really upped the challenge. Btw where did you get all these nice airports?
  8. So only 3 people care about this:p.
  9. Im talking about MSFS here, forgot to mention that in my OP. I seem to forget that even other sims exist these days:p
  10. Anyone know if its possible to remove the included ortho in this DLC. The default ortho looks much sharper than whats included and it looks washed out. I noticed this because i took a flight around cape town before i bought and was really impressed by the ortho, so I tought to complete this location I went to buy the addon. Got hugely dissapointed when i noticed the ortho from the Cape Town package was a downgrade from default.
  11. I love that payware aiports show up on world map so its easy to differensiate enhanced airports I own from default ones. But, not all Orbx aiports have them. EGLC, darrington, concrete muni and others i cant remember doesnt show up with a star and I tend to forget about them...:( Please fix these so they show up on world map...
  12. Problem is, I bought some of the first releases for MSFS, paid full price and they had "throwback thursday" quality but no mention of them just being simple ports. Then I guess after Orbx picked up the moaning they started calling them "throwback thursday" and sell them cheaper. I felt ripped off. Also I expected Orbx to get the finger out of their yansh and actually give us people flow, since other devs seems to be able to have animated people(they told us it wasnt possible). People flow was actually what made me stick with Orbx in the past because it gave life to the sim. To me it seems the bean counter's have taken complete control of this Company, I actually miss the time when John Venema was CFO. There was more innovation, and will to make impossible things possible and always strive to increase quality of their addons. Now it seems to be quantity over quality... And nowadays, there seems to be almost no new small cozy airports being developet and the focus had shifted more to bigger stuff, wich was also a reason I sticked with Orbx. Now im more intrested in Orbx partners than inhouse Orbx stuff(I Wonder WHY?)
  13. They(Orbx) say the sdk limit them from having "people flow", while other devs managed to have animated people, aerosoft, and now pilot plus.... What happend to Orbx innovation? Clearly its possible... Instead we just get cheap port overs and what looks like a cash grab,,, Sorry, I dont believe that these throwback products dont make money, Orbx is not a charity organisation afterall. The only products im happy with for MSFS from Orbx is the Sydney scenery and their mesh products.. I used to buy everthing Orbx in the past, now I seem to prefer their "partners" offers. Its sad really and im not sure if I will abandon ship Im not trying to be mean or anything, Just a very dissapointed fanboiii...
  14. Its off for me, even with my 200mbit internet PG never loads correctly and it all looks awful. With these City packs Orbx developing it looks just as good as PG and all building are sharp and no melting.
  15. Finally some people flow, to bad Orbx hasnt investigated how to implement this on their own airports. Its like Orbx has lost its innovative skills and just release port from FSX with less features than the original. How come a single small developer can add this and not Orbx with its huge resources is beyond me. Think im gonna be more selective of what I buy from now on.
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