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  1. Yes, any update would be greatly appreciated!
  2. I was hoping that wouldn't be the case, as I have read that large exclusions (used to?) trigger a bug.
  3. Hello everybody, I have a few FTX regions (GEN & GES, NO, AU, NZSI). I also have some Orbx airports, other payware airports, and freeware airfields, all in all 150 add-ons, in the aforementioned regions. Exhibit A: When installing the other payware and especially freeware add-ons, I usually move the corresponding airport files out of the scenery folder of the region (e.g. ...\Orbx\FTX_EU\FTX_EU_GES_05_SCENERY\scenery), and then the check for duplicate objects. (Sometimes I have to mod older add-ons with an exclusion for V5 compatibility - not a big deal, at lot of them still look pretty darn good and are worth the while.) Exhibit B: I only activate the departure and destination (and alternate ) airport sceneries. Firstly for performance reasons (no stutters), secondly because not all airfields have (automatically configured) seasonal ground textures and thus can stick out like a sore thumb. The result of these two things combined is that not-activated airports are hardly recognizable when I only overfly them. Trees everywhere, runways almost as thin as the center line, and no buildings. This, of course, is to be expected. But I would like to find a way around it, without re-activating all of the airport sceneries from the regions and going through and creating excludes and whatnot for up to 150 airports. I am now hoping that there are exclusion files for the P3D default airports that come with the FTX regions that I can also deactivate? That would re-activate the default airport sceneries, which aren't pretty, but are much less likely to "intrude". So, long story short: Do FTX regions have exclusion files for default airports, and if they do, what am I looking for? Or is there another possibility I'm missing here? Kind regards, Dimitrios
  4. That's great to hear! I am, as many others here are, really happy to see the substantial progress you've made! Really looking forward to the release!
  5. Super, really looking forward to this - and the final product of course
  6. Well, that's you, but I and I'm sure many others are still very interested in openLC Asia, because we will continue to use P3D, as it will also be improved on - but please, let's keep this thread clean of sim vs. sim discussions.
  7. Hi, I have also encountered this problem...
  8. Voted in strong support of a openLC solution for Asia, or at least parts of the region (my favorites being Japan, Korea and Russia).
  9. Didn't believe landscapes like those in Africa could be properly represented by a landclass, but these pics look very convincing!
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