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  1. Hello Orbx team, could somebody please confirm that OpenLC Asia is still in development? It's been a while since the last update on this product. Thank you. Kind regards, Dimitrios
  2. It's a similar story for me, I have a great number of airports in Asia, especially Japan, but I am holding off of most flights there, because no OpenLC (even though Japan looks fairly nice even without it).
  3. Hello, is there any news on openLC Asia?
  4. Sorry I can't help you with the freezing-problem, but that one can't use V4 add-ons in V5 is plainly not true. Moving installed add-ons from V4 to V5 is as simple as copying the add-on.xml to V5's add-on folder. Some (not all) airport add-ons might need a custom exclusion to "get rid" of the updated airport buildings LM gave us in V5, but I've installed literally hundreds of V4 add-ons into V5, and off the top of my head I've had to draw a custom exclusion for one out of seven of those airports to make them fully compatible - a matter of minutes. For payware, there are often pre-compiled exclusion files available.
  5. Is there any update? I realize there might be geo-political developments involved, but I thought I'd ask anyway.
  6. Yes, any update would be greatly appreciated!
  7. I was hoping that wouldn't be the case, as I have read that large exclusions (used to?) trigger a bug.
  8. Hello everybody, I have a few FTX regions (GEN & GES, NO, AU, NZSI). I also have some Orbx airports, other payware airports, and freeware airfields, all in all 150 add-ons, in the aforementioned regions. Exhibit A: When installing the other payware and especially freeware add-ons, I usually move the corresponding airport files out of the scenery folder of the region (e.g. ...\Orbx\FTX_EU\FTX_EU_GES_05_SCENERY\scenery), and then the check for duplicate objects. (Sometimes I have to mod older add-ons with an exclusion for V5 compatibility - not a big deal, at lot of them still look pretty darn good and are worth the while.) Exhibit B: I only activate the departure and destination (and alternate ) airport sceneries. Firstly for performance reasons (no stutters), secondly because not all airfields have (automatically configured) seasonal ground textures and thus can stick out like a sore thumb. The result of these two things combined is that not-activated airports are hardly recognizable when I only overfly them. Trees everywhere, runways almost as thin as the center line, and no buildings. This, of course, is to be expected. But I would like to find a way around it, without re-activating all of the airport sceneries from the regions and going through and creating excludes and whatnot for up to 150 airports. I am now hoping that there are exclusion files for the P3D default airports that come with the FTX regions that I can also deactivate? That would re-activate the default airport sceneries, which aren't pretty, but are much less likely to "intrude". So, long story short: Do FTX regions have exclusion files for default airports, and if they do, what am I looking for? Or is there another possibility I'm missing here? Kind regards, Dimitrios
  9. That's great to hear! I am, as many others here are, really happy to see the substantial progress you've made! Really looking forward to the release!
  10. Super, really looking forward to this - and the final product of course
  11. Well, that's you, but I and I'm sure many others are still very interested in openLC Asia, because we will continue to use P3D, as it will also be improved on - but please, let's keep this thread clean of sim vs. sim discussions.
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