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  1. Hello everyone, I bought bluemarble but the problem is (as you can see in the picture) that Orbx LC somehow interfers with it. Of course OpenLC is must have and should stand above BlueMarble, but BlueMarble gives realistic seasons. As an example in the picture, I am flying over Yugoslavia and according to BlueMarble there should be snow (January), but Orbx LC gives snow. Maybe I wasnt careful enough when buying. Is there any sense in having BlueMarble when Orbx LC overwrites it anyway?
  2. Thanks! There was indeed an option in Envtex called "Horizon Haze". I set it to very low and now the ugly line is gone. Thanks!!!
  3. Hello there, So my problem is that really odd grey horizon which I encounter during night and day flights Here take a look at the picture. I am using Envshade, Envtex as well as REX SkyForce. Any help will be appreciated.
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